If Guns are Outlawed, Only Morons Who Are Outlaws Will Accidentally Shoot Each Other

Today is “Gun Appreciation Day.”  An event created by right winger with penis issues, and so called because “Insensitivity To First Graders Being Slaughtered Wholesale Day” doesn’t roll as glibly off the tongue.   It also gives the game away, but I digress.

At gun shows across the country, the hicks and goobers line up to look at and buy all sorts of guns, and more guns and still more guns instead of getting the roof fixed, buying a used truck less than eight years old, or saving up for Billy Bob’s and Jolene’s tuition at the junior college that might have allowed them to not work at Walmart as adults.

So today, on this day where we are supposed to be seeing examples of law-abiding, safety conscious gun owners engaging in the patriotic past time of purchasing mass killing implements just because they can, what do you suppose has been happening?   Wait for it… Read more