As any good Steeler fan will tell you, there is nothing good about Cleveland. It just figures that those bums were reponsible for the blackout, as well:

A failure to contain problems with three transmission lines in northern Ohio just south of Cleveland was the likely trigger of the nation’s biggest power blackout, a leading investigator said Saturday.

Alarm systems that might have alerted engineers to the failed lines were broken, according to FirstEnergy Corp., the Akron, Ohio-based utility that officials said owned at least two of the three lines.

It was not immediately clear whether that impeded efforts to isolate the local line disruptions, some of which occurred an hour before power system shutdowns cascaded Thursday from Michigan to New York City and into Canada.

“We are fairly certain at this time that the disturbance started in Ohio,” Michehl Gent, head of the North American Electric Reliability Council, said in a statement. “We are now trying to determine why the situation was not brought under control after three transmission lines went out of service.'”


Rot In Hell


Rot in Hell, Idi Amin. I am sure Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, and some gun control enthusiasts are upset, but the rest of the world will look at your cold, lifeless carcass with profound glee. My only regret is that your death was from natural causes, rather than the result of due process. I guess you will have to get yours in the afterlife.


The Iraq’s want to offer some help regarding the NY Black-Out:

“Let them taste what we have tasted,” said Ali Abdul Hussein, selling “Keep Cold” brand ice chests on a sidewalk. “Let them sit outside drinking tea and smoking cigarettes waiting for the power to come back, just like the Iraqis.”

Here are some tips from the streets of Baghdad:

_ SLEEP ON THE ROOF. Without power and hence without air conditioning Iraqis have taken to climbing up stairs in the hot nights. Some install metal bed frames on rooftops, while others simply stretch out on thin mattresses. “It’s cooler there,” said Hadia Zeydan Khalaf, 38.

_ SIT IN THE SHADE. Many Iraqis head outside when the power’s off. “We sit in the shade,” said George Ruweid, 27, playing cards with friends on the sidewalk. Of the U.S. blackout, he said: “I hope it lasts for 20 years. Let them feel our suffering.”

_ HEAD FOR THE WATER. “We go to the river, just like in the old days,” said Saleh Moayet, 53.

_ SHOWER FREQUENTLY. “I take showers all day,” said Raed Ali, 33.

_ BUY BLOCKS OF ICE. Mohammed Abdul Zahara, 24, sells about 20 a day from a roadside table.

Here are some tips from West Virginia for the suffering Iraqi’s:

1.) Quit sabotaging your god damn power transmission sites.

2.) Quit looting your damn country.

3.) Quit shooting your AK in the air out of anger, sadness, joy, jubilation.

4.) Quit shooting your AK at coalition troops and provisional Iraqi police.

Silliness, I tell you. I shall also note, when the power went out, no one went to their local Shi’a Cleric to demand protests and burnings of the American flag. They dealt with it, and tried to be part of the solution.

Dennis Meets Pejman

Pejman read Dennis K’s weblog yesterday. He was not impressed.

Where Have They Gone

The last post by Scott Ott reminds me of the glory days of Will Warren, who used to be the poet of the blogosphere. Here is one of my favorites (which my mother claims is the funniest thing she has ever read):

Merci for Not Expiring

If you want to skip a jailing
when your body takes to ailing
And the doctor starts to shake his head and sigh,
Just dont find yourself a-dwellin
in the town that makes a felon
Out of any citoyen who tries to die.

If your chest hurts something awful,
go and do it where its lawful:
The boneyards full in fair Le Lavandou.
All the signs theyre now requiring
say “Merci for not expiring!”
Find somewhere else to bid your last adieu.

When your breathing turns to wheezing,
Mayor Gil youll be displeasing,
And hell cut you with his fearsome Gallic scowl:
“Not in this townits illicit.
Could we make it more explicit?
Get up, get out, allez,” hell fairly growl.

When youre nearly nonexistent,
Mayor Gil is most insistent:
“Just hit the roadyou might try St. Tropez.”
If youre soon to be deceasing,
say bonjour to French policing
When you pick Le Lavandou to pass away.

Scott Ott, Genius

Genius at work:

2003-08-15) — The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) announced today that its fall lineup will include ‘Straight Eye for the Homo Guy’, a new show based on a similarly-named program on another network.

On each episode a team of five heterosexual males will do a “makeover” on one homosexual man.

Preview screenings of the pilot showed the five guys uncomfortably shuffling around the menswear section at Wal-Mart picking out trousers for a guy named Maurice, who they refused to take with them.

Read the whole thing.

More on the Sniper Shootings

The Hillbilly Sophisticate has some more on the sniper shootings. I will do my best to keep up to date. I might try calling the local sheriff tomorrow.

*** Update ***

It appears that momentum in the coverage is increasing.


I can’t access hotmail- is this due to the blackout?

WV Sniper Update

If this string of murders continues, and if the narcissistic NY Press gets their AC back, we will probably hear more about the random killings that appear to look like the DC sniper attacks from last year. At any rate, here is another news story on the issue:

Two people were killed late Thursday in separate shootings outside Kanawha County convenience stores, in what police said could be related random shootings.

The two became the second and third people shot dead outside Kanawha Valley convenience stores within four days, and the third and fourth people murdered in Kanawha County on a bloody Thursday.

Thursday night, a woman was gunned down while pumping gas at a Campbells Creek convenience store about 10:20 p.m., while another person was shot slightly more than an hour later outside a Cedar Grove store. Both were killed.

They appear to be random shootings, said Lt. J.S. Bailes, Kanawha County sheriffs spokesman.

Random, and hopefully unrelated.

Curiouser and Curiouser

I just don’t get this statement:

Now, there’s no question that Arnold has racial baggage: he supported Proposition 187, he’s hired a bunch of Pete Wilson’s campaign people, he’s got the whole Nazi father thing to deal with, and he belongs to U.S. English, a group that advocates making English the official language of the United States. But even so, I wonder if that’s really such a big problem.

This is racial baggage? His dad, support for Prop 187, and wanting English to be the official language? The bar for racism, or, in this case, allegations of racism, has now been lowered to the point that the term is meaningless- which is a shame. There are some real racist pukes out there.

F– The French

The other day, Calpundit posted his list of interesting conservative weblogs. Someone in the comments section said I should be (I am not sure how conservative I really am), and this jackass sneered:

Balloon Juice is just another one of those French-bashing snicker snicker types. Best to avoid.

Hehe. At any rate, why bash the French, when all you have to do is point out what they are doing:

France was on Friday resisting a US-backed plan to lift UN sanctions against Libya in exchange for financial compensation for victims of the 1988 Lockerbie aircraft bombing, saying that victims of a later attack should also get a similar pay-out.

France “is not prepared to waver on this,” foreign ministry spokesperson Cecile Pozzo di Borgo said on Thursday, referring to a demand that Libya provide more compensation for the families of 170 people killed in the 1989 blast that brought down a French airliner over west Africa.

So France is going to use its position on the Security Council to block the lifting of sanctions, scuttling the deal, because it is better than the deal they negotiated several years ago (a deal that did not even think about the Lockerbie victims).

Libya, two of whose nationals were sentenced and jailed over the attack, has now agreed to pay out $2.7bn to victims’ families in exchange for a gradual lifting of international sanctions.

However France has said it wants similar compensation for the families of the 170 people who died when an airliner operated by the UTA company was blown out of the sky by a bomb over the Sahara Desert less than a year later, on September 19, 1989.

Libya has already paid 30m under what Tripoli and Paris last October called as “a definitive resolution” of the UTA matter, but the French foreign ministry insisted on Thursday that a “complementary settlement” should now also be made in light of the Lockerbie deal.

The initial sum Libya paid France went to only a third of the victims’ families – only those kin who had registered as civil plaintiffs in a French trial of the case — and each payment ranged from 3 000 to 30 000 euros, compared to the 8.8m to be paid to the families under the Lockerbie arrangement.

Due to the veto power it holds as a permanent member of the UN security council, France could potentially block a move to lift the sanctions on Libya.

How do you say scum in French? Note to International corporations- this is not an aberration- this is how the French do business.

Malvo Repeat?

This is the story that will soon dominate all headlines:

KANAWHA, W.Va. — Two people are dead after two separate shootings at two different gas stations in West Virginia.

The first shooting was reported around 10:15 p.m. Thursday at a Speedway Gas Station in Campbells Creek. Police say woman was shot in the head while she was pumping gas.

Then around 11:45 p.m., at the Go-Mart in Cedar Grove, another victim was also shot and killed.

Officials with the Kanawha County sheriff’s department say they are looking to see if the shootings are connected.

“Anytime you have a case like this and you have related incidents you are going to look at similarities,” said Sheriff’s department spokesman Jeff Bailes. “It doesn’t necessarily mean they are connected but you have to look at that possibility.”

Thursday’s shootings come less than a day after two people were found dead in their car in Charleston, W.Va., and earlier this week a man was shot and killed while talking on a pay hone at the Go-Mart in Charleston, W.Va.

Hardball for Huffington

Damn fat cats:

TV commentator and author Arianna Huffington, who launched her campaign for governor with criticism of “fat cats” who fail to shoulder a fair share of taxes, paid no individual state income tax and just $771 in federal taxes during the last two years, her tax returns show.

Huffington, who released her tax returns for the last two years to The Times, lives in an 8,000-square-foot home in Brentwood above Sunset Boulevard that is valued at about $7 million. She socializes with many wealthy and prominent people.

But the returns show that at least for the last two years, her income was far outweighed by losses that she reported were incurred by Christabella Inc., the private corporation she owns and uses to manage her writing and lecturing business.

I guess I am officially a fat cat now.

Supporting Our Troops?

I am not going to even pretend to know what these jackasses are thinking:

The Pentagon wants to cut the pay of its 148,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, who are already contending with guerrilla-style attacks, homesickness and 120- degree-plus heat.

Unless Congress and President Bush take quick action when Congress returns after Labor Day, the uniformed Americans in Iraq and the 9,000 in Afghanistan will lose a pay increase approved last April of $75 a month in “imminent danger pay” and $150 a month in “family separation allowances.”

The Defense Department supports the cuts, saying its budget can’t sustain the higher payments amid a host of other priorities. But the proposed cuts have stirred anger among military families and veterans’ groups and even prompted an editorial attack in the Army Times, a weekly newspaper for military personnel and their families that is seldom so outspoken.

I simply can not defend this decision in any way shape or form. Just plain bad policy and bad politics.

Brief Hiatus

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