See, NOW He’s an Angry Black Man.

The media always jumps at the chance to describe Black men as angry, many times missing the mark. Now that congress turned its back on the 90% of Americans who wanted something as simple as background checks (which many already thought was law) Obama’s pissed and so are we.

On today’s #TWiBRadio, we talk about a failing senate, athletes who should leave political statements alone, and the psychic liberal media that speaks through Family Guy cutaways.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, #TheMorningCrew – discusses the continued investigation into Michele Bachmann’s 2012 campaign, Gabby Gifford’s moving piece on gun legislation, and a scientific discovery on Black America’s Y-Chromosome.

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I Can’t Be a Pedophile, I’m a Racist.

61-year-old Humble Preparatory Academy first grade teacher, Ester Irene Stokes is using a very disturbing defense after being accused of fondling a seven-year-old student, she claims she couldn’t possibly have touched the child because the alleged victim is black and she is a racist.

What kind of human being, much less a person employed to shape the minds of young kids, decides “well, this is a great idea for getting out of this sex offender thing, I’ll just say I’m a racist. Score!”. – Better A Racist Than A Pedophile Be, Apparently from Angry Black Lady Chronicals on TWIB

So, its not that you wouldn’t molest a kid , you just won’t molest a black one?  This is a whole new flavor of terrible.

On today’s #TWiBRadio, we talk about the food pyramid of crime suspects, poison in the mail makes a comeback, and fat shaming Kim Kardashian.

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And this morning on #amTWiB no shock here, bipartisan investigation concludes the Bush administration did use torture, the cupcake market crumbled, and science proves just how gross beer pong really is.

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Tragedy Strikes, News Media Shines #Opposite Day

Oh, Pat Robertson — always respectful of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

On today’s #TWiBRadio, we discussed the tragedy in Boston and the subsequent the media coverage circus, and the cause of the economic disaster of 2008. Hint: it’s cocaine.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, #TheMorningCrew we furrowed our brows at Disney’s sexist superhero shirts, talked about the free tax software made by the IRS that lobbyist don’t want you to have, and we paid our respects to Sal Castro Chicano educator and activist, passed at age 79.

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TODAY ON TWiB! Obama’s Taxes Are Low! and…?

That Obama is totally hypocritical, see for yourself in this quote from January 2012:

“I’ve been hearing a lot of these Republicans talking about, oh, that’s class warfare, and he just wants to redistribute, and doesn’t believe in work, and he’s trying to create an entitlement society, and this and that and the other.  Let me be absolutely clear:  I should pay more taxes, and folks in my income bracket should pay more taxes, and certainly folks who are making billions of dollars should pay more taxes, not because I want to take their money and just give it to somebody else.  It’s because we’ve got basic investments and basic functions that have to be carried out in this 21st century if we’re going to be able to compete.”

On today’s #TWiBRadio, we discussed America’s pervasive rape culture and the toll it takes on male victims, we solved the mystery of Obama’s missing teleprompter,and we discussed hypocrisy in Scarborough country.

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And this morning on #amTWiB#TheMorningCrew talked about church health programs, Black America’s economic depression, and NYPD’s plan to catch ‘lucky’ thieves.

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Rand Paul: Civil Rights Activist

accidental rand paul twib

Rand Paul has never wavered on Civil Rights:Except that one time:

That’s not, like, really wavering, right? That’s just sort of wavering.
Maybe we should let the free market decide.

The latest on #TWiBRadio, #TeamBlackness obviously Rand Paul explaining how voting works to a group of students at an historically black college isn’t accidentally racist or anything, historian superhero Dr. Blair Kelley calls in on the black phone, and since when is saying ‘nigger rigging’ ever okay?

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Then, on #amTWiB, L.Joy and company discuss porn in the Vatican, McConnell’s got bugs in his office, and Elon makes a surprise ‘visit’ to the show.

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And lastly, we had a bit of a tech hiccup, so in case you missed our discussion of the epic pundit fail on Hannity last week, it’s magical:

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