Trent Lott, Moron Look. You

Trent Lott, Moron

Look. You won a close election. The voters trusted you on National Security. Is this the only man who could possibly be able to fill this judicial slot, or do you just want to poke the Democrats wounds and fire up their base?

A spokesman for Senator Trent Lott, the Mississippi Republican who will become majority leader next year, said the administration would also renominate Charles W. Pickering Sr., the other Bush candidate defeated outright during the Democrats’ period of control.

“Senator Lott fully intends to bring up Judge Pickering’s nomination again next year,” said Ron Bonjean, his spokesman. Judge Pickering, a federal trial judge in Mississippi, was also rejected on a party-line vote for a seat on the Fifth Circuit.

I kind of like the title ‘Outgoing Majority Leader Daschle,’ almost as much as I like the title ‘Minority Leader Daschle.’ Apparently Trent Lott does not. When all else fails, consult Forrest Gump:

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

*** UPDATE ***

I am getting a lot of flack for this. Let me clear the air:

I think what the Dems did was wrong. However, they have spent the last two years whipping up hysteria about conservatives packing thew courts. Independent voters last week did not voter for Republicans for a renewed culture wars. All Lott is doing right now, by TALKING about judges is giving the Dems ammo. Can;t this wait a couple of months? Can’t he at least actually be Majority leader for a day before this talk starts? Or does he just want to provide the Dems with ammo so that they can shoot him in the back?

The Most Important Document In

The Most Important Document In America

That no one is talking about.

Paging NOW AS MORE than

Paging NOW

AS MORE than 80 young women arrived amid great fanfare in the Nigerian capital to take part in the Miss World contest, an illiterate 31-year-old woman sat in a stark room a few miles away contemplating a very different fate. Amina Lawal has been sentenced to death by stoning.

Isn’t this an issue that the National Organization for Women should be on like ugly on an ape? You would think so, but other than a press release, not a peep from the NOW gang, as they have much more heady issues to tackle. Weighty, deep issues, with much more urgency, like:

Trying to force Augusta National to admit womyn members.

Combatting the Bush/Cheney “weapon of mass distraction” by stepping up voter mobilization for 2004.

Promoting accurate and diverse portrayals of womyn and girls in the media.

Keeping on top of judicial nominations.

A full plate, indeed. The tragic thing is that NOW will probably spend more time and energy fighting the swimsuit portion of the Miss World contest than they will fighting for Amina Lawal. Maybe if they just pretend that Miss Lawal is a fetus, they can then live with themselves.

Congrats. (via the Blogfather)

Congrats. (via the Blogfather)

Who Was Politicizing Homeland Security?

Who Was Politicizing Homeland Security?


Dems claim Bush is politicizing Homeland Security.

Dems get it handed to them in the election, in part because voters think Republicans are better on National Security issues.

Homeland Security, as the President wanted it, appears close to passage.

Again, who was playing politics?

*** Update ***

A reader asks why I say only Democrats were playing politics. I say this, because this is what Bush and company have wanted from the get-go. Dems, if they were acting on principle and not because of polls, would continue their opposition. Changing your position because you lost an election is not standing on principle.

Bin Laden May Not be

Bin Laden May Not be Dead

But we can still hope. And if he is not, this is not a failure on Buhs’s part. He has never claimed he was dead, and he has continued to prosecute the war on terror as if he were still alive. Remember, it was Daschle, in an attempt to keep Bush from proclaiming any success, who wanted to claim that success would be defined as a dead bin Laden. Not Bush.

Daschle said the United States must find ex-Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and Osama bin Laden and other leaders of the al-Qaida terrorist network, “or we will have failed.”

Fine, Mr. Daschle. You have failed. Bush never claimed, however, that this was a condition of victory, and Bush is the one who has continuously stated that the war on terror was going to last a long time.

Reality Check This is Censorship.

Reality Check

This is Censorship.

Cancelling a poetry reading by Tom Paulin, someone whose views are beyond the pale, is not.

There is a difference between telling someone you can’t say something and telling them we would rather not fund your opinions or provide you with a forum to espouse your idiocy.

Blog Pr0n

Blog Pr0n

Football I am still reeling


I am still reeling from the way the Steelers managed to snatch a tie from the jaws of victory against the Falcons on Sunday. Trent Lott and Democrats, you could learn something from this- When you play to not lose, you might just get what you ask for.

I also need some input from everyone. Why is it than when a team gets called for a false start, the official does the hand signal for fales start, and then states:

“Prior to the snap, false start, offense.”

Is there such a thing as a post snap false start? I thought only the offense could false start. Why don;t they just do the hand signal, and then say, “False Start, # 64, five-yard penalty?”

Hunh? Russia’s media expressed has


Russia’s media expressed has shock over a remark by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Russia-EU summit in which he urged a Western reporter asking about the war in Chechnya to come to Moscow and “get circumcised”.

Clearly something has to have been lost in the translation.

“But if you are prepared to become the most radical Islamist and prepared to get circumcised – I invite you to Moscow.

“We have specialists that deal with this problem. I suggest that you do such an operation that nothing grows out of you again,” Mr Putin reportedly said.

Again, hunh? Kinda makes you wish you could listen in on a Bush/Putin conversation. But just out of caution, I am staying the hell out of Moscow.

R.I.P.- The term ‘Chickenhawk.’

R.I.P.- The term ‘Chickenhawk.’

Republicans and Abortion Apparently Trent

Republicans and Abortion

Apparently Trent Lott is dumber than I think he is. Starting this culture wars crap is one way to alienate me, and I will make Barbra Streisand seem reasonable by comparison.

Now Will You Admit It

Now Will You Admit It Was a Pep Rally?

And that it had an impact on the election?

As they meet, DFL pollster Paul Harstad is completing an overnight survey. Harstad finds that 73 percent of those interviewed agree that the memorial service went overboard — and 52 percent agree strongly. Furthermore, they are taking it out on Mondale.

Why Should I Have To

Why Should I Have To Pay For This Crap?

Bill Moyers, in all his glory:

Way back in the 1950’s when I first tasted politics and journalism, Republicans briefly controlled the White House and Congress. With the exception of Joseph McCarthy and his vicious ilk, they were a reasonable lot, presided over by that giant war hero, Dwight Eisenhower, who was conservative by temperament and moderate in the use of power.

That brand of Republican is gone. And for the first time in the memory of anyone alive, the entire federal government the Congress, the Executive, the Judiciary is united behind a right-wing agenda for which George W. Bush believes he now has a mandate.

Too bad they didn’t have computers back then, and we could find out what Moyers really thought about Eisenhower. This is my favorite piece of propoganda from Moyers:

It includes using the taxing power to transfer wealth from working people to the rich.

I guess I don’t understand transfer payments and the tax structure. What are the rich transferring from the poor and the working? Dirt?

Do the Vermont State Police know that Moyers is still drinking?

Iraq war ‘could kill 500,000’

Iraq war ‘could kill 500,000’

A war against Iraq could kill half a million people, warns a new report by medical experts – and most would be civilians.

The report claims as many as 260,000 could die in the conflict and its three-month aftermath, with a further 200,000 at risk in the longer term from famine and disease. A civil war in Iraq could add another 20,000 deaths.

And the man who can save all of those lives, by submitting honestly to the will of the free world and allowing inspections, is Saddam Hussein. I am betting the authors had someone else in mind.