I feel like death warmed

I feel like death warmed over. Do not expect a lot of postings today. Apparently there are two forms of the flu ravaging my campus- the first is the chest cold sinus one, the other involves vomiting and other unpleasantness involving a different orifice.

I have both.

Damian came through and showed

Damian came through and showed me how to post photos, and here is my tribute to our gold medal winning Canadian brethren:

IN a further attempt to

IN a further attempt to prove that they are a bunch of lawless twits who run the Olympics like a bunch of backdealing used car salesmen, the IOC has stripped several cross country skiiers of their gold medals for allegedly using a drug that IS NOT ON THE BANNED LIST OF SUBSTANCES. Yes, it may have similar properties, but it is not banned.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I am willing to bet they are the same people who run the EU.

Is it just me, or

Is it just me, or does Brian Linse have an uncanny resemblance (in both appearance and behavior) to Where’s Waldo. Rumor has it that he can be found infiltrating photographs at the Samizdata HQ. Several weeks ago he was in the West Coast Blog party photos? Coincidence?

CONGRATS to our northern neighbors

CONGRATS to our northern neighbors the Canadians for their sound defeat of the US in the gold medal game. This breaks a 50 year drought for the Canadians, and I am really happy for them.

I know some people have a little bet going, notably Damian and Pejman, but I just could not whip up the enthusiasm for the rivalry. For one thing, as a die-hard Penguins fan, how do I root against Mario Lemieux? Despite all of Jean Chretien’s attempts to make the Canadian government as obnoxious towards the US as the EU, I can not make an-us-them rivalry with Canada. it just isn’t there. When I think of the ‘Us’ in an us/them relationship, Canadians are on the Us side of the equation in my mind.

*** NOTE***

If Damian will teach me how to insert pictures, I will gladly fly the Canadian flag in their honor.

Fascinating new article in the

Fascinating new article in the the Economist about a new processor that is designed solely for digital photography.

Aaron Sorkin has nasty things

Aaron Sorkin has nasty things to say about President Bush in an upcoming New Yorker. No word yet if he was on mushrooms or coke at the time of the interview.

Newest google search to hit

Newest google search to hit this site:


Headline: Idiot Googles himself, Does

Headline: Idiot Googles himself, Does not like What he Finds, Rebuts Finding, Finds Himself Publicly Smacked Down Again.

Full story at Hawspipe.

Because our bloated government does

Because our bloated government does not make enough transfer payments already, CNN is reporting that the United States Government may begin paying ransom for kidnapped Americans, thus creating a lucrative Welfare program for terrorist thugs.

This, if true, is the worst idea I have ever heard from ANY administration, and will surely be followed by a rapid increase in the number of Americans kidnapped throughout the world.

The only payment I would make to foreign kidnappers is in the form of a 30 cent 5.56 round from a smoking M-16.

*** Update ***

A reader notes that I technically incorrect when I call paying kidnappers a Welfare program. Were it a true Welfare program, the terrorist would have to do nothing for their money (see aid to Egypt). In this case, they will at least be doing something.

William Quick has a wonderful

William Quick has a wonderful message from Teddy Roosevelt to Chris Patten and the rest of the Eurocrats.

Also a must read is the new piece by Mark Steyn. Mark Steyn is all class, and he quotes the Instapundit. I can not wait for Steyn’s website.

Ted Barlow has found the

Ted Barlow has found the Elizabeth Wurtzel cartoon from Suck. It is here.

A tidy little explanation of

A tidy little explanation of the shrinking budget surplus that I found from a neat little site called Ipse Dixit.

Elizabeth Wurtzel takes a drubbing

Elizabeth Wurtzel takes a drubbing from both the mainstream press and virtually every blogger for her disgusting interview. The much deserved drubbings may be found at these links with my favorite quote, in alphabetical order:

A Dog’s Life: My feelings are adequately summed up by the title of her second book.

Andrew Sullivan: It doesn’t get any Wurtzel.

Daily Pundit: I think you should join some group that involves wet-sheet restraints and allosaurus-sized doses of your favorite drug.

Daimnation: Wurtzel wrote her second book, Bitch, while snorting crushed Ritalin pills. That explains a lot.

Ken Layne: Sure, Ms. Jackass. Too bad there’s not much need for spoiled, whining little girls when we’re at War. Oh, it’s so post-post-modern and all. Thousands of people being killed … yawn, what does that have to do about me? I had a prescription! Don’t I matter?

Midwest Conservative Journal: Jus an introduction to Chris’s regularly appearing feature, And Now… Idiots with the coment: Perhaps the most mind-boggling Idiot that has ever been featured in this category.

New York Post: Despite numerous frantic phone calls to her Greenwich Street apartment, not far from the World Trade Center, the emotionally stunted scribe couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed until the second plane crashed, reports the Toronto Globe and Mail. When she finally did drag herself to a window and saw the towers collapse, Wurtzel says, “I had not the slightest emotional reaction. I thought, ‘This is a really strange art project.’ ” Then her windows blew in and airplane chunks landed on her roof.

The Opinion Journal: No comments really, just inclusion in their Stupidity Watch.

Ted Barlow: Ted is actually asking for help so we can berate Wurtzel more. If you can locate this cartoon, let us know.
There was a great cartoon in Suck a few years ago which had Wurtzel begging her mom to sleep with her so that she’d have something to write about. I wish I could find it.

If I have missed anyone, let me know and I will update. I hope she googles herself.

Juan Gato on Michael Moore.

Juan Gato on Michael Moore. I saw the fat loudmouth on O’Reilly last night (twice- insomnia again) and wanted to comment, but he is just so tiresome I did not have the energy to attack him. This rant will suffice. Thanks for the heads up Vodkapundit.