Rand Paul: Civil Rights Activist

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Rand Paul has never wavered on Civil Rights:Except that one time:

That’s not, like, really wavering, right? That’s just sort of wavering.
Maybe we should let the free market decide.

The latest on #TWiBRadio, #TeamBlackness obviously Rand Paul explaining how voting works to a group of students at an historically black college isn’t accidentally racist or anything, historian superhero Dr. Blair Kelley calls in on the black phone, and since when is saying ‘nigger rigging’ ever okay?

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Then, on #amTWiB, L.Joy and company discuss porn in the Vatican, McConnell’s got bugs in his office, and Elon makes a surprise ‘visit’ to the show.

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And lastly, we had a bit of a tech hiccup, so in case you missed our discussion of the epic pundit fail on Hannity last week, it’s magical:

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Your Face is an Apology

If you say something and then apologize, try making it a real apology:

A number of people have raised questions regarding part of my essay in the most recent issue of Emory Magazine. Certainly, I do not consider slavery anything but heinous, repulsive, repugnant, and inhuman. I should have stated that fact clearly in my essay. I am sorry for the hurt caused by not communicating more clearly my own beliefs. To those hurt or confused by my clumsiness and insensitivity, please forgive me.

Today on #TWiBRadio, #TeamBlackness is joined by Prof. Blair Kelley via the black phone to drop historical knowledge on the meaning of the 3/5ths compromise and we discuss spy teenagers and Lindsey Graham’s voice sounds a lot like oppression.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, we discuss the ever-widening wealth and income-gap between black and white Americans, and the impact of the Voting Rights Act decision at the supreme court. Check it out:

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