Faunasphere: Dear Fresno Police…


Six cop cars one day, four the next, threats of ongoing surveillance—that’s pure intimidation of activists engaged in free assembly and legal photography on public land.

Better be careful, Mr. Tough Guy With Your Badge Taped Over, [thx to commenters for pointing out that the tape might be for mourning, and the cop’s nameplate is over his right pocket] or someone will think you’re there to provide “safety, service, and security” for Big Ag at the expense of ordinary citizens.

SHARK’S a great group, by the way. Their thing is video, and they use it well. They’re also targeting Oklahoma Rethuglican James Inhofe’s canned pigeon hunts, in which big, brave “hunters” shoot pigeons released from cages. In violation of hunting ethics, but apparently in full compliance with GOP ethics, they leave wounded birds behind to suffer and die.

Related: the government’s true terrorist priorities.

And speaking of drones…federal biologists are using them to deliver vaccine-laced M&Ms to endangered black-footed ferrets. “We dropped the vaccine out of a bag while walking around, but that’s very hard to do over thousands of acres,” Randy Machett, a USFWS biologist told The Guardian. “We are working with private contractors to develop equipment to drop the vaccine uniformly across an area, rather than one hog getting to eat a big pile of them.”

Montanans: be on the lookout for one really fat ferret.

Abusing 8-Year-Olds and Cooch Pistols

On today’s #TWiBRadio, apparently Lindsey Graham is terrified of the zombie apocalypse, arresting grade school kids is now a trend, and we discover that no one has ever Googled “cooch pistol.”

Oh yeah, and we also go to that whole gun-in-the-vagina thing …

I don’t think we really need to explain any further.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, it’s Oreo’s 101st anniversary so the #MorningCrew took the opportunity to discuss Hydrox cookies, how Mother Teresa isn’t so saintly, and Los Angeles plans to be coal-free by 2025.

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UNC Apparently Likes Rapists

The University of North Carolina took revenge against one of their students, a rape survivor, who reported on their failed administrative policies on sexual assault. After the initial report, she discussed her experience with The Daily Tarheel and as a result, the school is bringing her up on honor code violations. Officially, she is being charged with:

II.C.1.c. – Disruptive or intimidating behavior that willfully abuses, disparages, or otherwise interferes with another … so as to adversely affect their academic pursuits, opportunities for University employment, participation in University-sponsored extracurricular activities, or opportunities to benefit from other aspects of University Life.

That’s right, she’s being charged with abusing her rapist. It should be noted that she never named her assailant.

On today’s #TWiBRadio, I beam in from the Great Northern Tundra (Minnesota) and we discuss this story with #AfterBlack‘s Josh Homer as well as denials of the drone program and apparently used nooses are what’s hot in the streets. Check it out:

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And this morning on #amTWiB, we keep the conversation going on the UNC rape case and discuss the Trayvon Martin case a year later. Check it out:

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