Surrounded by Idiots

MoDo’s column today contains this priceless gem:

Everyone knows Saddam is lying; the question is whether it’s worth a war. Mr. Blix undermined Mr. Powell by challenging some of his satellite evidence, and saying that Iraq was beginning to cooperate more and that no proof had yet been gathered that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Everyone knows he is lying…. Which is why the left and the UN is driving everyone with at least a half a brain up the wall. We know you know he is lying. But you would rather play games and provide the French and Germans cover for their petro-chemical deals becuase “Bush is a Moron” or “I just can’t trust Bush,” or this, the most annoying argument I have seen yet, stated by Paul Berman in Slate (via Matt Yglesias):

I am sorry that Fischer doesn’t seem to look on the present conflict as a new episode in that longer and honorable war. But I don’t think he is a knave for failing to do so. If a columnist at the Washington Post is going to sneer, he ought to spread his sneers?or at least his criticisms?a little more widely to include President Bush. Bush has failed to present the current war and its impending new Iraqi front in terms of a democratic struggle against totalitarianism. He has failed to discuss in any serious way the moral aspect of the war, has failed to present the war as an act of solidarity with horribly oppressed Iraqis and other victims of Muslim fascism, has failed to show the humanitarian aspect of the war, has failed to present the war in the light of the long history of anti-totalitarianism. The president has failed, all in all, to present the kind of arguments that might enlist the enthusiasm of people like Fischer, not to mention the enthusiasm of people in the Muslim and Arab world.

Translation- We know Saddam is lying, we know that there isall sorts of evidence against him, we know that he is in violation of the resolution we signed, we know that Saddam is a threat to his citizenry, his neighbors, and the world, but, we just haven’t received the type of nuanced argument we are likely to accept. Precisely who are the idiots, here? Bush???? For the love of everything holy, who is the moron- the person who knows what Saddam is up to and wants to do nothing about it, or the person who wants to do something about it. Think about it a while. First, go read this from the folks at the Samizdata. Then think about it some more. Then, if you are particularly obtuse and particularly shallow, maybe this will help. Imagine the face of your friends on those bodies. Or your children. Or yours.

Snowy Days

About a foot or so and counting, and no end in sight. Threw the cat into a snowbank to see what he would do (he had never seen snow like this). The scratches should heal in no time.


Get A Grip!

On Friday, Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge told the nation “stop being such pussies- we are doing everything we can to stop terrorism, but Christ, we are making this up as we go. Also, you need to quit listening to the Democrats, who have it in their political best interests that we fail- and it is also in their best interest that you remain scared to death.”

Actually, he didn’t say that at all. But he should have when he did address the press yesterday. He also should have told obnoxious Tom Daschle precisely where to stick it- but he won’t, because he has too much dignity to sink to that sewer trout’s level. Daschle’s comments were typical Democrat sneering and whining:

“Duct tape is not enough. Neither is empty rhetoric,” Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., said after he and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., met with about a dozen firefighters, including some who rushed to the Pentagon (news – web sites) after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack.

No shit, Tom. Thanks for the update, not to mention the empty rhetoric. I guess ‘serious questions’ didn’t scare the terrorists off, so you are all out of help for us. Maybe you should impose a tax on them. Or some regulations.

Duct tape is not enough- and I doubt this is all they are doing to combat the problem. But then again, we have entered a new era- one that is going to require innovation, a re-tooling of our assets and command structure, re-thinking how we use our intelligence gathering services and our armed forces, and to be honest, there is going to be a lot of guessing going on for a while. It is thus not surprising that the party that has not had a new idea since 1960 would be somewhat baffled with what to do, but this new lefty Democrat party will surely win you back the House and Senate in 2004. Snicker.

We don’t know how they are going to hit us next. We don’t know where they are going to hit us next. We have a wide range of possibilities we are trying to address, and your carping and noxious whining (and hoping for something bad to happen to pin on Bush) is just a bit much for most of us. At least they did tell us that in a chemical attack, duct tape and plastic and plastic might help. We know for sure Clinton would never have told us that. Why do we know that? Simple.

Dick Morris wouldn’t have let him.

*** Update ***

Like I said, there is going to be soem guessing. Until anyone who wants to hit us is taking a long dirt nap, we have to try to stay one step ahead of them, and that isn’t always that easy:

In these twice-daily supersecret videoconferences, begun shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, the agencies are expected to share their latest intelligence on the whereabouts of terrorists of Al Qaeda and their possible plans for attack.

Administration officials say the intelligence about Al Qaeda in the 17 months since the attacks has often been alarming. But this month the evidence became “downright terrifying,” a senior law enforcement official said. He said interrogations of captured terrorists and other intelligence suggested an imminent terrorist attack that might even involve chemical, biological or radioactive “dirty bombs” aimed at lightly guarded targets like hotels or apartment buildings.

Two weeks ago, officials said, the intelligence was so frightening and so specific some information pointed to attacks that were timed to coincide with the end of the hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage that concluded Thursday that they decided the public had to be notified.

New Cartoon

Chris Muir sent me an email letting me know about his cartoon strip, Day by Day. You can find it here, with a run down of the characters here.

Here is a sample of one I particularly liked (I took the liberty of cutting it up so it would fit the page- normally it runs like a regular strip):




Again, if you like it, make sure you make Day by Day a regular stop.

The Kids Aren’t Alright

The kids are stupid, willfully ignorant, and unaware of any and all history. They believe propaganda and agitprop over reality (“No Blood for Oil” and “Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush- The Real Axis of Evil” are slogans used in the place of thinking), and believe that their own government is the root of all evil. The kids most certainly are not alright.

Worst of all, they are stupid.


Little Green Footballs has more (via the Instapundit).

Up To Their Necks In Oil Contracts

Instapundit yesterday linked to a quote by Richard Perle claiming that the French are in it just for oil:

Richard Perle, a former US Assistant Defence Secretary, said the French anti-war stance was driven by economic interests. French oil giant TotalFinaElf has exclusive exploration contracts worth 60bn – 75bn to develop the massive Majnoon and Bin Umar oilfields in southern Iraq, he said.

Whats distinctive about the Total contract is that its not favourable to Iraq, its favourable to Total, Mr Perle, the chairman of the Pentagons Defence Policy Board, said during an address in New York.

He is right, og course, but expect that to be ignored. I decided to look into the oil issue a little bit more thoroughly, which is not as easy as it appears. First, if you do a google search for Iraq + TotalFinaElf, half the most promising documents don’t exist. However, there is this extensive document, as well as this document chock full of links.

Go check those out, and by golly, you might just be surprised to find out who stands to benefit the most from the export and refining of Iraqi oil, as well as from rebuilding delapidated oil fields.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you said France, Russia, and China.

Here is more on the subject from Lynn Kiesling.

The Real Welfare Queens?

WinnerState$$$$ Rank
BushSouth Carolina1.2718
BushNorth Carolina1.0628

The current budget has me so pissed off because it is so spectacularly irresponsible that I spent a good bit of time trying to figure out why the Republicans are incapable of controling spending now that they are in charge of the House, Senate, and Presidency.

The table above has the winer of the state, how many dollars the state receives back from the federal government for every dollar taxed by the feds, and the ranking.

This is, of course, in no means a complete analysis of anything, just me playing around. There are about a million factors you can look into- control of state government, population, income disparities, cost of living adjustments, etc. Regardless, from this alone it appears the Blue States are subsidizing the industrious, hard-working, red states. Go figure. Borrow and Spend Republicans is not just a pithy statement.

*** Update ***

The information I posted is from the year 2000, and was provided by the Nonprofit Tax Foundation. Again, clearly this is a simplistic way to look at things, because it has not taken everything into account- for example, my state, West Virginia, is #4. This is not because we are a bastion of conservatives, but rather, because Sen. Byrd is our Senator and has been on the Appropriations Committee for 80 years.

No Material Breach Here

Via the Blogfather.


Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

What do Kevin Drum, Matt Yglesias, Ted Barlow, Jesse, and Atrios all have in common?

All of them have linked to this piece of propaganda from Patrick Leahy’s office as de facto and de jure proof that Republicans are ‘more obstructionist’ than the Democrats are when it comes to judicial nominees. Only problem is, Jay Caruso has looked Leahy’s claims and has discovered that Leahy has been ‘disingenuous’ (count me as shocked).

You would think the people who had an aneurysm every time Bush talks about ‘average’ tax cuts would be a little bit more careful before simply reciting partisan agitprop as gospel truth. But then you would be underestimating how much they hate being in the minority, and how important the judiciary is to them.

Here are some DOJ links comparing the first two years of Bush with previous administrations.

Department of Justice PDF file #1, #2, and #3

By the way, I dont think that any of the guys above would intentionally lie about the stats (well, Atrios might- but then he would deny that he really meant it or just claim that we were too stupid and misunderstood his point and hey, by the way, Trent Lott is racist), but instead this report just confirmed what they already ‘know.’ Republicans are evil, you know- thank goodness Leahy is combatting their lies. That really is how they think- there is no need for critical reasoning- that is reserved for fact checking Republican claims. Democrats are merely right about everything because they believe it so strongly.

Terror Alert Color Codes

Via South Knox Bubba, the New Terror Alert coding system:


Favorite French Past-time

It appears that the favorite French past-time is no longer eating cheese, drinking wine, and sneering at Americans. The new favorite hobby is coddling dictators and tyrants:

President Robert Mugabe was given permission yesterday to visit France in violation of a European Union travel ban, delivering a further blow to the crumbling sanctions policy against his regime in Zimbabwe.

Bowing to pressure from President Jacques Chirac, the EU dropped objections to Mr Mugabe’s participation in a French-Africa summit in Paris next week, subject to a final decision tomorrow.

Seriously- is there a tryant, thug, or genocidal maniac these people won’t rush to embrace?

*** Update ***

Juan Gato thinks he knows why…

New Perma-links Member

Go visit Overspill and The Portable Matthew. I had meant to add those a while ago, but as usual, I forgot.

Nick Rahall, Local Idiot

My state, West Virginia, gets enough bad press as it is. So why does one of our 3 members of the House of Representatives have to vote AGAINST condemning the UN giving Libya the Human Rights Chair?

Glad to know I have my own personal Barbara Lee or Dennis Kucinich here in West Virginia. Blech.

The Prison Construction Boondoggle

TalkLeft links to the Sentencing Report’s new study titled Big Prisons, Small Towns: Prison Economics in Rural America.

I have not read it yet, but apparently Jeralynn has, and states that “rural prisons produce no positive economic benefits for local communities.” Once I read it, I will comment more, but you should go check it out.

Regardless of your political affiliation, it should be clear that we have a problem in this area. No one comes out of prison a better person (Shawshank Redemption be damned), and unless we intend to just start locking everyone up for life, we have a serious problem. We need education programs, drug rehabiliation, and programs that SUCCESSFULLY transition inmates who have served their time and paid for their crime to become full, productive citizens once again. There are others who can speak more eloquently about this than I can, but I think the notion (and reality) of prisons serving only a punitive function is helping no one.

What Is That I Hear?

I think it might be the Hallelujah Chorus. Drudge is reporting that Carol Moseley-Braun is forming an exploratory committee to run for President.

You never can tell with Moseley-Braun, though. She might just be broke and planning on raping her campaign funds for personal benefit again.

At any rate, this should be great for the GOP. Sharpton, Moseley-Braun- hell, was Mel Reynolds too busy to run this year? Think we can convince Nader to run?