Something Strange is Happening on Twitter

Or as we call it around here it is a day ending in day!

More seriously Twitter seems to be deluged by bots signing up to follow the President’s personal and/or official accounts and, at least for now doing nothing. There are also widespread reports of people who are not following the President being signed up to follow the President’s personal and/or official accounts without their permission. They are also apparently following other elites and notables like Secretary Clinton, President Obama, even Ellen Degeneres.

From the white hat hacker known as the Jester.

No one is quite sure what it means or what is going on (after the jump). Read more

It is Important to Bear Witness: This Shall Not Go Unremarked

I’ve done a couple of these  so far. One dealing with that whacked out sentence in the rape case in California. One in regard to anti-Semites threatening a reporter on twitter.

Earlier today, during her interview with Anderson Cooper, Melania Trump indicated that if she becomes First Lady she intends to focus on combating the negativity on social media.

Perhaps she should ask her step son in law why this is unacceptable and then speak with her husband and ask him to publicly tell his supporters that this is unacceptable. And it cannot go unremarked.

I do not know Ms. Gold, but she needs to know that others will stand up with and for her if necessary. And the same to anyone else who is being threatened like this on twitter and other social media platforms regardless of their ethnicity or religion or gender or sexuality.

Stuff like this is also why the owners of Twitter can’t get anyone to actually buy it.

When Bad Jokes Go Really Bad

So most likely you’ve seen this:


Whether you believe The Onion was right or wrong, whether you believe this was malicious, inappropriate, or simply no big deal, I think we can all agree that this was a hack joke.

And it can be argued that there’s a lot more to this.

On today’s TWiB! Radio, we discussed the countdown to the sequestration, Dacia reveals her cowgirl past, and we go in on the tweet that broke the internet.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, L. Joy loves … dingleberries? And the morning crew discusses the Oscars and elected officials in black face. Check it out:

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