Melissa Harris-Perry, Baratunde Thurston, and more … Uncensored!

melissa harris-perry

Melissa Harris-Perry, Baratunde, and more!

On today’s show, we bring you some of the greatest moments of #TWiBRadio including the conversation about the Psychology Today article on black female attractiveness, Baratunde’s take on the racist legacy in Donald Trump’s ‘birther’-ism, and Melissa Harris-Perry’s genius about the abortion debate.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, L.Joy and company discuss a possible ‘cure’ for meth addiction, French government plans to pay full costs of abortion and contraception, and Rand Paul is in charge of GOP outreach?

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Why Obama Waited

The answer to the many questions surrounding why Obama waited so long to release his birth certificate is simple.

In 2008, Obama met with Donald Trump in a secret closed-doors beer summit. There, they hatched a scheme. Knowing that there is a large segment of the American people that is still deeply racist, and that said racism would not emerge blatantly when confronted with the first black president, Obama and his good friend The Donald began crafting a long-con. At the first whiff of birtherism, Obama released most – but not all – of the relevant documentation of his birth in Hawaii, throwing the racists birthers a bone to chew on for the next couple of years. The plan was in motion.

The long-form birth certificate remained under lock and key in Hawaii. As the years went by, the usual suspects on the right trotted out one crazy conspiracy after another. Obama ignored them. Trump waited patiently while drawing as much attention to himself as possible.

Then, in 2011, Trump played his, er, Trump card, launching a wild-eyed conspiratorial presidential bid based almost solely on the birther question. Polls showed that Trump’s popularity was rising, and almost overnight he was polling at first place. A clear front-runner had emerged, and the crux of his campaign was the missing long-form birth certificate. Trump beat that drum as loudly as possible, even sending private eyes to Hawaii to track the runaway birth certificate down. And people loved him for it.

Birtherism, it appeared, had taken over a larger segment of America than anyone had expected. Despite rumors of its death, racism in America was still very much alive and kicking. And now it had its avatar.

Now it was Obama’s move. At the height of Trump’s popularity he released the final, definitive document: the long-form birth certificate – knowing full well that it would do nothing to placate the birthers. However, with so much momentum now behind Trump and a large segment of the Republican base rallied around the cause, there was little the GOP could do to recover and run anything like a legitimate challenge to the president in 2012. The threat of an independent bid by Trump – who could easily self-finance such an effort – was too great.

Obama effectively steered national attention back to the rightwing fringe – a fringe, mind you, that is also the largest voting bloc on the right. He also ensured that his good friend Trump was the one spear-heading the movement.

This effectively torpedoed Republican chances of a victory, and ensured Obama a second term, where he went on to do many great things, including finally realize Trump’s dream of universal healthcare for all. And everyone lived happily ever after. Well, almost everyone. Racism, it turned out, was still not over in America, even though a black man had been re-elected president. And Obama had to endure four more years of one of the most thankless jobs on earth. And Trump?

Well, Trump lost his reality shows on NBC but that hasn’t stopped him from finding a way into the spotlight. With his gig on Fox, Trump ruthlessly parodies rightwingers from within the heart of the propaganda machine itself.

A spade is a spade of course of course

Via Jonathan Chait comes this very sad tale of three Republican lawmakers who just wanted a hug:

The three Republican congressmen saw it as a rare ray of sunshine in Washington’s stormy budget battle: an invitation from the White House to hear President Obama lay out his ideas for taming the national debt.

They expected a peace offering, a gesture of goodwill aimed at smoothing a path toward compromise. But soon after taking their seats at George Washington University on Wednesday, they found themselves under fire for plotting “a fundamentally different America” from the one most Americans know and love.

You see, on the one hand Republicans propose massive tax cuts for the rich and a dismemberment of the major healthcare entitlements and this is considered brave and non-partisan. On the other hand, Obama proposes raising taxes on the rich, and calling a spade a spade and this is wildly –  disgracefully – partisan.

I for one am really worried about the hurt feelings of Paul Ryan and his colleagues. How can we get the economy back on track if Obama is mean to the Republicans?

Oh, also too, Ryan was for the debt before he was against it

Last but not least, as we all know, Donald Trump has taken the lead by taking birtherism mainstream. My theory: he’s actually a stealth-liberal determined to undo the Republican party from within.