Gray Davis in 2004 Matt

Gray Davis in 2004

Matt Welch surveys the California newspaper editorials endorsing Gray Davis and wryly notes that they read like indictments. Here is a sample from the LA Times:

Davis is aloof. He agonizes over minor decisions most governors would leave to aides. He is robotic and largely humorless.

And a sample from the Sacramento Bee:

You don’t like the choices. We don’t like the choices. If only there were an even vaguely plausible third-party candidate — but there isn’t. So, like it or not, one of these men will be governor until 2007.

As Matt reminds us, these are Davis’s ENDORSEMENTS. Go read the whole thing.

With the recent repeated obtuseness of the Democrats and their tin ear for public outrage, I think we might have in Gray Davis a suitable running mate for Al Gore in 2004.

Damnit All Jam Master Jay

Damnit All

Jam Master Jay was shot and killed.

I am just dying for

I am just dying for Lilek’s Bleat tonight.

Will You Guys Now Fess

Will You Guys Now Fess Up That It Was A Rally?

Wellstone’s Campaign Chairman on the ‘memorial/pep rally’ that most Dems currently think was just A-OK.:

In the wake of the controversial memorial service for Sen. Paul Wellstone Tuesday, the head of the Wellstone campaign apologized Wednesday for the events sharply political tone.
“It was not our intent to inject that into the service,” campaign chairman Jeff Blodgett said of comments made at the Tuesday night ceremony. “I take responsibility for that and I deeply regret it.”

Blodgett said the event at the University of Minnesota was not scripted and the comments of individual speakers were not previewed. Organizers simply asked participants to speak from their hearts, he said.

“I regret if people took offense or were taken by surprise … We are a hurting bunch here,” Blodgett said, referring to campaign members sadness following the Eveleth plane crash that killed Wellstone, his wife, daughter, three aides and two pilots on Friday.

Here is what will happen in the next few days:

1.) The outright denials that anything was wrong with the event will taper off throughout the night and tomorrow.

2.) When the first poll comes out showing a tightening of the race, Dems will begin to concede- but only as Democrats can do. They will not admit at first that it was wrong or tasteless, just that they ‘understand’ how it could have been perceived that way.

3.) If, and only if, Coleman beats Mondale, the conventional wisdom (from Democrats) in 6 months will be that it was a terribly stupid and crass thing to do. Of course, those people saying that will be the same people who initally denied anything was wrong- they will just forget their original positions and act as if they were morally outraged all along.

4.) Nothing this tacky will happen again for a while. Or at least until the Dems are in another tight race and think they can get by with something this tacky again.

One final note. The McAuliffe “Win at All Costs”* kool-aid crowd will continue, regardless of the election outcome, to insist that nothing was wrong with the pep-rally. If they win, it will be business as usual. If Mondale loses the election, they will state that it was the apology I just linked that ‘played into the hands of the Republicans.’ Incapable of grasping the obvious, they will continue to sputter along, hateful, deluded, misguided, and spiteful, pausing only to piss on the electorate and to be fitted for new aluminum foil dunce caps. Remember, it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. They just never learn, thank goodness.

*** Update ***

In all fairness, I am sure there are some out there who were very close to Wellstone, acted decently, and are mortified by this. The Democrat leadership, and the mindless, soulless drones that serve as their mouthpieces and lackeys are not those people, however. They knew what they were doing. The fact that most every Democrat in a leadership position or with future leadership aspirations is now invoking the name of Wellstone in elections all over the country is a sure sign of the calculus involved here. Pigs. Here is the money quote:

Most neutral political observers say this emotional tide boosts Democratic prospects of holding Wellstone’s seat but is unlikely to have great political impact outside Minnesota. They suggested that party leaders were trying to create a “Wellstone factor” largely because their previous attempts to nationalize the election around economic issues have been unsuccessful.

* Originally I called them the McAullife loony left kool-aid crowd until a reader accurately reminded me that this crew of heathens does not believe in anything except for winning. Calling them the loony left is a slur the true left should not have to endure. My apologies.

Lautenberg/Forrester Debate I just watched

Lautenberg/Forrester Debate

I just watched the debate between Frank Lautenberg and Doug Forrester on C-Span, and I only pounded my table twice and only shot soda through my nose three times. It was a thoroughly ridiculous affair, and there is a reason Frank Lautenberg did not want to debate 20 times in 20 days- he would have had his bell rung (if he did not get lost on the way to the debates). If Frank Lautenberg were running against ANYONE anywhere in the country that had fewer than 60% Democrat registered voters, he would have about as much chance winning this election as I would becoming Miss USA (even if I shaved my legs).

I will try to break my review down into categories:

Overall Demeanor and Look

Forrester seemed slightly nervous, and he smiled too much. At times I felt like he looked like someone who was trying to sell me Amway products. He just seemed a little stiff and coached, but trying real hard to seem Senatorial. At his worst, he looked like an Emcee at a convention for aluminum siding salesman in Atlantic City. His speech pattern was equal parts syrupy and stilted. All I can remember about his clothing was that he had on a RED POWER TIE and he used too much shit in his hair- it looked like a little kid’s would when his mother had to hurry to get him ready for church.

Lautenberg had an odd symbiosis going for him. He looked partially like Mr. Burns, partially like your grandfather when he can’t find his slippers and is lashing out at grandma, the dog, or whoever conspired to take away the newspaper before he was done with the crossword puzzle. Quite frankly, Lautenberg has a face for radio and comes off as the guy yelling at you to get off his grass when all you want to do is get your ball. By comparison, Bob Dole is outright lively and charming. And Lautenberg is suffering the from early stages of dementia. Period. I forget what he was wearing because I couldn’t get past the size of his earlobes.


Forrester: Defense spending, intelligence gathering, missile defense, generally not being Lautenberg or Toricelli. I am the future.

Lautenberg: I’m a Democrat.


Forrester just looked canned, but he committed no verbal gaffe’s other than a sometimes stilted speech pattern. He also had to struggle really hard to keep the fake smile, because there were times that he almost broke down laughing at Lautenberg’s general buffoon-like behavior. At times, Forrester reminded me of the SNL skit when John Lovitz is playing Michael Dukakis debating Dana Carvey’s George Bush, and you see Lovitz with that silly grin thinking to himself, “I can’t believe I am losing to this guy.”

Lautenberg simply refused to answer any question (I honestly started to think he didn’t remember them after he got three to four words into his response). Period. He did however, manager to invoke the big three at every opportunity, regardless of relevance. Vote for Lautenberg, and you are in favor of abortion, social security, and you hate guns. Lautenberg did look exceptionally stupid when he was allowed to ask a question of Forrester. He accused Forrester of cheating people on some sort of insurance coverage and showed he had no understanding of business- when someone bids less than you they win the contract. Someone bid less than Forrester’s company, thus he did not get the contract. Therefore, no one was ‘cheated’ or ‘over-charged.’ He then showed he had no clue how the IRS works by claiming that if Forrester would release his personal income tax records, that would show his business dealings and how he was overcharging people. Forrester pointed out that none of that information is on income tax records and that Lautenberg himself had refused in all his years to release his tax records. I doubtthis will score any crossover votes for Forrester- how many Lautenberg voters file income taxes, or understand them, for that matter. To be completely fair, I really don’t know what the actual business dealings are, but that is how Forrester explained it, along with the fact that the lawsuits were politically motivated. I have to take him at his word, as Lautenberg was utterly incoherent.

The worst blunder of the night was when Lautenberg attempted to defend his attacks of the age of Rep. Millicent Fenwick when Lautenberg originally ran for Senate. He actually said that 72 was too old for a Freshman Senator, which to me sounded reasonable, until Forrester pointed out that ageism is wrong, and that Lautenberg, if elected, would be a 78 year old Freshman. Woops. Doubly stupid, which in Democrat circles is cause for promotion or a Nobel Prize (see Carter, Jimmy).

Most Disgusting Moments

Both go to Lautenberg. The first was for cravenly injecting Paul Wellstone into the debate (“I just came from the funeral of one of the best Senators ever, Paul -he stumbled on the name- Wwwellstone”), as if knowing a populist progressive liberal is a reason for an establishment boardroom Democrat to be elected (which, ironically, is Walter Mondale’s new campaign platform in 30 words or less).

The second point was in his closing remark when he called Forrester a coward (in so many words) for not serving in the military but being in favor of defense spending.


Forrester seemed canned, Lautenberg seemed mean, out of it, and not in control of himself or his thought processes.

My prediction is that Forrester will get a 3-4 point bump but still lose (this is New Jersey, after all). Then Lautenberg will resign and they will give it to a 40 year old. There is absolutely no chance in hell he will last all 6 years.

*** Update ***

The NY Times clearly saw the same debate I did, but they seemed to miss something. Oh yeah. The debate portion of it.

Here is another puff piece, complete with some NY Times doublespeak:

“I think we saw today that Frank Lautenberg has been out of circulation for a while and his debating skills needed a bit of honing,” said David Rebovich, a political science professor at Rider University.

Translation: The doddering fool was trounced, but we can’t tell the voters that, so we will mention it in passing.

If It Walks Like A

If It Walks Like A Duck:

This quote says it all about the non-partisan Wellstone ‘memorial’:

Still, he said he knew that the service became more than just a remembrance for the dead when he got a call from a reporter “who wanted some Republican response to the memorial.

“I said [to the reporter], ‘Do you realize what you just said?’ “

The he is Bill Walsh, the State GOP Deputy Executive Director. If it was not a blatant political rally, why would the press want partisan commentary?

There will be a backlash for this behavior, I predict.

We May Be Wrong, But

We May Be Wrong, But We Care More:

Over at the Daily Kos, the reaction tothe memorial has been, well, predictable. This is why Democrats and Republicans and Libertarians all fight- give us all the same damned thing, and we see something different. I will not budge that the ‘memorial was a nakedly craven political act orchestrated by Daschle and the DNC. Period.

When I was reading Kos’s write-up, I saw this money quote:

I shed more than a few tears tonight watching the memorial. It’s not often that liberals get to proudly wear their stripes in public. As Sen. Harkin spoke of helping those who can’t help themselves, the poor, the workers, the handicap — my wife turned to me and said “how can anybody be against those ideals?” It’s beyond me.

Therein lies the problem. NOBODY IS AGAINST HELPING THE POOR, THE WORKERS, OR THE HANDICAPPED. That is just an argument you have convinced yourself of, guys- that you and only you, and people to the left of you politically, of course, are the only people who care about the poor, the downtrodden, etc.

Telling, though. Wellstone’s memorial, and it’s all about Harkin. Snicker.

For the Terminally and Willfully

For the Terminally and Willfully Stupid:

For those of you who still refuse to recognize that last night’s Wellstone affair was a tasteless political rally and not a memorial service or celebration of life, here is this, from a conributer to the Vodkapundit’s commentary on the issue:

Eulogy for Wellstone
(Daschellus Caesar, Act III, Scene 2)

Friends, Democrats, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come not to bury Wellstone, but to endorse Mondale.
The elections that men win live after them;
The ones they lose are oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Wellstone.
Our party is nothing if not ambitious:
If it were to lose control of the Senate, would be a grievous fault,
And grievously Wellstone trailed in the polls.
Here, under leave of Clinton and the rest–
For Clinton is an honourable man;
Clinton, Kennedy, McAuliffe, Lautenberg;
So are they all, all honourable men (ha ha!)–
Let this not be Wellstone’s funeral.
He was my friend, faithful and just to me:
But internal polling data says he was going to lose;
And winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
No, therefore, let us rally for Mondale, his successor,
And bring him great victory.
He hath proposed the taxes greatly to increase
Whose ransoms will the general coffers fill:
When that the special interests have cried,
Mondale hath wept with them:
Is this not how the game is played?
Ambition should be made of stern stuff:
And, brother, are we ever ambitious;
Daschle is an honourable man.
You all did see that on C-SPAN
Jim Jeffords presented him a kingly crown,
Which he did did not refuse: now that is ambition, baby!
Yet Daschle says he is not ambitious (who doth he fool?);
And, sure, he is an honourable man.
I speak not to eulogize poor, dead Wellstone,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
You want to keep control of the Senate, right?
What cause withholds you then, to mourn for Wellstone
When you can be out working for a Mondale victory!
Bag the funeral and let’s have a rally!
My heart is not in the coffin there with Wellstone,
For I must vote early and often for Mondale.

(Apologies to the Immortal Bard)

by Michael Morley

More Than 200 Illegal Haitian

More Than 200 Illegal Haitian Migrants Run Ashore in Miami

Presumably, they want to come here to live and become U.S. citizens, which makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking.

Don’t they know that we have a brutal, tyrannical goverment whose President was ‘selected, not elected?’

Don’t they realize that that we are a country led by a unilateralist cowboy?

Don’t they realize that if they stay, there will be no way to support them, as this is the worst economy in fifty years??

Don’t they realize that even if they stay and live to old age, the Republicans will make sure they have no social security?

Don’t they realize that as blacks who are not members of the Congressional Black Caucus, any political particpation will be viewed as akin to being a plantation slave? Can’t they be plantation slaves in Haiti?

Don’t they realize our autocratic President is going to take all their civil liberties (as soon as they become citizens and earn them)?

Don’t they realize what a bad time it is to come here? Republicans might control all three branches of government, which would be terrible for “reproductive choice, the environment, civil liberties, Social Security and health care, as well as corporate accountability.”

Don’t they know Bush wants to put arsenic in the water? Don’t they have aresenic in Haiti, or something?

Don’t they know our President is trying to start a Nuclear War by creating National Missile Defense?

Don’t they know a vast right-wing conspiracy is assassinating Senators?

Don’t they know Bush is trying to pack the courts to take away their right to abortion?

Don’t they know they are just making Katherine Harris giddy, what with all these new black voters to disenfranchise? Are there even Haitian words for ‘butterfly ballot?’

Why the hell would they want to come here? You would think they would want to go someplace with more political and economic freedom. Like Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Or Iraq. I guess they just don’t get DNC press releases, Indymedia, the NY Times, or the Guardian in Haiti. To think they thought they had it bad there. Fools.

*** Update ***

The Minute Man, (aka Thomas Maguire), sends me this money quote from Edward Said in the UK Guardian:

No one could argue today that Afghanistan, even after the rout of the Taliban, is a much better and more secure place for its citizens.

I told you they didn’t read the Guardian in Haiti.

If One More Jackass Democrat

If One More Jackass

Democrat says it is in bad taste for the Coleman campaign to keep campaigning for their candidate until the funeral, I am going to go postal. This from the Democrats, who as early as Friday afternoon, before the bodies were cold, let alone retrieved and identified, were already floating trial balloons about a possible replacement.

This is how Democrats win elections- lie, cheat, steal, and turn off the public so much they don’t want to deal with politics- and then they get to do their bidding without any opposition or with friendly courts.

And if someone tells me they were not floating trial balloons on Friday, try this google search:


Lautenberg, Mondale- Has Anyone Seen

Lautenberg, Mondale- Has Anyone Seen Howard Metzenbaum Lately?

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amusing that the self-annointed party of diversity just loves old white guys who are as physically close to death as their ideas?

And Colin is an Uncle Tom.

Just A Thought (via Daily

Just A Thought (via Daily Kos)

If Mark Racicot and the RNC were to cut off funding under two weeks before an election to a black gubernatorial candidate in a predominantly Republican state, do you think Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Harry Belafonte and the rest of the race-baiters would sit quietly by? Or would this be a sign that there is simply no room for a black man in the Republican party?

I know what I think their reaction would be.

Intriguing Sniper Update So much

Intriguing Sniper Update

So much for bitching about the coverage- this at least is interesting. Go read it.

I Am Sick and Tired

I Am Sick and Tired of the Sniper Coverage

I know it is scary. I know it is awful. If I had my way, I would string him up myself. But will you stop the non-stop hypothesizing and shut up and let the authorities do their damned job? And enough with this damned white van bit. A car backfired today on my way to work and I saw five white vans. Hell, the sniper could be making his getaway on a yellow elephant and witnesses will be looking for white vans in the vicinity.

Whatever happened to Jon Bonet?

The Blind Leading the Stupid

The Blind Leading the Stupid

Hesiod reads three different analyses of the Bush/McBride debate, all of which portray McBride unfavorably, ranging from confused to bumbling. He even notes that the papers are hardly right-wing echo chambers, and then states this:

I still believe we ought to support McBride, and give him a fighting chance on election day. And, given the animosity many African American voters have for Jeb Bush, it’s likely that turnout in the community may be very high for an off-year election.

Who cares if my candidate is such a babbling fool that even a traditionally left press can’t conceal it? We have to support him because, because… Well, because he is a Democrat and his last name isn’t Bush. Yeah, yeah. That’s the ticket!

And you wonder why Democrats can’t operate voting machinery?

*** Update ***

Hes-idiot Responds:

Funny. I was thinking something very similar when dipshits like Cole went to the voting booth to cast their ballots for Dubyah.

I guess we’re even.

We’re not even. You’re still stupid.