Balloon Juice Bunker Standoff Update: KGW’s Interview with Ammon Bundy

elftx pointed me towards KGW’s interview with Ammon Bundy very early this morning in the embers of the comments thread from yesterday’s post.

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Balloon Juice Bunker Post Standoff Update

In order to keep a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q) from completely losing it, here is the promised update on what has been going on with our old friends from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff. JJ MacNab brings us news that the DOJ will be bringing additional charges in regards to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation. The question, as she posed it, is exactly who they’ll be going after? And will this include Ammon Bundy’s self described deep pocketed backers. The Center for Western Priorities has a nice piece up about the American Lands Council and the apparent collusion between them and Ammon Bundy. Ms. MacNab also reports that Bill Thornton, one of the graybeards of the sovereign citizen movement, will be joining the other self appointed judges (Judge Anna, Judge Doucette, etc) in Oregon in order to get the occupiers out of jail. Because what this needs is more fake lawyers and judges to go with the fake Constitutional analysis of Cleon Skousen.

HGTomato reports on twitter that the Washington National Guard is aware of the activities, online and in the real world, of disabled National Guard Staff Sergeant Maureen Peltier. And that she also has cognitive disorders in addition to her physical injuries. It is unclear what, if anything, the Washington National Guard will do in regard to SSG Peltier before her disability based discharge is completed. Gargoyle is also reporting on twitter about retired Marine Jerry Delemus. Delemus was in charge of the militia at the Bundy Ranch/Bunkerville standoff, is the co-chair of a veteran’s for Trump group, and is married to a NH state representative. He was also at the Malheur Refuge for a brief period of time as well. HGTomato has Delemus’s statements on the FBI.

Before we get to the links to the charging documents, let’s finish the roundup with Grant County Sheriff Palmer. Sheriff Palmer seems to be so compromised that the dispatchers on the night of the initial arrests considered him to be an insider threat of a security leak. They were worried if they told him anything, then he would compromise the attempt to take the Bundys, Finicum, Payne, and the other occupation leaders into custody. Les Saitz, on his twitter feed, has reported that Sheriff Palmer is being investigated and that could lead to his law enforcement certification being revoked. It is not quite clear what that means for his ability to remain in the elected position of sheriff.

Here’s the original Cliven Bundy charging document. And here’s the amended one that added Ammon and Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, and Pete Santilli.

—–Update at 11:23 PM —–

elftx just posted this analysis by Professor Susan Lea Smith of Willamette University on disbarred Florida attorney, Tea Party activist, and apparent sovereign citizen Kriss Ann Hall’s understanding of the Constitutionality of Federal property ownership. I had meant to include it in tonight’s update and simply forgot. Good catch elftx!