When Bad Jokes Go Really Bad

So most likely you’ve seen this:


Whether you believe The Onion was right or wrong, whether you believe this was malicious, inappropriate, or simply no big deal, I think we can all agree that this was a hack joke.

And it can be argued that there’s a lot more to this.

On today’s TWiB! Radio, we discussed the countdown to the sequestration, Dacia reveals her cowgirl past, and we go in on the tweet that broke the internet.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, L. Joy loves … dingleberries? And the morning crew discusses the Oscars and elected officials in black face. Check it out:

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David Cross on the contradictory language of the right

A couple people have directed me to this clip (which I would embed if it were allowed.)

David Cross says what I was trying to say about the double-speak on the right much better – or at least much funnier – than I do.

This is more evidence that while the right is very good at talk radio, the left is much better at humor. Maybe this is why liberals can tackle pop culture better than conservatives.

Humor translates into mainstream pop culture better than anger and resentment. But anger and resentment and fear of change are perfect kindling for blustering talk radio or its doppelganger on Fox.