How About “737-Probablywontcrash”

Instead of painting “737-Max” on their 737-Maxes, Ryanair has decided to paint “737-8200“, the real model name nobody uses.  Problem solved!  Boeing can continue to outsource its software to $9/hour engineers without consequence.

When we’re all flying in Airbuses, Comacs and Irkuts in 10 years, our 83 year-old Republican President for Life will be blaming it on Democrats and Mexicans.

Open thread.

Yes of Course the Fucking President is Racist

Why are we still discussing and debating this three fucking years later? It’s who he is. It’s who a large group of the Republicans are. And those that aren’t are ok with it as long as jesus takes the wheel in the Supreme Court and the tax cuts keep flowing.

Fucking bloody hell, you assholes.

Elite “Justice”

Vox has a good piece rounding up the special treatment that Epstein received from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.  In addition to arguing that Epstein shouldn’t have to register and go through the same checks as every other sex offender (an argument that astonished the judge, and that the DA lost), Epstein was never prosecuted for not reporting in, even after complaints from the NYPD officer assigned to Epstein’s case.  This is part of a pattern:

Mistake or not, [DA] Vance’s office has faced questions over its prosecutorial decisions before in cases involved the powerful and well-connected. In fact, Vance’s office was under investigation last year by the state of New York for his decision not to prosecute Harvey Weinstein on allegations of sexual misconduct (despite recordings of Weinstein admitting to groping a woman) before that inquiry was paused. And in 2012, Vance dropped an investigation into Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. for allegedly misleading condo buyersreportedly after receiving a visit from Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz.

I’m sure if Epstein weren’t a rich white dude, he’d be in jail for missing his check-in an astonishing 34 times (since he never checked in at all).  But, in Cy Vance’s office, again and again, there’s a different standard for the rich.

On the Road and In Your Backyard

Good Morning All,

As we move closer to the new site launch, I wanted to remind you to submit things now via the form or to hold off until the new site is live.  The old email address is dead and until the new site is live, there’s no replacement for now. I hope to change that later today.

Ok, it looks like my concern about the new site launching very soon is a bit off, sounds like it will be a week or more, not days. I’ve got a bunch of submissions, mostly multiple sets from a few folks. Please do continue to submit pictures, but don’t feel like it must be now.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the pictures!

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Monday Morning Open Thread: “If You Witness… “

Late Night Open Thread: Much Ado, Weekend Roundup

Since one of my self-imposed duties around here is finding the positive note… I did not foresee the Squatter-in-Chief and the Cosplay Socialists teaming up to convince wavering (non-‘base’) Republicans and ‘independents’ that Nancy Pelosi is Snake Plissken: A stone-cold killer, and yet their only real defense against the ravening hordes from urban hellholes like the Bronx, Detroit, Roxbury, and Minneapolis…

I personally suspect this slobbery beat-sweetner first originated in the Sanders’ campaign sagging poll numbers. Chakrabarti and his running buddies started the “Justice Dems” when it became obvious that Bernie would release control of “Our Revolution” approximately six weeks after his death (and that’s assuming Jane can’t find a way to continue the grift work as a memorial to the fallen martyr). They’re not Democrats and they’re not interested in actual grubby politics — it’s all about Move Fast, Break Stuff, (personal) Profit!

He got lucky when he ‘discovered’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — she was, as I remember it, the only one of last cycle’s 17 or 18 Democrat-challenging JD candidates who actually won. But if she’s half as smart as she seems to be, she’ll find a quiet way to get this guy out of her staff offices, because a Chief of Staff who considers himself the starmaker / puppeteer for somebody’s kid sister is hardly an asset:

In the spring of 2016 — even before Sanders conceded the primary race — Chakrabarti, Exley and other Sanders organizers, including Alexandra Rojas and Corbin Trent, were thinking of next steps for the movement. To enact change, they reasoned, it was vital to transform Congress. They formed a group called Brand New Congress with the mission to recruit hundreds of community leaders and working-class candidates to run on a vision of getting corporate money out of politics, tackling climate change, transforming the economy, providing health care for all, standing for racial justice and stemming mass incarceration. They sifted through more than 10,000 nominations to find the best recruits. “Our biggest criteria was, basically, find someone who had a chance to sell out and didn’t,” Chakrabarti says.

Ocasio-Cortez, who was then a bartender from the Bronx, was nominated by her brother. It was Isra Allison, another member of Brand New Congress, not Chakrabarti, who had a key initial recruiting interview with her. But Chakrabarti drove the overall effort… Nasim Thompson, who also helped recruit candidates, told me: “It was clear from the very beginning that the ship was moving with his guidance. … He was so focused that it naturally created a gravitational pull. … He was sort of relentless in that, and simultaneously just so pleasant, it was shocking. Almost not human. I used to say, ‘How do you stay so Zen?’ ”…
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Repub-on-Repub Open Thread: Speaking of DISARRAY!!!

This weekend, a few dozen once-prominent GOP foreign policy figures, including some original “never Trumpers,” are gathering at a private Reagan Institute retreat in Beaver Creek, Colo., to promote and preserve the 40th president’s “conservative internationalist” approach to foreign affairs. Yet the White House has shown little willingness to tap into this wellspring of expertise, even as Trump cycles through national security aides and faces a dwindling pool of experienced staffers for a potential second term.

The ostracizing of the group has led some to reconsider their roles in a prominent public movement to stop Trump three years ago.

“I’m not comfortable with letters anymore,” said Patrick Cronin, head of the Asia-Pacific security program at the Hudson Institute, who signed the first letter, which called Trump “fundamentally dishonest” and “utterly unfitted to the office.” In March 2017, Cronin was forced to withdraw from a new position overseeing a Pentagon think tank after Trump allies blasted his appointment by then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis…

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Bad Year for Peas

Been an eventful couple of days around here. As I mentioned last night, we had all kinds of storms which knocked out the power, the cable and internet, and then inevitably the cell service (which dies after a couple of hours of the tower not having any electricity. The proximate cause of the outage here in town was the giant ass tree that fell and took down about 4 or 5 telephone poles:

As I mentioned elsewhere, my parents, who lived complete and full lives for 2/3 of there existence without the internet and then spent the next ten years INSISTING they did not need the internet can now be counted on to call me within five minutes of an outage to ask me if my internet is out. Which, since we live 200 yards from each other and just experienced the SAME exact storm and use the SAME exact internet company, is invariably, a yes.

I’ve spent most of the week with some sort of low grade cold or flu, which seemed to reach a crescendo last night with me vomiting, sweating, and convinced I was dying. I slept for about 14 hours, and feel better today, but things are still suspect.

I posted a picture the other day of the last of the broccoli and the beginnings of the tomatoes and some pears, but I can’t remember where (if I had no power it just went on fb or twitter):

At any rate, I am now up to my ASS in tomatoes, which is always good, the broccoli is done until the fall broccoli, and I pulled up the remainder of se in the past, they didn’t all ripen evenly so that I could never really get a bunch at a time, and I would guess I only got about 6 pints (I’ll know for sure tomorrow when I can it all). I put all the old plants in the compost, and am going to let the bed sit overnight and tomorrow I am going to put in some beets and cabbage.

At the farmers market on Saturday, an old fellow was just basically giving away big bags of July apples for 2 bucks a bag, so I bought a couple OF bags and am going to make some applesauce. Figure I will just do the peas, the first of the green beans, and the applesauce all at once tomorrow. No need to get the pressure cooked out more than I need to, I guess.

Flowers are all looking great, but some of the gladiolas fell over so I just cut them:

That’s that great vase I got for like 2 bucks at a flea market. What a steal.

In site news, I am having a call tomorrow with Watergirl, and I believe we are nearing testing. Christ, it seems like it is taking forever. But so far I like what I see.

Politics is awful. And stop worrying about the Democratic in-fighting. It’s summer, no one but the dorks pay attention.

Lights For Liberty – Santa Fe And Austin

We had a perfect summer evening in Santa Fe for our vigil. Parking was terrible because it was the opening night for the International Folk Art Market, and their parking was in the same state lot. But it’s a big one and accommodated us all.

Credit must go to our own O. Felix Culpa and the county Democratic Party. O. Felix and others planned it, and the Democratic Party provided the organizational structure. The program was just right – a mix of music, poetry, and speeches, just over an hour. Some interpretation between English and Spanish, and Sign for all of it. Well done, all.

I estimate there were at least 300 people there, possibly as many as 500, a pretty diverse mix. Quite a few older white folks, but they’re a big part of Santa Fe, and I think many of them have demonstrated before. I ran into a woman who was in my consciousness-raising group back in the 1970s. We looked at each other like yes, again.

But I’m happy to say that some of the younger folks are taking up the torch. Allegra Good Love (third photo) is a firebrand, and the last rabbi on the program was something else. One of the Jewish groups in town was one of the sponsors.

Photos from O. Felix:

Matt, from Austin (nym?): Three pics of the main event. We heard from an immigrant who’d been imprisoned right here in Texas, Representative Lloyd Doggett, and other local politicians, among others. Because it’s Austin, there was lots of live music. The 4th pic, selfie-style, was a related protest-slash-Shabbat service by Austin Jews For Justice earlier in the evening.

Bigmouth Strikes Again

I know that he’s supposedly some sort of idiot savant with his tweeting, but this seems extraordinarily stupid:

President Trump said Sunday that four minority, liberal congresswomen who have been critical of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” prompting other Democrats — including Pelosi — to leap to their defense.

Of course, as all of us know, he’s full of shit on three of four birth locations:

Pressley was born in Cincinnati, Tlaib was born in Detroit and Ocasio-Cortez was born in New York — about 20 miles from where Trump was born. Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia; her family fled the country amid civil war when she was a child, and she became a U.S. citizen as a teenager.

I know that with Trump black is white and up is down, but it does seem like a pretty bedrock principle of politics that when your opponent is shooting themselves in the foot, you should shut your fucking mouth and let them pull the trigger.

Open Thread: NYC Meet-Up, Saturday July 27

Update from visiting fireman NotMax:

Time keeps on ticking, so maybe we can (metaphorically) nail this puppy down.

The date: Saturday, July 27

The place: Tír na Nóg
254 W. 31st Street (across from Penn Station, just east of 8th Avenue)

The time: How does 6 p.m. sound? Earlier? Later?

My plans are to attend a matinee in the afternoon, which lets out about 4:15. I’m willing to arrange the reservations.

If desired, BYO balloons.

Lurkers, spouses and friends welcome, as always!

Lights For Liberty – Cleveland, Ann Arbor, More San Ysidro, Boston, Portland

Jay K in Cleveland, Ohio: I don’t have an official crowd estimate and am terrible at guessing, but Market Square in Cleveland was packed. It was a very well-run event put on by some people new to organizing. They did a great job.

janeform in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Photo 1: The woman holding the sign is Corky Wattles, who organized the vigil.  Speaking is an attorney from Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC).  They provide free legal services to immigrants in Michigan, including all unaccompanied children.

Photo 2: Not a great photo, but these are a few of the hundreds who walked through town with candles.

William Dudley at the San Diego/San Ysidro march sent a dozen photos. Here are four of my choosing, with his comments.

This lady came from the Los Angeles area

Media said “hundreds” of people

Display of migrant victims

The march ended literally right at the border; the speeches were held on the pedestrian bridge that goes to Tijuana

Inspectrix: First one is the crowd gathering on the Boston Common in front of the State House and the second was the vigil. The crowd was over 1000 and appeared quite diverse. The speakers were excellent, presented in both English and Spanish, and asked for action on the MA Safe Communities act, drivers licenses for all, and the call to end detention rather than softer efforts to make detention slightly more humane. There were also inspirational words from Boston Teacher’s Union about upholding the right to educate all children regardless of immigration status.  Also the crowd just seemed awfully nice. Seeing people of conviction showing up is heartening.

That’s it! I’m going to do one more – on Santa Fe.

Respite Open Thread: Meet Max

A few days ago, Msilaneous told us she was thinking of bringing a new kitten into her home after losing her beloved cat of 17 years in January. As us cat lovers know, you don’t choose the kitten, the kitten chooses you.


“There was a surprise waiting for us when we arrived at Heaven’Lees Rescue yesterday afternoon. A tuxedo cat had given birth a half hour before our arrival. The boys were awestruck as we each took a quick peek through the tiny opening next to the heater keeping them warm. The boys are my three grandsons. My younger daughter also met us there, “there” being Elizabeth’s house.

Elizabeth runs Heaven’Lees Rescue with support from her husband and occasional volunteers. While we were there she was on and off the phone to the vet who was helping her monitor the newborns. Soon she was answering questions from a caller and prospective adopter. Her last call before we left was to the vet’s admin to forward Kitten #8’s records.

Elizabeth handed me a kitten when we first got there, but I hardly had a chance to get a look before I felt something land on my foot and start climbing my leg. Laughing, I handed the kitten I was holding to my daughter, and plucked Number 8 off my pant leg.

Elizabeth could not remember his back story, but I’ve been monitoring the rescue websites for the past few weeks and recall a huge litter of black kittens being posted a while back with no mention of a mother. I think Number 8 was the last of his litter and last to be adopted. He is 9 weeks old.

His name is Max. (Full name Maxwell {how about Maximilian} Winston Snackwellz Familyname, Familyname, Familyname the 8th) The boys reserve the right to add.

TaMara, I’m so grateful for everything you and the commenters shared with me Wednesday. I very much liked the idea of adopting two, but in the end Max chose me, and from what I can tell so far, he is going to be quite enough for a while, I think! Elizabeth told me he craves attention, which is true enough. He is also in need of some serious socialization. The boy plays rough! He is also adorable, funny, sweet, bright, curious, a real love bug, and a purring machine. We are all head over heels.

We had our first bath this morning, both of us going into the experience complete newbies. Not sure who came out more traumatized. LOL  He vocalized his woes, I commiserated, and we cuddled until we felt better.

He had company today and played hard. To relax him, I found this video on YouTube. He was enthralled – for all of two minutes, but it did the trick. He just conked out.”

Black kitten watching youtube video of fish


If that doesn’t brighten your day, well, I refer you back to my anger journal and how it has lightened my days. It started out today:

“Dear Anger Journal, once again, Anne Laurie and John Cole bragging been bragging about their first tomatoes, while I look at my garden and know I’m still a solid month away from my first ripe tomato. Sigh, I kinda hate them now.” 😜

Respite open thread.

Lights For Liberty – DC, San Ysidro, Peterborough

PlanetJanet: Here are a few pictures from the event in DC. About 3000 signed up for the event and the crowd looks like it could be that big.  About half of Lafayette Park was taken up by the crowd.  The event started with a march by the American Federation of Teachers who marched down 16th St and into the Park.  They had about a hundred marchers with several chants.  I most liked Classrooms, Not Cages. One very moving moment for me was as they read the names and ages of children who have died in US custody, along with the manner and place of death. After each name, we answered “Let freedom ring forever”. The event finished with us all singing This Little Light of Mine”. I love that song. Congresswoman Norma Torres spoke briefly.

Love little Miss Liberty up in the tree!

James E. Powell: This march was organized as San Diego but was more specifically in San Ysidro, right at the border crossing to Tijuana. I’m no good at estimating crowds, but the march, once it got going, was over a quarter mile long, filling two lanes. When we all got to the border, we had the same kind of speeches RandyG in Tuscon mentioned, with the same results. It did not help that we were standing right next to the train stop.

Misswhatsis in Peterborough, New Hampshire: This is left to right a state senator, Jeanne Dietsch, a state Rep (me) a local choir leader, and a Peterborough select board member leading the singing.

More to come…

Mike Pence, the GOP’s Emergency Backup Monster

There have been rumors that “Idiot-1” wants to replace Pence on the 2020 ticket with his favorite daughter — so maybe sending him down to Texas was an attempt to make him an expendable sacrifice to public outrage. Or maybe sending Moral Monstrosity Mike was a ‘gift’ to that not inconsiderable portion of the GOP base that wants to hurt people. Quite possibly both!

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