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John Fund on the true-blue

John Fund on the true-blue conservative and American Hero John McCain:
President Bush is making the Democratic Senate’s refusal to vote on many of his judicial nominees a major campaign issue this fall. Eminently qualified nominees such as Miguel Estrada and Mike McConnell were nominated 14 months ago and have yet to receive even a hearing. But a fellow Republican is undermining Mr. Bush’s effort to showcase vacancies that the Judicial Conference of the United States calls “judicial emergencies.” Sen. John McCain of Arizona is blocking action on even those few nominees the Democrats are willing to confirm.

Mr. McCain has placed a “personal privilege” hold on all Bush nominees–executive as well as judicial. He says he’ll lift his hold only if Mr. Bush appoints Ellen Weintraub, an election lawyer, to a Democratic vacancy on the bipartisan Federal Election Commission. Mr. McCain is furious at the FEC for a series of 4-2 votes that he feels improperly interpret the McCain-Feingold law by giving candidates more “flexibility.” Democrat Karl Sandstrom, whose term has expired, sided with the three Republican appointees against two Democratic commissioners. Ever since those votes Mr. McCain has joined Democrats in mau-mauing the commission, going so far as to threaten to introduce legislation abolishing it.

Self-centered, self-aggrandizing, immature, childish, back-stabbing, hot-tempered, ill-mannered, prick. My Words. Fund is more eloquent:

It’s understandable that Sen. McCain is protective of his campaign finance legislation. And it’s hardly surprising that he’d try to exert his influence on the FEC. But Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill, says it is flat-out wrong for him to be “punishing the judicial branch of government for the sins of one FEC commissioner.” For him to hijack the presidential nominating process when several vacancies have been unfilled for over a year, and at a time when the federal government needs all hands on deck to fight a war on terrorism, carries traditional senatorial pique to new heights of self-aggrandizement.

Oops. Did I say self-aggrandizing yesterday and again today? So did Fund. I guess we agree.

Media Bias, Take 200020238366: Opinion

Media Bias, Take 200020238366:

Opinion Journal yesterday, and now Rush Limbaugh (god it hurts quoting him- everyone will imediately dismiss it) today, both point out how the media has ‘mainstreamed’ Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch. It is true that Klayman has always descrbied himself and his group as conservative, but why the disparity in the media descriptions. Why is he now just a member of a watchdog group, when before when he attacked anything Democrats did he was a Clinton Hater, etc?

Don’t believe it? Go google Judicial+Watch+Conservative+Clinton .

The first article that appears is this one with this phrase describing Klayman:

He is a frequent guest and dependable Clinton-basher on CNN and other networks, including a network linked to the conservative Free Congress Foundation.

Others report in more detail.

From yesterday’s Opinion Journal:

Ideology: Now You See It, Now You Don’t
In May 2000, the Associated Press published a dispatch about a Judicial Watch lawsuit against Bill Clinton. The dispatch twice referred to Judicial Watch as a “conservative group.”

Yesterday the AP published a dispatch on a threatened Judicial Watch lawsuit against Dick Cheney. The dispatch makes no reference to the group’s ideology, calling it only “a Washington-based watchdog group.”

From Limbaugh’s Website Today:

Klayman heads a group called Judicial Watch, and all through the nineties he constantly sued the Clinton administration. We did some research, and just to give you a sample, check out the way AP has described Klayman’s group in the past:

November 28th, 2000 – “Larry Klayman, chairman and general counsel for Judicial Watch Inc., said the conservative legal firm…”

October 28th, 1998 – “Larry Klayman of the conservative group Judicial Watch…”

December 4th, 1997 – “Larry Klayman, head of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch…”

September 14th, 1996 -Headline: “Conservative Group Sues First Lady in FBI Files Controversy.”

Now, let’s get back to his suit against the vice president. Note this AP headline and excerpt from Wednesday:

July 11, 2002 – Group Called Judicial Watch Sues Vice President Cheney.
“Judicial Watch, which describes itself as a nonpartisan group, has also sued for access to records of the Cheney-led energy task force…”

Now folks, every time Klayman’s name came up in the nineties, Judicial Watch was described as a conservative watchdog group.

Limbaugh Haters- He is right on this one. He goes on:

Just to prove my point further, I went to the Judicial Watch web site and found the following press release from this past February.

For immediate release: Judicial Watch Investigating Democratic National Committee Chair’s Link To Bankrupt Global Crossing. DNC’s Terry McAuliffe turned $100,000 investment into $18 million. (Company’s accounting practices questioned)

Did Peter Jennings, Robin Roberts, Judy Woodruff, or any of the others report this? No! They didn’t report it, and had they, they would have called this a conservative watchdog extremist group in Washington. But Klayman sues Cheney and all of a sudden he’s legit. Go figure.

Mainstream Media- They Report, They Decide.

Check out this hysterical story

Check out this hysterical story by Tim Blair (via the Blogfather).

The World Wildlife Fund used to be one of the more sensible environmental advocacy groups, with a guiding philosophy of “Please don’t hurt the cute little panda babies.” Now they’ve turned lunatic. Let’s see how they compare with that other crazy WWF, the World Wrestling Federation:

World Wrestling Federation: Appeal based on comically threatening entities named the Undertaker, the Rock, Latino Heat.

World Wildlife Fund: Appeal based on comically threatening entities named the Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, Overpopulation, Kyoto Protocol.

World Wrestling Federation: Supporters mainly young, under-educated and gullible.

World Wildlife Fund: Supporters mainly young, over-educated and gullible.

Mark Steyn on fire again:

Mark Steyn on fire again:

Bush tosses a pebble in the water and the ripples spread across the lake; the EU drops a huge rock of conventional wisdom and it sinks without trace. I’ve said before that, if America is Coke, the world could use a Pepsi. If the EU doesn’t have the will to fulfil that role militarily, it could at least try to do it intellectually, with a bit of fresh creative thinking about some of these issues. But instead it clings to 1970s terrorists, 1970s missile treaties and 1970s environmental doom-mongering. Poor old Europe: never mind walking the walk, it can’t even talk the talk.

I will not apologize to

I will not apologize to McCain- I was uncharitable about his military record, this much is true- he is a hero. That is as far as I will backtrack, however. McCain has spent the last two decades accomplishing nothing as a legislator except embroiling himself in the Keating Five and the god-awful McCain-Feingold bill. On second thought, now that I have seen some of the stuff he has sponsored and co-sponored, I should be glad he has accomplished little. He is nothing more than the token Republican for every one of Kennedy’s and Leahy’s and Dodd’s bad ideas, and has been nothing but a pompous, self-promoting, ankle-biting thorn in Bush’s side since the year 2000. And probably before.

Feel free to add him to the list below.

People who need to be

People who need to be bitch-slapped:

Anyone who mentions Enron, Global Crossing, Worldcom, and Martha Stewart in the same sentence. As much as this pains me to defend this shrill harpy and stiff martinet whose ego is surpassed only by Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton, the women does not look guilty by any objective examination of any evidence I have seen. Kinda convenient for the House committee to ignore any evidence that might exonerate her.

Anyone named Bud Selig.

Anyone who has their panties in a bunch over Bush and Harken (which amounted to nothing according to the SEC- but hell, this being an election season, let’s ignore them and tar and feather those people too) but has failed to once mention Global Crossing and Terry McAuliffe. You bloggers know we can check your archives, and we do know who you are.

Whoever thought Phil Donahue needed a new show in primetime. Was Arsenio unavailable to provide thoughtful commentary?

Anyone who thought the assault on Microsoft was anything more than Clinton-era trash politics and ‘hate-the-rich’ populism. At least their earning statements are real, you prick bastards.

Bud Selig.

Hypocrite Democrats who are now attacking corporate America for defrauding investors. Are they pissed because this means fewer tax incomes because of the insidious capital gains tax? Or because this might mean less money in the even worse estate tax revenue? Or maybe it is because…. Hey- Why are they defending investors all-of-a-sudden? I thought they are the party of the poor, and according to their progressive tax strategies, anyone who makes 50k and has a moderate 401k plan is RICH. Oh yeah. This is an election year.

Anyone who claims cheerleading and figure skating are sports. No, I can not cheerlead or figure skate- but that doesn’t mean they are a sport. I can’t lay an egg or swallow a sword, either, but no one is claiming they are sports.

Al Franken.

Norm Mineta and Tom Ridge.

MLB players union.

Whoever designed popup window ads.

Did I mention Bud Selig?

Finally, Something for Major League

Finally, Something for Major League Soccer to be happy about:

Bud Selig is not your commissioner.

Posting will be light this

Posting will be light this week (as if you did not already know this from the absence of posts), as I am out of town teaching and have very little time to post (plus I hat this 56k connection). One general thought:

The Democrats really saved us some time today. Since they attacked the President’s speech on corporate responsibility BEFORE he gave it, it should be clear to everyone that they have already made their minds up about every issue and every thing the President stands for or might in the future stand for- they oppose it.

It was a refreshing bit of honesty and openness on their parts. Now we can really dismiss anything they say as pure partisan politics. Let’s try it and see how well we can predict future Democratic reactions.

Future Bush Energy Policy:

Bush is in bed with big busiiness, he wants to put arsenic in water, we can not drill our way into a surplus of energy, there are not enough tax cuts for alternative energy programs, Bush is in bed with Detroit and will not raise CAFE standards.

Bush Judicial Nominees

This person is an arch conservative. He cuts holes into all of his white pillow cases. He gassed the truck that dragged James Byrd. If he is elected, women and minorities will lose the right to vote, and he will allow legislation to stand as constitutional that would require the jack-hammering of all handicap accessible ramps. He wants to execute retarded jaywalkers. He is against abortion even in the case of pregnancies brought on by a gang rape perpetrated by HIV infected men.

See- It is easy. Just take any position or idea Bush might have, and then insert the most ridiculous, vile, and offensive arguments you can muster or the Democrats have mustered in the past, and you have their argument before they present it. Then, when they actually present their argument, you have a humorous checklist to cross reference.

This is McAuliffe’s winning strategy for November? Perhaps I can help them with a slogan-

Democrats 2002- We Oppose!

One more thing: Why is it that anytime I hear a Senator say “Democrats and Republicans both support this legislation but the President opposes it,” I know that what the person means is “50 Democrats and John McCain support this.” Why is he even in the party anymore, and why does the press adore him? Other than his association with the Keating Five, almost failing out of the Naval Academy, smashing several government jets and being unfortunate enough to be a POW, and the HIDEOUS attempt at curtailing free-speech that was disguised as Campaign Finance, what has this man accomplished? Try to think of one piece of meaningful legislation. Yeah, I thought so. Maybe they like him for his semi-annual melanoma awareness. Shrug.

Will Warren has his own

Will Warren has his own special tribute for the Fourth of July. Here is a smidgeon:

Freedom of Speech

Born to thinking, feeling, speaking,
Each contains a universe;
Larger still the realm they’re seeking,
Forged from sparks of minds diverse.

Freedom of Conscience

All are born to own their sinning,
Born to raise their highest prayers,
Errors large or progress winning,
Most importantly, it’s theirs.

The Rule of Law

Search in vain for unchecked power
Bringing forth a lasting peace,
Freedom grows in law’s sweet bower,
Fencing out a king’s caprice.

One of the things I

One of the things I love about America is how people celebrate common holidays in their own unique way. For example:

Google has their lettering done in the style of an American Flag.

The normally black and white Drudge has red and blue lettering.

William Quick has a copy of the Declaration up.

Lileks has a wonderful bleat up about grocery stores and how we are just the best damn country in the world.

Steve Den Beste has a touching and disturbing photo montage from September 11th.

When I finally go outside and brave the god awful heat, I will be treated to flags hanging everywhere, pudgy people in tight red white and blue t-shirts, fireworks, parades, and all sorts of other displays. What a country.

Go fuck yourself, John Pilger

Go fuck yourself, John Pilger

FOR 101 days, Royal Marines have been engaged in a farcical operation as mercenaries of the United States whose lawlessness now qualifies it as the world’s leading rogue state.

Shooting at shadows, and the occasional tribesman, blowing up mounds of dirt and displaying “captured” arms for the media, all have been part of the Marines’ humiliating role in Afghanistan – a role foisted upon them by the Blair government, whose deference to and collusion with the Bush gang has become a parody of the imperial courtier.

Gang is not an exaggeration. The word, in my dictionary, means “a group of people working together for criminal, disreputable ends”. That describes accurately George W Bush and those who write his speeches and make his decisions and who, since their rise to power, have undermined the very basis of international law.

These people are just nauseating.

Sun. Pool. French Cut Bikinis.

Sun. Pool. French Cut Bikinis. Daquiris. BBQ. I will be back on the 5th.

God Bless the U.S.

Life Imitates Farce BRUSSELS, Belgium

Life Imitates Farce

BRUSSELS, Belgium — The European Commission has attacked as “beneath contempt” a campaign in Britain against the euro currency featuring Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Cinemas in Britain began showing on Wednesday the ad in which British actor Rik Mayall appears dressed as Hitler, parodies his famous salute and declares: “Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Euro!” (one people, one empire, one euro).

Amusing that they come out harder against comic spoofs using dictators than they do against ACTUAL genocidal maniacs. Like Hitler. Or Milosevic. Or Arafat. Or Mugabe.

From the No Shit Files

From the No Shit Files

CAIRO, Egypt (CNN) — Arab countries trail much of the world in economic growth and need to make changes in political and social institutions, but gains have been made in areas such as education and health, according to a U.N.-commissioned study.

I am sure some simpering harpy will say that this should be cause for celebration because the U.N. is finally seeing that changes need to be made. To me, this is a sign of the utter incompetence of the U.N. This is News?????