Obama Loves Terrorists More Than Patriots

On Friday the IRS issued an apology after admitting the agency unfairly targeted conservative agencies in 2011. Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich had some strong words:

[Obama] owes every Tea Party in America, every group called patriot, every group that wants to study the Constitution an apology. How can you have an American government profile against the word “patriot”? I mean, there’s something culturally sick if the American government says “Boy, you put that word constitution in your name, we’re going to come after you.”

Come after you? Did they force the groups to undergo multiple audits, or investigated them for criminal activity on baseless accusations? Senior IRS official Lois Lerner issued an apology for her department’s actions:

Instead of referring to the cases as advocacy cases, they actually used case names on this list. They used names like Tea Party or Patriots and they selected cases simply because the applications had those names in the title. … also, in some cases, cases sat around for a while. They also sent some letters out that were far too broad, asking questions of these organizations that weren’t really necessary for the type of application. In some cases you probably read that they asked for contributor names.

Welp. That’s … unethical. But the way Gingrich exclaimed you’d think that the Obama administration was holding Republican babies at gunpoint.

Today on #TWiBRadio the Tea Party demands more than an apology, a Mother’s Day mass shooting or usual urban violence, and can a bad Whitney Houston cover be considered terrorism? Listen here:

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And on #amTWiB, political strategist L. Joy Williams and the morning crew discuss changes to the Bangladeshi garment industry in the wake of tragedy, director of Disney’s Brave lashes out after a character redesign, and Tea Partiers boycott Fox News … for being too Leftist?

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What Obama’s Up Against

Not-Romney is one candidate with two heads, one of which is very large.



Nate Silver thinksthe GOP primary is going to be a long, protracted race, noting that it bears a “resemblance to something like the 1984 Democratic contest or the 1976 Republican race.” Mondale won in 1984, and Ford beat Reagan in 1976, but both primaries were close calls, and neither Mondale nor Ford inspired their respective parties.

Still, I’m not sure either one had as abysmal an outlook as presumed front-runner Mitt Romney does in this race:

Meanwhile, the two not-Romney candidates – Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum – are nipping at Romney’s heels making sure that neither one has any real chance at stealing the nomination.

And of course Ron Paul has his base of support which will likely neither grow nor dwindle in the coming months.

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