Novak on Crossfire

If what Novak has said on Crossfire is true, it appears there will be a whole lot of Democrats eating crow. Although, in all likelihood, they will not be as concerned with the ‘facts’ should they vindicate all members of the White House, to include Bush. Then, the story will change to cover-up, or the Bush cabal pressuring the Justice Department or muzzling the CIA.

Democrat Hyperventilating

There are a lot of things to be angry about the Plame affair, if it turns out that senior white house officials are outing voert CIA agents. I will wait for the investigation before I make any real statements, but I must point out that the liberal hyperventilating is getting amusing.

Please, guys- there are a number of things that you can say about the Plame affair- but the one that just makes me giggle is the assertion that the ‘President just doesn’t care.’

Perp Walk

If Josh Marshall is right about the CIA being convinced White House officials blew the cover of Valerie Plame out of retribution, it is indeed time for a perp walk.

The War On Your Neighbor

Nothing infuriates me more than the abuse/misuse of legislation:

The Bush administration, which calls the USA Patriot Act perhaps its most essential tool in fighting terrorists, has begun using the law with increasing frequency in many criminal investigations that have little or no connection to terrorism.

The government is using its expanded authority under the far-reaching law to investigate suspected drug traffickers, white-collar criminals, blackmailers, child pornographers, money launderers, spies and even corrupt foreign leaders, federal officials said.

Sure, the Patriot Act was pased to fight terror and wassn’t just a prosecutorial power grab. Assholes.

Look At Me, Look At Me!

Apparently two of the Democrats campaigning for President never had civics classes:

Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean called on Friday for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to resign, citing a “pattern of deception” in his statements on Iraq and a failure to plan for the postwar period.
Dean is the second Democratic candidate for the 2004 presidential nomination to seek Rumsfeld’s resignation as critics of the Bush administration turn up the heat on the Pentagon amid continued violence in Iraq.

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry called on Thursday for Rumsfeld to step down, saying he proceeded in Iraq “in an arrogant, inappropriate way that has frankly put America at jeopardy.”

Hey guys- You have to get elected President and THEN you get to choose who the cabinet officers are.

Seriously, though. The best thing about this election is that the Democrats are frantically out of power. They don’t control the House. They don’t control the Senate. They don’t control the White House. They are ABSOLUTELY frothing at the mouth desperate. Then you add to that the fact that there are TEN candidates running, and what it boils down to is that they will say or do ANYTHING to get noticed.

I expect, because of these conditions, Democrats are going to say and do some of the most outrageous things ever seen in an election. Should be fun- didn’t you enjoy the circular firing squad debate the other day?

Media Bias, Cont.

I can’t wait for the villifciation of this guy as nothing more than a right wing hack:

Auxiliary Bishop Andraos Abouna of Baghdad said he believed media were running a propaganda campaign to discredit the American-led coalition that ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and now runs Iraq.

Bishop Abouna, a Chaldean Catholic, told the Catholic Herald in London that the situation in Iraq is steadily improving rather than descending into a morass resembling the Vietnam War, as often depicted by media outlets.

“It’s getting better but still there are many problems,” Bishop Abouna said. “The first problem is that they need security, then they need water and electricity — and all these things are getting better.”

“The media are exaggerating a lot of things. They should be realistic about the situation in Iraq. Newspapers and television are saying a lot of things that aren’t true. When they go there they can see everything (is changing),” he said.

Liar- it is a quagmire! The left and RW Apple said so! Bush is a warmongerer! We are losing! Vote Dean!

Oh No, Not Again

Charles Krauthammer is busy crushing Teddy Chappaquiddick’s dissent:

“There was no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud.”

— Sen. Edward Kennedy

The Democrats have long been unhinged by this president. They could bear his (Florida-induced) illegitimacy as long as he was weak and seemingly transitional. But when post-9/11 he became a consequential president — reinventing American foreign policy and dominating the political scene — they lost it.

Kennedy’s statement marks a new stage in losing it: transition to derangement…

Politically, the war promised nothing but downside. There was no great popular pressure to go to war. Indeed, millions took to the streets to demonstrate against it, both at home and abroad. Bush launched the war nonetheless, in spite of the political jeopardy to which it exposed him, for the simple reason that he believed, as did Tony Blair, that it had to be done.

You can say he made a misjudgment. You can say he picked the wrong enemy. You can say almost anything about this war, but to say that he fought it for political advantage is absurd. The possibilities for disaster were real and many: house-to-house combat in Baghdad, thousands of possible casualties, a chemical attack on our troops (which is why they were ordered into those dangerously bulky and hot protective suits on the road to Baghdad). We were expecting oil fires, terrorist attacks and all manner of calamities. This is a way to boost political ratings?

Whatever your (and history’s) verdict on the war, it is undeniable that it was an act of singular presidential leadership. And more than that, it was an act of political courage. George Bush wagered his presidency on a war he thought necessary for national security — a war that could very obviously and very easily have been his political undoing. And it might yet be.

To accuse Bush of going to war for political advantage is not just disgraceful. It so flies in the face of the facts that it can only be said to be unhinged from reality. Kennedy’s rant reflects the Democrats’ blinding Bush-hatred, and marks its passage from partisanship to pathology.

Talk about dry drunks…

This Sucks


One of the most interesting people on the planet has died:

George Plimpton, the self-deprecating author of “Paper Lion” and other sporting adventures and a patron to Philip Roth, Jack Kerouac and countless other writers, has died. He was 76.

Plimpton died Thursday night at his Manhattan apartment, his longtime friend, restaurateur Elaine Kaufman, said Friday. She had no information on the cause.

…He boxed with Archie Moore, pitched to Willie Mays and performed as a trapeze artist for the Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus. He acted in numerous films, including “Reds” and “Good Will Hunting.” He even appeared in an episode of “The Simpsons,” playing a professor who runs a spelling bee.

…In “Paper Lion,” he documented his time training with the Detroit Lions in 1963. Allowed briefly to play quarterback, he remembered the crowd cheering as he left the field after a series of mishaps.

“I thought about the applause afterward. Some of it was, perhaps, in appreciation of the lunacy of my participation and for the fortitude it took to do it,” he wrote, “but most of it, even if subconscious, I decided was in relief that I had done as badly as I had.

“It verified the assumption that the average fan would have about an amateur blundering into the brutal world of professional football. He would get slaughtered. … The outsider did not belong, and there was comfort in that being proved.”

His other books included “Bogey Man,” “Out of My League” and “Shadow Box.” Plimpton could also take credit for at least one memorable fictional character: Sidd Finch, a baseball pitcher of unprecedented gifts (168 mph fastball) and unlikely background (reared in the mountains of Tibet) portrayed so vividly by Plimpton in a 1985 Sports Illustrated article that many believed he existed.

Everyone knows that heaven is the bleacher seats. Cya there, George.

Bill O’Atrios

Atrios is channeling Bill O’Reilly, and the results are pretty damn funny. Now if everyone would stop pretending that O’Reilly was a conservative.

Absurd Post of the Day

Oliver puts up the dumbest post I have seen in a long time:

For months we’ve been told that drawing a line between Halliburton and their giant contracts in Iraq and Vice President is sheer follly. C’mon, there’s no connection, he divested himself long ago.


Cheney may still have Halliburton ties

The report says that the deferred compensation that Cheney receives from Halliburton as well as the more than 433,000 stock options he possesses “is considered among the ‘ties’ retained in or ‘linkages to former employers’ that may ‘represent a continuing financial interest’ in those employers which makes them potential conflicts of interest.”

“As this C.R.S. report shows,” Lautenberg said, “The ethics standards for financial disclosure is clear. Vice President Cheney has a financial interest in Halliburton.”

Your vice president holds a total of $10,711,991.76 in his blood money at market close today.

Let’s not even get into Oliver and Frank Lautenberg’s misrepresentation of what this deferred compensation is. Let’s instead dive into Oliver’s comments, where he unloads this doozy in response to my asking him if anyone with Halliburton stock has ‘blood money’ on their hands:

No, John, someone who has sway over the military and can influence how they are used to gain personal profit is a war profiteer.

So, according to ‘moderate’ Democrat Oliver Willis, this WAS a war for oil and reconstruction bids. ‘Like Kryptonite for Stupid’ is Oliver’s slogan. More like a magnet than kyrptonite, if this is how he really thinks.

*** Update ***

Since Oliver still insists on calling Cheney a war profiteer, here are some articles which explain what the situation is. Byron York explains the situation best.

The Smears Continue

The ‘smears’ against General Clark continue. The other day, Gen. Hugh Shelton stated he would not vote for Clark. Now, in an obvious smear, Drudge is using Clark’s own words against him:

Democratic presidential hopeful General Wesley Clark offered lavish praise for the Bush Administration and its key players in a speech to Republicans — just two years ago, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal!

During extended remarks delivered at the Pulaski County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 11, 2001, General Clark declared: “And I’m very glad we’ve got the great team in office, men like Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice… people I know very well – our president George W. Bush. We need them there.”

A video of Clark making the comments has surfaced, DRUDGE can reveal.

That ought to play well with the base, which is composed of rabid Bush haters. Then there is this story:

Presidential front-runner Gen. Wesley Clark blew a gasket while attending a conference in California several years ago, throwing a temper tantrum so ugly that it “had to be seen to be believed,” according to one eyewitness.

The account of Clark’s meltdown comes from WABC Radio’s Monica Crowley, who attended the event and personally witnessed the future presidential candidate in full hissy-fit mode.

“At the end of the conference, everybody was sort of leaving the hotel and checking out at the same time,” Crowley told her audience Wednesday night.

“Clark proceeded to throw a fit that had to be seen to be believed – something about how his luggage was being handled,” she explained.

Crowley said Clark was so “abusive, condescending and mean” to the hotel staff that the conference organizer later felt compelled to apologize on his behalf.

The left’s race to embrace their very model of a modern major general is looking funnier and funnier. Do they even vet their candidates? “Look- he’s a general and a democrat- nominate him!” I wonder what shoe will drop today.

Debasing the Debate

Democrats are fond of claiming that the rhetoric of the right is degrading the national debate, yet they manage to overlook their hideous and childish behavior. Whether it is Al Franken dropping numerous F-bombs at a Dean rally, Gephardt calling the President a miserable failure, the personal animosity and level of vitriol has hit an all-time high (low?). But really, they just dislike his policies:

“To insinuate that I would get rid of Medicare is wrong, it’s not helpful and we need to remember that the enemy here is George Bush, not each other.” – Howard Dean at the Democrat Debate


Line of the Night

John Stewart, on the Daily Show, stated that the debate between Arnold and Arianna sounded like “a fistfight between Zsa Zsa Gabor and Col. Klink.”

Byrd and the Constitution

Apparently Byrd and the Democrats are trying to rewrite the Constitution again. With the help of a spineless Republican majority, Democrats have successfully changed the ‘advise and consent’ aspect of the judicial confirmation process into a 60 vote requirement from a simple majority, now he wants the requirement of a popular mandate to appropriations bills:

SEN. ROBERT BYRD: Secretary Rumsfeld, where is the mandate from the American people to carry out the reconstruction of Iraq? Who has set the parameters for how extensive this nation- building effort should be? And when did the American people give their assent?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Thank you, Senator Byrd. The answer to your question is that in our constitutional process, the president came to the Congress, as we all know; sought a resolution, received a resolution. He recognizes that under Article I of the Constitution, the Congress controls the purse strings, and therefore, he has made this request to the Congress. And certainly the deliberations that we’re currently engaged in…

SEN. ROBERT BYRD: But where is the mandate from the American people to carry out the reconstruction of Iraq and to Democratize that government?

DONALD RUMSFELD: The goal for the United States is not to stay there– or for the coalition. It’s to turn that country back over to the Iraqi people, which is, as Ambassador Bremer pointed out, a seven-point plan to do that through a constitution and elections, and then passing of sovereignty at a pace as rapidly as is reasonable.

SEN. ROBERT BYRD: But still I haven’t had an answer to my question as to where the mandate comes from the American people. The American people have never been told that we’re going into that country to build a new nation, to build a new government, to democratize the country and to democratize the Middle East. The American people haven’t been told that. They were told we were going in there because of weapons of mass destruction.

The man is a walking joke, and you can tell his colleagues on the right hold him in utter contempt while his colleagues on the left are simply terrified he is going to embarass them all again.

BTW- Bill Hobbs reminds us of the bait and switch some on the left are now trying to pull regarding the debate to go to war with Iraq.

Another Good One

Another good column from Friedman. Take note Democrats- he brought up legitimate criticisms and managed to do so without calling Bush the ‘worst President ever” or referring to him as ‘Shrub’ or ‘Bushitler.’