Opinion is Not Fact

In the second week of the George Zimmerman trial last week Dr. Shiping Bao, the medical examiner for Trayvon Martin was called to the stand, and his testimony was utter magic. The defense team questioned Dr. Bao about a change in his opinion and this was his response, behold:

Based on another autopsy I did in our office. We have a case very similar to Trayvon Martin’s case three weeks ago. First, I need to explain to you what is opinion. Opinion can be changed. That’s why you asked jury to be open minded, to have open mind, right. Opinion there’s no truth or force just right or wrong. If you have new information, you have new experience, if you read a new book, you will change your opinion. If someone never change opinion, you can call mentally retarded or you never learn, right.

Just wow.

Also on today’s #TWiBRadio, went in on medical examiner Dr. Shiping Bao and his testimony in the George Zimmerman trial (21:00) and Twitter’s quality handling of Flight 214’s crash in San Francisco (39:00).

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And this morning on #amTWiB, L.Joy, Imani, and the rest of the #TheMorningCrew discussed extreme measures including nature’s extreme response to climate change (18:00), the veteran’s extreme response to the rainbow flag (44:00), and Ljoy’s suggestion to deal with gun violence in Chicago (57:00).

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Michelle Obama is Awesome. Hecklers, not so much.

Yesterday the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama spoke at a democratic party fundraiser in a private residence in Washington. During her speech about creating opportunities for our nation’s youth a woman began shouting from the audience.

Heckler, Ellen Sturtz was ejected from the fundraiser after Obama told her directly: “One of the things that I don’t do well is this,” according to attendees she continued “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

Curiously this event in many media spaces is being used to show evidence of Michelle Obama’s innate aggressive nature. Many articles quote Sturtz, part of the gay rights group GetEQUAL, saying “She came right down in my face, I was taken aback.”

I suspect Sturtz never thought that interrupting someone might result in that person responding to her.  She’s dumbfounded. It’s not like this was an accomplished woman who was invited to speak at am event and was interrupted and demanding to be shown respect. No, this is Michelle Obama: angry irrational Black woman. This stance is blind to the long history of Black women having no choice but to project submission and subservience to any and all white people. But look! CodePink had some advice on how to handle things!


Oh that’s reasonable. Thanks CodePink for explaining how 49-year-old adult should respond to being disrespected. Could you give lessons to like all women? Especially women of color. Sometime’s there a bit feisty and don’t know how to settle down. **BLINK**

Today on #TWiBRadio, we discuss Michelle Obama and respect and did you know that Kevin Powell, yes the dude from the Real World,  can speak for Black people? All of them.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, #TheMorningCrew we cover the all male subcommittee voting to restrict abortions nationwide, Michelle Obama not taking your crap, and George Zimmerman applying to be a cop and naturally failing.

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I feel as if I’ve had to explain #TheBlackRule more in the past year than I’ve had to my entire life.

I’m almost positive I’ve even explained it on this platform before. #TheBlackRule: When mothers of  Black children explain to them that they must never disobey a police officer for fear of them being hurt or killed. We’re told to make we don’t move too fast. We’re told not to seem as if we’re getting “fresh” with the police. We’re told to make sure we don’t do anything that can possibly be described as “reaching for a weapon.”  These rules weren’t told to Black kids due to paranoia. It was told so that young Black kids would live to see their 18th birthday. If you don’t believe that Blacks, even in 2013, are consistently nervous about police interaction, check out this video of a 14 year old boy who was tackled and choked by officers. His crime? He didn’t jump when they said jump and looked at them with a “dehumanizing stare.”

So just in case you aren’t clear. Don’t look at a cop the wrong way or have body language that could be a problem. Then you’ll get choked out cause you deserved it.

Today on #TWiBRadio, we discuss cops tackling puppy wielding teenagers, the Supreme Court giving the okay to collect DNA upon arrest and the Zimmerman defense team continues to smear Trayvon Martin’s name – but this time they’re sorry.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, #TheMorningCrew 125 year-old HBCU St. Paul’s College to close June 30, one senator wants an entire gang arrested, and can you fight bullying through text message?

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When Is It Okay to Kill Unarmed Black Kids?

What should you do if you’re a news organization covering an ongoing controversial murder case where the defense makes a website full of material that might poison the jury pool of that trial? Well if you’re CBS Miami, you publish all those materials and put a murder victim’s character on trial. (Warning: This links to an autoplay video)

Great job media: while the legal system tries George Zimmerman for murder, the media is trying Trayvon Martin for black criminality.

Today on #TWiBRadio, we discuss the media’s epic and racially tainted fail during their coverage of the George Zimmerman trial, Michelle Bachmann’s list of reasons she’s not seeking another term  (it’s totally not that FBI investigation), and the tale of how I almost died.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, #TheMorningCrew discussed Wal-Mart dumping hazardous waste in California, a Fortune 500 turning a Women’s safe-house into a luxury hotel, and does obesity start in the womb?

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