Bundy Bunch Update

Just a quick Bundy Bunch update for our junkies out there – you know who you are!

We start things off with retiring after his term ends Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid once again making a push to have Gold Butte turned into a National Monument. In a speech on the Senate floor this past week he indicated that now was a good time as the Bundy men were all in jail awaiting their trials for multiple offenses committed in Bunkerville in 2014 and at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016. Carol Bundy, Cliven’s wife, was not amused.  She responded to Senator Reid’s proposal in this Facebook video.

For those of you in the Ohio, Kentucky, West (by God!) Virginia areas (and possibly parts of Indiana and Pennsylvania if you’re willing to schlep that way, the Oathkeepers are opening their own store! Specifically, the Ohio Oathkeepers are opening the Oathkeeper’s Outpost to sell survival and related gear at the Woodland Mall in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Finally, and thanks to terribly in need of professional assistance loyal commenter LAO, here’s Cliven Bundy’s rather uniquely worded pleading to be released on bail.

bail appeal

Bundy Bunch Update: Late Evening Edition

For all you jonesing for your next fix – you know who you are, just a few items tonight.

Nevada Assemblywoman, and US House of Representative candidate, Michele Fiore appears to have gotten herself caught up in the rumor that 68 secret warrants have been issued for individuals involved in the Malheur and/or Bunkerville standoffs. This appears to be some overly creative thinking applied to what Federal law enforcement has actually been doing. It does, however, appear to be morphing into something else as there’s speculation on twitter that the Feds are looking to arrest anyone who appeared at the Bunkerville standoff armed. This would include several sheriffs and state representatives, some from out of state, who showed up in 2014 to support Cliven Bundy.

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in sovereign-citizen litigation, the Erwin Rommel School of Law is the place for you! I have no idea what the Desert Fox has to do with sovereign citizen litigation, but you have to admit its a catchy name. I’m sure their pro-seminar on theater strategy for desert warfare is to die for…

If anyone wants to read it, here’s the 37 page PDF of threats against law enforcement released by the Deschutes County Sheriffs Office as part of its ongoing investigation into the shooting of LaVoy Finicum.


Finally, for the Hamilton aficionados among us – you know who you are – someone has, in the spirit of Hamilton, done Y’all Qaeda: The Musical.

Bundy Bunch Update

Since its been an eventful day here at the Balloon Juice bunker, now that we’ve secured from general quarters and returned the site to both JuiceCon 5 and threat assessment level puce, I thought it only appropriate to finish the night off with a Bundy Bunch update.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service released new photos of the damage done by the Bundy Bunch to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They are currently estimating $6 million in damages. Click on through to see just how much damage was done.

The redacted, final indictee on the Bundy Bunch indictment for the Malheur occupation has now been revealed as 27 year old Jake Ryan from Montana (h/t Bella Q). He’s still at large and the Bundy’s fellow travelers have decided to start working the refs, and the local sheriff, to try to keep him from being taken into custody. This includes, but is not limited to,  Shawna Cox who is on release while awaiting trial, Jeanette Finicum, Gavin Seim, and Ryan’s parents. CSPOA has removed its searchable list of “Constitutional Sheriffs”, so it is not possible to determine if Sanders County Sheriff Tom Runnels is a member. Sheriff Runnels did make a statement that he intends to ensure that due process is followed, Mr. Ryan’s rights are protected, and that he does not think that Mr. Ryan is in Sanders County right now.

Despite his lawyer’s claims that he would fight extradition, Jerry DeLemus’s attorney did not file an objection with the Federal Court in New Hampshire to DeLemus being extradited to Nevada. As a result the Federal Court in New Hampshire has ruled that DeLemus will be extradited to Nevada where he will sit in jail and await his trial in regards to the events that occurred at Cliven Bundy’s Bunkerville Ranch in 2014.

The Koch backed/funded American Lands Council, some of whose members that are elected officials have gotten themselves on the rader of Federal Law Enforcement for their interjecting themselves into the Malheur Occupation, including its planning, has recruited a perfect candidate to run for the Montana State Legislature. This should be fun…

Finally, and courtesy of admitted Bundy junky (that’s junky, not groupie – ewww….) LAO, we have this lovely manifesto written by Ryan Bundy as an answer to News2Share’s questions to him. Click across to read the whole thing. They have both his handwritten responses, which you can click on to read, and transcriptions they made for ease of reading.


Bundy Bunch Update – Updated at 8:50

For those who want to listen to it, here’s the 90 minute audio recording of the meeting between the Coalition of Western States folks, Harney County Judge Gratsy, and Sheriff Ward:

Oregon Public Broadcasting has reported that the Coalition of Western States people, who are state and county officials in a number of western states, knew that the Bundy’s planned to occupy a federal site well in advance of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation. Specifically:

(Greenlee County, Arizona Commissioner) Corbell told OPB that coalition leadership knew Ammon Bundy planned to take over U.S. government property in Harney County before it happened, but were unsure which federal outpost it would be. The federal government owns about 75 percent of the land in Harney County.

“We knew he was going to do something,” Corbell said, “because something had to be done.”

OPB is also reporting that the State of Oregon’s Department of Justice has begun an investigation into Grant County Sheriff Palmer. This is in addition to the Oregon State Department of Public Safety Standards and Training’s looking into the complaints against Sheriff Palmer that it has received.

Finally, as several commenters in other threads have mentioned, Cliven Bundy refused to plead at all, has been denied bail, and is claiming he was not involved in the standoff at his ranch against the BLM in 2014. He seems to be claiming that he was just there, hanging out at home, when the whole thing happened, but it didn’t really have anything to do with him. Regardless of this line of legal reasoning, he will remain in custody through his trial in Nevada.  His sons Ammon and Ryan, as well as several others, have convinced the Federal judge in Oregon currently handling their case that they should not be extradited to Nevada until the Oregon case is resolved as it would prevent them from receiving a speedy trial.

—–Update at 8:50 PM——-

Here’s a horrifying tale of both abuse of power and just what happens when one of these “Constitutional” Sheriffs is allowed to run amok.

Bundy Bunch Update: Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Major Incident Team Investigative Report

Bundy Bunch

The Bundy Bunch

Yesterday the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Major Incident Team released their 360 page report into the shooting death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum by the Oregon State Police. Apparently this is not the entirety of the investigative record. Les Zaitz has reported that the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office’s spokesman has indicated that more material will be released as redaction work is completed. The entire report is below:


The report includes forensics diagrams and photos, as well as interviews with law enforcement personnel. Some of the most interesting details were law enforcement’s concerns that militia supporters of the Bundys had infiltrated into Burns and other Oregon municipalities and created a unique type of threat as they appeared to be locals or tourists going about their daily lives. There was also concern with the rhetoric used by the Bundys, Finicum, and the other leaders and outspoken members of the standoff. Law enforcement recognized the passive-aggressive nature of the rhetoric that both asked law enforcement to come and assist them in their peaceful and lawful stand for the(ir interpretation of the Constitution) and simultaneously threatened the use of force and violence against anyone, including law enforcement, that disagreed with them and attempted to stop the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. There was also concerns expressed about infiltration in Grant County, specifically collusion between Sheriff Palmer and the leaders of the standoff.

The Oregonian also has an interesting article into the investigation of the FBI’s HRT as a result of a team member taking two shots at LaVoy Finicum and not reporting that he had done so.*

And in what is sure to make LAO happy, a sovereign citizen tried to intervene in the Bundy Case by filing a motion with the Federal Court. The judge issued an order throwing out the motion.

Finally, High Country News has an excellent piece of long form journalism on Federal law enforcement’s move to bring the Bundys and their supporters to justice after two years.

* Full disclosure: Professor Brian Levin, quoted in the article, is an old friend of mine. We have been on panels together at meetings of the American Society of Criminology.

Balloon Juice Bunker Standoff: Superseding Indictments Edition

Earlier today the US Attorney’s Office in Oregon issued superseding indictments for the 25 individuals that they had previously indicted in the occupation Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Today’s superseding indictment includes charges of damaging part of the refuge, specifically an archeological site sacred to the Burns Paiute Tribe. Also of interest is that there is a 26th name on this superseding indictment, however, it is currently redacted (blacked out). The superseding indictment can be found here or at the bottom of the post below the fold.

In other Bundy news, Ryan Bundy has informed the court that he will be representing himself. And a Federal Magistrate in Utah has ordered that David Bundy remain in custody and be transferred to Nevada where he has been indicted. Also, Jerry DeLemus has been denied bail and will also remain in custody. There is no word on when he will be transferred to Nevada.

As announced yesterday, Jeannette Finicum held a press conference regarding her husband’s death earlier today. As expected Mrs. Finicum announced she intends to sue.

Finally, in regards to the ongoing investigation into the shooting of LaVoy Finicum, the DOJ Office of the Inspector General released a statement today.


Oregon Public Broadcasting also has an interesting slideshow of some of the evidence that was evaluated in the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Major Incident Team’s investigation. These include not only diagrams, but the photo’s of LaVoy Finicum’s truck where it is clear that only four bullets impacted the vehicle: the three fired by the Oregon State Police and the one fired by the FBI HRT team member.

Finally, the written transcript of yesterday’s press conference has been posted on the Deschutes County Sheriff’s website.


The full superseding indictment is below the fold:

Read more

Balloon Juice Bunker Standoff: The US Government Responds to Peter Santilli’s Request for Bail

Yesterday the US Attorneys in Oregon and Nevada responded to Peter Santilli’s request to get bail. Santilli’s argument is that he’s not a party to either the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation, nor the Bundy Ranch Standoff of 2014. Rather, he’s a journalist and was at both locations in that capacity and is therefore protected by the 1st Amendment. The US government’s response to this request is in the pdf below and its an interesting read. The government’s argument is that Santilli was not at Bunkerville as a journalist, but was rather a major participant, planner, and leader of the standoff.


Among other interesting and related cases, Schuyler Barbeau, who is alleged to have been one of Cliven Bundy’s bodyguards, has filed his own pleading in his case in Washington state. The pdf of his handwritten pleading is below*:


Finally, and thanks to commenter Trollhattan in the comments in my earlier thread, the High Country News has posted a rundown on what is going on with and around the Bundy arrests and arraignments. This includes a nice summary biography of each of the major individuals indicted to this point. It also points out that there is significant concern among members of the “Patriot” movement that anyone who was at the Bundy Ranch standoff to show their support or provide security are at risk for arrest. And here’s a great article by Les Zaitz on how the eyewitness reports to LaVoy Finicum’s shooting matched up with the evidence, including both the FBI’s surveillance footage and the eyewitness’s own footage. Short answer: not well.

——–Update at 9:25 PM——-

Here’s an interesting article on emails sent, expressing concern, about Grant County Sheriff Palmer and what he might or might not do in regards to the Malheur occupiers (h/t: Judy Thomas on twitter). And here’s a link to a YouTube video where LaVoy Finicum’s widow claims that Sheriff Palmer invited the Malheur occupiers to visit him (h/t: Ryan Haas on Twitter).

* I’m pretty sure I found this last week linked to on JJ MacNab’s twitter feed.