Bundy Bunch Update: The Trial Begins


(Worst Episode of Hollywood Squares Ever!)

Much to LAO and Bella Q’s delight, the trial for the remaining defendants – as in those who hadn’t pled out or had their charges dropped – in the Bundy family led Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation began this week in Federal Court in Oregon. The lines to get in were long! The Prosecution opened up their case today, delineating how the Bundys and several of their codefendants had carefully planned their actions and that they were in clear violation of numerous Federal laws.

Barrow, during opening statements in the long-anticipated Oregon standoff trial, used Ammon Bundy’s own words caught on video Jan. 2 to argue that Bundy and his co-defendants aren’t being prosecuted for holding a political protest, but for leading an armed occupation of the refuge.

He played a video of Bundy standing atop a snowbank in the Safeway parking lot in Burns in his blue plaid flannel jacket and cowboy hat, declaring, “Those who understand what has happened here … I’m asking you to follow me to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. We’re going to make a hard stand. … We’re going to insist the Constitution be protected here in this country.”

“We are not prosecuting the defendants because they don’t like the government,” Barrow said. “In Ammon Bundy’s words, ‘This was much more than a protest.’ They were taking a ‘hard stand.’ ”

One of Ammon Bundy’s attorney’s, however, laid out a competing argument to justify his clients actions:

Marcus Mumford, a lawyer for Ammon Bundy, told the court that the peaceful demonstration was an effort to draw attention to the federal government’s illegal control and mismanagement of public lands. He said Bundy was attempting to use a provision of the law known as adverse possession to retake land improperly seized by the federal government many decades ago.

“The government has been squatting on this land for years, illegally and contrary to how (the U.S.) Congress intended,” Mumford said in a telephone interview on Monday.

We’ll be checking in all week, in between restocking the Balloon Juice Bunker – just in case… Those of you readers in NY and Ohio that are on LAO and Bella Q watch – please confirm receipt of your schedules and acknowledge your shift assignments in the comments!

Bundy Bunch Update: The Pa-Traitor-ating!


(Worst Episode of Hollywood Squares Ever!)

We have our first capitulation err, um, plea agreement of one of the 26 fine upstanding Patriots charged in the Ammon Bundy led Malheur Federal Wildlife Refuge takeover and occupation. Brian Cavalier (2nd from right, top row), bodyguard for Ammon Bundy and professional tattooist, aka Buddha, aka Booda, aka Booda Belly, and aka The Fluffy Unicorn, now doing business as the Benedict Arnold of the New American Revolution, has reached a plea deal in regard to his charges in Oregon. This agreement does not impact or effect his case pending in Nevada for the Bunkerville Standoff of 2014. Unless, of course, he’s cut a deal in exchange for cooperation. Or has he? Regardless, thanks to JJ McNab’s excellent Twitter feed we can see that the other upstanding Patriots are none too pleased with Boddadict Arnoldbelly’s cutting a deal for a negotiated, reduced sentence.




And for those who really want to dig in and get their Bundy on, here’s the pdfs of the plea document:

800 — Cavalier Plea Document

And the plea agreement:

799 — Cavalier Plea Agreement

Bundy Bunch Update

Just a quick Bundy Bunch update for our junkies out there – you know who you are!

We start things off with retiring after his term ends Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid once again making a push to have Gold Butte turned into a National Monument. In a speech on the Senate floor this past week he indicated that now was a good time as the Bundy men were all in jail awaiting their trials for multiple offenses committed in Bunkerville in 2014 and at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016. Carol Bundy, Cliven’s wife, was not amused.  She responded to Senator Reid’s proposal in this Facebook video.

For those of you in the Ohio, Kentucky, West (by God!) Virginia areas (and possibly parts of Indiana and Pennsylvania if you’re willing to schlep that way, the Oathkeepers are opening their own store! Specifically, the Ohio Oathkeepers are opening the Oathkeeper’s Outpost to sell survival and related gear at the Woodland Mall in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Finally, and thanks to terribly in need of professional assistance loyal commenter LAO, here’s Cliven Bundy’s rather uniquely worded pleading to be released on bail.

bail appeal

Bundy Bunch Update: Late Evening Edition

For all you jonesing for your next fix – you know who you are, just a few items tonight.

Nevada Assemblywoman, and US House of Representative candidate, Michele Fiore appears to have gotten herself caught up in the rumor that 68 secret warrants have been issued for individuals involved in the Malheur and/or Bunkerville standoffs. This appears to be some overly creative thinking applied to what Federal law enforcement has actually been doing. It does, however, appear to be morphing into something else as there’s speculation on twitter that the Feds are looking to arrest anyone who appeared at the Bunkerville standoff armed. This would include several sheriffs and state representatives, some from out of state, who showed up in 2014 to support Cliven Bundy.

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in sovereign-citizen litigation, the Erwin Rommel School of Law is the place for you! I have no idea what the Desert Fox has to do with sovereign citizen litigation, but you have to admit its a catchy name. I’m sure their pro-seminar on theater strategy for desert warfare is to die for…

If anyone wants to read it, here’s the 37 page PDF of threats against law enforcement released by the Deschutes County Sheriffs Office as part of its ongoing investigation into the shooting of LaVoy Finicum.


Finally, for the Hamilton aficionados among us – you know who you are – someone has, in the spirit of Hamilton, done Y’all Qaeda: The Musical.

Bundy Bunch Update

Since its been an eventful day here at the Balloon Juice bunker, now that we’ve secured from general quarters and returned the site to both JuiceCon 5 and threat assessment level puce, I thought it only appropriate to finish the night off with a Bundy Bunch update.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service released new photos of the damage done by the Bundy Bunch to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They are currently estimating $6 million in damages. Click on through to see just how much damage was done.

The redacted, final indictee on the Bundy Bunch indictment for the Malheur occupation has now been revealed as 27 year old Jake Ryan from Montana (h/t Bella Q). He’s still at large and the Bundy’s fellow travelers have decided to start working the refs, and the local sheriff, to try to keep him from being taken into custody. This includes, but is not limited to,  Shawna Cox who is on release while awaiting trial, Jeanette Finicum, Gavin Seim, and Ryan’s parents. CSPOA has removed its searchable list of “Constitutional Sheriffs”, so it is not possible to determine if Sanders County Sheriff Tom Runnels is a member. Sheriff Runnels did make a statement that he intends to ensure that due process is followed, Mr. Ryan’s rights are protected, and that he does not think that Mr. Ryan is in Sanders County right now.

Despite his lawyer’s claims that he would fight extradition, Jerry DeLemus’s attorney did not file an objection with the Federal Court in New Hampshire to DeLemus being extradited to Nevada. As a result the Federal Court in New Hampshire has ruled that DeLemus will be extradited to Nevada where he will sit in jail and await his trial in regards to the events that occurred at Cliven Bundy’s Bunkerville Ranch in 2014.

The Koch backed/funded American Lands Council, some of whose members that are elected officials have gotten themselves on the rader of Federal Law Enforcement for their interjecting themselves into the Malheur Occupation, including its planning, has recruited a perfect candidate to run for the Montana State Legislature. This should be fun…

Finally, and courtesy of admitted Bundy junky (that’s junky, not groupie – ewww….) LAO, we have this lovely manifesto written by Ryan Bundy as an answer to News2Share’s questions to him. Click across to read the whole thing. They have both his handwritten responses, which you can click on to read, and transcriptions they made for ease of reading.