I was away when this

I was away when this was first posted, but everyone should read it. Driving tips from Cold Fury.

Donahue is a smarmy, condescending,

Donahue is a smarmy, condescending, self-righteous bastard,

but I am sure glad he is on television again. AT first I was opposed, but when I thought about it, I actually was quite pleased. Why? Because he admits he is a liberal, and people might begin to associate his idiotic ideas with the failed experiment that modern liberalism has become. This is a good thing- quite unlike the liberal NY Times, which merely distorts every libertarian and conservative position without admitting they are liberal.

Donahue is out there spouting off at the mouth, inundating the airwaves with his limousine liberalism, and we can all laugh at him, and thank goodness that his ideas have no traction whatsoever. I hope the Streisand/Clinton crowd keep cheering him on when he spouts the Democrat party line- it makes my job easier to out your stupid solutions.

BTW- I really like Jerry Nachman’s show. I disagree with him on a GREAT number of things, but I think he is very fair with his guests, very respectful, and I like the fact that there is little or no shouting. I did get a slight chuckle tonight when he mentioned the beached whales in Massachussetts. I am sure you can figure out why…

Everyone breathe deeply: The

Everyone breathe deeply:

The Spoons Experience went off the deep end with this reaction to a recent P.J. O’Rourke commentary piece in the Weekly Standard.


Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Wouldn’t it?

I mean, I just assumed that that was the funniest fucking thing in the world, since P.J. jokes about it happening to accountants involved in corporate scandals.

What does it say about the way our society really feels about men that raping them is viewed as both amusing and frequently deserved?

Fuck you, P.J.

Holy loads of over-reaction, Spoons. Read your own comments. P.J. is joking about it, and I do not think in any way can it be inferred that he is in favor of ‘anal-raping’ acountants. In fact, he didn’t even use those words- you did.. Here is the comment Spoons objects to:

However, if corporate corruption does exist, it has benefits as well as liabilities. Auditing scandals will no doubt improve the sex lives of accountants. Bean counters were previously thought to be drab and unattractive creatures. Now accountants are considered cute–by their fellow prison inmates.

For those with little ability to discern humor, the entire column was written with a tongue-in-cheek/ bad-taste- typical of P.J. Myself, I am not in favor of anal-rape in prisons- I think it is awful. I think punishment enough for these accountants would be an accountant cellmate- or worse yet, a hyper-sensitive lawyer.

BTW, a couple of paragraphs later, P.J. wrote this:

Potentially, our own sex lives also are improved. Numerous senior executives’ trophy wives will soon be running around unattached. We wouldn’t have stood a chance with these women before the legal bills arrived and the skinny blondes got poor.

I seriously hope that all of you who got your knickers in a twist over the accountant/prison rape allusion are not at home waiting for your trophy wife…

Don’t forget to watch the

Don’t forget to watch the John Stossel report tonight on the gawd-awful drug war. Republicans think we are too stupid to know how to spend our free time, Democrats think we are too stupid to spend our money. Both want to lock us up and throw away the key when we try to just do what we want to do. They can both go to hell.

I am back from my

I am back from my trip, and I had a great time. I spent five days in the suburbs of Philly with some great people, lounging by the pool and drinking scotch til the wee hours of the morning. Trip highlights included a concert, a night of fireworks at the country club, a boisterous game of Trivial Pursuit, and finding out that I have a cinder block for a right foot when I drive a 2002 Mercedes (I routinely found myself doing 95 on the highway- but in my defense, 95 in a Mercedes feels like 50 in my old Chevy Celebrity). I also got a pedicure (my father had one in NY three weeks ago and said it made his feet feel 20 years younger). It was wonderful, and it restored much of the damage that my lacrosse cleats and my combat boots had inflicted on my poor feet. A great time, indeed.

No posting until Sunday, as

No posting until Sunday, as I will be out of town. Try the links to the left. Speaking of left, Matt Yglesias, one of my favorite Dems, has been posting with almost Blogfather like determination. Make sure you read the comments, as he has cultivated a coterie of lefty-liberals who say bizarre things every now and then.

Bizarre Office Injuries

As I type this, I have an aching butt. Today, I had the most bizarre office injury I have ever had. I moved into a new office, and I have a brand new leather chair– really nice- the whole room smells like the leather, and I love it. At any rate, I also got one of those plastic floor thingies for the chair to sit on. You know what I am talking about- it is there for ease of rolling and to protect the carpet.

I was typing away, when I thought I had to go do something. I stood up, then realized I was an hour early, and I went to sit back down. This is when tragedy stuck.

Apparently (actually there is no apparently about it), I misjudged where I should plant my copious ass and where my brand new chair was. Needless to say, I missed the chair, and just managed to plant my butt on the very edge of the seat of the chair. I sat down rapidly enough that the momentum created enough force to rocket my new chair (aided by the new chair mat) backwards at light speed. I continued downward, narrowly missing my chin on the desk, throwing hot coffee all over my newly painted office. My ass hit the hard mat with massive force.

I could have died, and the only thing I thought was “Thank God everyone else is at lunch.”

In short, my butt hurts, and tomorrow I have to be in a car for hours. Down pillow, anyone?

I read this blog just

I read this blog just once- a moment ago- and it goes in permalinks. Welcome Will Wagner and Babel Log.

Declining Stock Market Have You

Declining Stock Market Have You Down?

Try the huggable investment. Go to I Love Alpacas.

I just saw this on television- and I think they were serious. Actually, I am frightened they are serious.

Who woulda Thunk It? Our

Who woulda Thunk It?

Our biggest threat to free speech is not the government, but whacko leftist feminists and trial lawyers. At least that is what Eugene Volokh is saying, albeit more politely (via the Blogfather).

New links: The Safety Valve

New links:

The Safety Valve
The Politburo (someone I have read on and off and have in my browser bookmarks but had forgotten to add to my permalinks)
Tone Cluster
The Blogs of War
Glenn Frazier

Read ’em, bookmark ’em, and you will be better for it.

Also, Sgt. Stryker is now renamed Beers Across America, and I have fixed my Cold Fury link. Sorry for any problems.

Compare this quote: The U.S.

Compare this quote:

The U.S. and others are helping to train a new Afghan national army, a force committed not to one group or faction but to the defense of the entire nation, which we hope will allow Afghans to take responsibility for their own security rather than relying on foreign forces. Already 28 countries have offered weapons, equipment, funds and support for this effort.

We’ve averted a humanitarian catastrophe. The U.S. and coalition partners have delivered some 500,000 metric tons of food since the start of the war, enough to feed almost 7 million needy Afghans. Thanks to those efforts, the grim predictions of starvation last winter never came to pass. De-mining teams from Norway, Denmark, Britain, Poland and Jordan have helped clear land mines from hundreds of thousands of square meters of terrain, although I must say there is still an enormous number of land mines in that country. U.S. civil affairs team have dug wells, built hospitals, repaired roads and rebuilt schools. Jordan built a hospital in Mazar-e Sharif that has now treated more than 86,000 patients, including 18,000 children. Russia’s cleared out and rebuilt the Salang Tunnel, the main artery linking Kabul with the North, allowing transportation of thousands of tons of food, medicine and supplies.

Together with coalition partners, we rounded up some 600 terrorists in Afghanistan and many hundreds more worldwide. They’re being interrogated. They are yielding information that is helping to prevent further violence and bloodshed.

But perhaps the most important measure of progress is the flow of people. Since January, many — literally many hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees and internally displaced persons have returned to their home. When it comes to coalition efforts, the Afghan people are voting with their feet. They’re coming back to their homes. And indeed, it is a vote of confidence in the progress that’s being made in Afghanistan.

To this quote:

The American air campaign in Afghanistan has produced a pattern of mistakes that have killed hundreds of Afghan civilians.

The first is the daily briefing on the status of Afghanistan and the War on Terror by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. The second quote is from the NY Times, which was observed and commented on in detail by Michael Moynihan at the Politburo.

If you do not read the Politburo, you should. It is a damn fine blog, and I find it to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs out there. Thanks to the Blogfather for the heads up on this post.

Which Peanuts Character Are

I am Snoopy
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

via Kyle Still.

Why We Can Not Trust

Why We Can Not Trust Congress With Our Money, Period

Because they spend it like crack addicts in a flop house on Saturday night. In the 28.9 billion dollar terrorism bill that was passed today, these items were ‘slipped’ in:

Such projects included $6 million to upgrade a U.S. Geological Survey data center near Sioux Falls, S.D.; $10 million to help farmers near the Rio Grande River involved in a water dispute with Mexico; $7 million for enhancing water supplies in New Mexico; and a provision pressuring the Agriculture Department to reimburse poultry producers in West Virginia and Virginia for losses from avian influenza.

Also carried were funds having little to do with the fight against terror. These included $1 billion for Pell grants for low-income students; $417 million for veterans’ medical care; $400 million to help states improve voting systems; $205 million to bail out Amtrak; $200 million for fighting AIDS and other diseases abroad; and $100 million for countering western wildfires and floods.

BTW, conservatives- this is the chamber that the Republicans control.

White House Rebukes Israel for

White House Rebukes Israel for Attack, Calls It ‘Heavy-Handed’

President Bush issued one of his sharpest rebukes against Israel today, denouncing as “heavy-handed” the attack that killed a Hamas leader and expressing regret over “the loss of innocent life.”

“This heavy-handed action does not contribute to peace,” said the president’s chief spokesman, Ari Fleischer. “This message will be conveyed to Israeli authorities, and the United States regrets the loss of life.”

At least 14 other people, including several children, were killed in the missile attack that killed Salah Shehadeh, a founder and the top commander of Hamas’s military wing. Scores of others were wounded.

I feel awful about the tragedy that occurred in regards to the innocent children, and I am sure that this will be a major piece of propoganda for the anti-Israel crowd. I do not excuse the action, but I have a hard time believing the death of innocents was intentional.

The larger message, though, should be: “Hang out with murdering, terrorist thugs who spend their entire lives plotting and fomenting violence against innocents, and you might end up dead.” I can live with that message, and I hope some of the Hamas scum take it to heart.