If there was ever a

If there was ever a question that Congress’s attitude was that they pass laws for other people (meaning us, the peasant class), listen to John Dingell whining about having to remove his trousers because the STEEL BRACE around his knee was setting off the alarms.

“I complied, but tried to do it with some small bit of dignity,” Dingell said, adding that afterward he couldn’t help seething to his wife, “Woman, do you realize what they made me do?” He added: “It seems to me that there was some incompetence involved here.”

After considering Dingell’s track record in Congress, his dignity seems to be something that is difficult to hurt anymore, but at least he perceives he was wronged. Dingell then called Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta, whose chief lackey stated “The secretary got ahold of Mr. Dingell and told him he is appalled.”

Why is he appalled? The screeners were doing their job, and I am not sure at this time if Dingell was his usual loud obnoxious self when it was announced that screeners are going to be required to have high school degrees.

Dingell recounted: “I said, ‘Norm, I’m not asking for an apology. And I know we don’t want any more events like September 11th. I don’t want any special treatment. I don’t want to be treated any better than anyone else, but I don’t want to be treated any worse either.’ “

If he doesn’t want special treatment, he should shut up and suffer the indignities that the rest of us are going through in the name of security. Norm Mineta’s number is not on my speed dial.

Tim Blair updates the ‘Paki’

Tim Blair updates the ‘Paki’ scandal, which, as it turns out, is not a scandal at all.

Also, thanks to the mention by the folks at HappyFunPundit. Yes, this is a new site, and I will see how long it lasts. I already need to do some serious template updating, and my layout is just wretched. And no, I was not thinking of the other balloon juice (nor had I ever thought of it in that way). My title has been now amended so as to avoid confusion.

Phew… Maybe it is just

Phew… Maybe it is just Gail Collins on mushrooms or something. My sense of order has been restored. Bob Herbert wants us to get to the post post-9/11 era quick so he can start attacking Giuliani again.

For the second time in

For the second time in a week, the NY Times has an editorial criticizing Democrats. This has had more than a slight effect on my understanding of the world, and for some reason I feel as if I am in some alternate universe (remember bizarro Seinfeld?). I am going to hop over to the Washington Times andthe Free Republic to search for editorials praising Clinton and Daschle.

Haven’t seen this online anywhere

Haven’t seen this online anywhere yet, so I thought I would mention it. On the televisin news this evening, it was gleefully noted by the MSNBC crew that Bush referred to the Pakistanis as “Paki’s,” which is apparently a derogatory term for Pakistanis. No doubt this will be fuel for the fire for the ‘Bush is an idiot crew.’

At any rate, “paki” seems to be slightly less derogatory to my ears than ‘The Great Satan,” as we are affectionately called in those oil-rich sinkholes a couple thousand miles to the east.

One of the first things

One of the first things I noticed when I started to read all ofthese blogs was that I no longer feel the need to have the tv running on CNN, MSNBC, or FOX 24/7. Bloggers are funnier, faster, and wiser. At any rate, I still watch some shows while I am working, and I would like to nominate this gem as the Best Question by a Telepundit for the Year 2002.

At any rate, last Thursday or Friday, Mike Barnicle was filling in for Chris Matthews, and he asked Alon Pinkas to “explain to me the difference between Osama bin Laden and Yasser Arafat besides height.”

I could not have said it better myself, Mike.

I guess I did not

I guess I did not miss the debate. Today Will Quick discusses blogs and Fair Use, something I was babbling about in my usual incoherent manner the other day (yesterday??).

Jima Romanesko points out this

Jima Romanesko points out this conversation in which it appears that some people are initmidated by Donald Rumsfeld. And, no. It is not the Taliban.

Rich Galen is up to

Rich Galen is up to his usual antics: providing plausible explanations to things I normally am to lazy to understand.

Moira Breenand Damian Penny trade

Moira Breenand Damian Penny trade salvos about Newfoundland.

I can personally attest that at least one segment of their economy is working- telemarketing. Capital One has called me from a Newfoundland extension three times in the last two days.

Little Green Footballs posts one way how to best employ telemarketers.

Quote of the Day: Anything

Quote of the Day:

Anything that makes your mother cry is fun.

P.J. O’Rourke

Something else bizarre. When I

Something else bizarre. When I click on the permanent link of older posts (older is a relative term- in this case from five days ago), it takes me back to when my page was the other names it has been, which is odd.

I have got to figure

I have got to figure out why I am only allowed to post a certain number of column inches before it cuts me off. Really annoying have to write in word, then post in reverse order pieces of one thing so it appears on the right order on the blog.

The Washington Post doesn’t get

The Washington Post doesn’t get it. In an editorial today discussing the the Daschle/Bush weekend speeches they state:

The real allegation, which Mr. Bush did not parry because he cannot, is that the tax cuts have pushed the federal budget from surplus back into deficit, thereby squeezing the government’s ability to beef up military spending and homeland defense while taking care of the nation’s other needs — notably, the long-term shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare and the immediate gaps in health insurance for more than 40 million Americans.

Bush can parry this. Quite easily.

A.) The tax cuts have not taken place and have not caused the recession, much to the consternation of Daschle and WaPo.
B.) The tax cuts are not actually taking monies recieved, and then giving them to people in the same fashion as the ridiculously sized transfer payments we call social security and welfare and farm aid, etc. Instead, a tax cut is reducing the amount of money you will take in the future. Decreasing taxes is not causing a net loss in goverment monies. It is just creating a situation in which there is less future net gain by the government. Some might say that is the same thing, I would disagree.
C.) Daschle et al. love to glibly state that they showed fiscal responsibility during the Clinton years, when they were actually in the minority and it was a Republican House and Senate that passed those bills (which, sorry vast right-wingers- were not actually fiscally responsible- they were ENORMOUS growths in the budget every year, something you ‘fiscal conservatives’ should be exceptionally embarassed about).
D.) If the government can not afford to pay for ‘the nation’s other needs ,’ it seems to me they should spend less in non-critical areas. When I have a budget shortfall in my personal life, I do not have the option of going to my boss and forcing him to pay me more. I spend less.

Just watched A knight’s Tale,

Just watched A knight’s Tale, which means it is time for a Ten Second Movie Review:

A Knight’s Tale Medieval people seldom bathed. Bad guys wear black armor. Heralds are effeminate and frequently found naked. Chicks dug Heath Ledger back then too.

Off to go finish Being There by Jerzy Kosinski while watching the last Sunday Night NFL game of the season.