Your Face is an Apology

If you say something and then apologize, try making it a real apology:

A number of people have raised questions regarding part of my essay in the most recent issue of Emory Magazine. Certainly, I do not consider slavery anything but heinous, repulsive, repugnant, and inhuman. I should have stated that fact clearly in my essay. I am sorry for the hurt caused by not communicating more clearly my own beliefs. To those hurt or confused by my clumsiness and insensitivity, please forgive me.

Today on #TWiBRadio, #TeamBlackness is joined by Prof. Blair Kelley via the black phone to drop historical knowledge on the meaning of the 3/5ths compromise and we discuss spy teenagers and Lindsey Graham’s voice sounds a lot like oppression.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, we discuss the ever-widening wealth and income-gap between black and white Americans, and the impact of the Voting Rights Act decision at the supreme court. Check it out:

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