Drudge Kills Me

Gotta love Drudge. North Korea is saber-rattling and pulling out of the NNT, and Drudge’s headline is, in big bold letters:


You Have to BE Kidding Me

I read this editorial in the NY Times, and I was shocked. You mean to tell me, that in 2003, we don’t videotape confessions? It should be mandatory. If anyone can come up with a reason why it shouldn’t be, I am all ears.

The Socialism of Fools

Tony Blair appears to have set himself his toughest task yet. Neither reforming public services nor maintaining economic stability compares in difficulty to the mission he took on yesterday. For a Labour politician to confront anti-Americanism is to set himself up in opposition to the dominant ideology of the contemporary Left.
Knocking America off its superpower pedestal has long supplanted taking control of the commanding heights of the economy as the idea which holds the Left together. Forget Clause Four. That was a dead red letter. Its opposition to Uncle Sam which is the glue in the Left coalition, the brew which puts fire into bien-pensant bellies, the opium of radical intellectuals. And the crack in Osama bin Ladens pipe.

And I thought all the anti-Americanism stemmed from our failure to build adequate day-care facilities in the third world. Silly me.

Here is a money quote for you:

It should not therefore be surprising that those on the populist Right who share the Lefts antipathy towards the US are those, like the Austrian Freedom Party or the French National Front, who are heirs of anti-Semitic traditions. Nor should it be remarkable that the other tie which binds these allies of new Left and old Right together, the thread linking those such as George Galloway and Jrg Haider, is their hostility to Israel.

Both America and Israel were founded by peoples who were refugees from prejudice in Europe. Europes tragedy is that prejudice has been given new life, in antipathy to both those states.

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Jane Galt has an interesting

Jane Galt has an interesting post on Asymmetrical Information. Make sure you check out the comments.

Holywood Fools, Pt. 87464

Phew. I was just wondering what Martin Scorcese thought about the Iraqi unpleasantness.

Greenhouse Gasses

Senators McCain and Lieberman have introduced legislation to curb global warming and the emission of greenhouse gasses. Both state they will not pimp and posture for every microphone and camera in sight for the next year, thus dramatically reducing the amount of hot air produced by the country.

Who Are You Going to Believe, My Spin, or My Reporting?

The odious left continues their smear of all Republicans as racist, and this one is a peach. Read Dave Niewart’s post (of course via Atrios, who seems to have amassed a network of bottom-feeders):

Here’s an excerpt from from an interview Matt Hale gave a columnist for the Greenwich Village Gazette Aug. 8, 2000:

The caller also told me that he was now leaning toward Bush and that his victory in November would give him and the white-supremacist movement “cause for celebration and hope.”

The man calling himself Mr. Hale told me that he was persuaded by Bush after watching both party conventions this summer.

“The conventions left me with the impression that the Democrats actually mean it when they say they want a diverse tent and the Republicans are like ‘OK, this is a way to get some votes so let’s go throw bait to the blacks.’ So they trot out their yard (N-word) for show and dress them better than black democrats could ever dream of.”

Bush was endorsed by Hale, David Duke and Don Black of Stormfront. This is not to imply that Bush is racist. Rather, it is clear that he makes enough gestures that are interpreted by extremists as sympathetic to gain their votes.

BOLD ITALICS= Niewart, Italics = Village Voice Gazette

Hey Niewart? Who did Pol Pot favor? How about Osama- did he watch the conventions? Who do you think he wanted? He seemed to be doing o.k. under Clinton/Gore, so maybe Gore could have put off enough gestures to let him think he would be able to get away with a couple more embassy bombings. What about Hussein? Did he want Gore or Bush? Fill me in, please.

This is the kind of absurd shit that once again gets chalked up in the “Why I Won’t Vote For Democrats” category. The mere notion that Bush is sending code words, or gestures to white supremacist groups is absolutely absurd. Funny how they could only be understood by twerps like Hale and morons who want to try to make something about it (Niewart, anyone?). What was the signal? Is it because Colin Powell is more of a light-skinned black? Fill us in, Mr. Hale and Mr. Niewart.

And don’t you love the weasel words- he searches for a quote from Hale in a back-issue of the Village Voice Gazette (how many of you had that one handy?), implying CLEARLY that Bush is employing code words and gestures to woo racists and supremacists, and then tries to deny what he is actually stating.

You get the foam brick the next time I see you on MSNBC, Niewart.

Cops With Knives

Cops With Knives

Misha found this gem:

A Detroit police officer with a knife cut off the finger of a 45-year-old woman he was trying to handcuff in a parking lot on 8 Mile.

Great. Go read Misha’s entire take.

This is Your Brain. This is your Brain on Arianna Huffington.

From the Cannabis News, this dandy little description of Arianna Huffington’s latest anti-SUV ad campaign.

Patterned after the commercials that try to discourage drug use by suggesting that profits from illegal drugs go to terrorists, the new commercials say that money for gas needed for S.U.V.’s goes to terrorists.

“This is George,” a girl’s voice says of an oblivious man at a gas station. “This is the gas that George bought for his S.U.V.” The screen then shows a map of the Middle East. “These are the countries where the executives bought the oil that made the gas that George bought for his S.U.V.” The picture switches to a scene of armed terrorists in a desert. “And these are the terrorists who get money from those countries every time George fills up his S.U.V.”

A second commercial depicts a series of ordinary Americans saying things like: “I helped hijack an airplane”; “I gave money to a terrorist training camp in a foreign country”; “What if I need to go off-road?”

At the close, the screen is filled with the words: “What is your S.U.V. doing to our national security?”

Hey Arianna? What are your thoughts on drilling in ANWR? Oh, against it.

Look- Oil is an issue that needs to be treated seriously. I do not like our dependence on foreign oil for a number of reasons. I wish there was another way to heat my house, get to the grocery store, etc. But until there is a real renewable resource that works, oil is here to stay. Deal with it. And quit carping on people for their choice in vehicle. IF you were really serious about saving oil, you would quit trying to guilt people who drive their SUV’s with stupid campaigns invoking terrorism and Jesus. This creates nothing but enemies. Domestic ones.

*** Update ***

Alex Knapp at Heretical Ideas has more.

What’s Next, The Dick Armey Dance-A-Thon?

Former Congressman Bob Barr (R, GA) may be doing more to defend yourcivil liberties than anyone currently in Congress. Check out this op-ed on Minority Report and the Virginia Temperance Nazi’s Police:

In last year’s mega-hit movie “Minority Report,” starring Tom Cruise in a mid-21st-century sci-fi thriller, D.C. police identify persons who have not yet committed a crime, but who, based on premonition evidence are going to commit a crime, and then swoop in and arrest these pre-criminals before they can carry out their dastardly deeds.
A fine movie; I saw it and liked it. Well, it isn’t even 2054 (the year in which the movie is set), and already, Washington-area police in this case, Fairfax County, Va.’s finest are taking the movie to heart, and putting it into practice now.
Seems the local constabularies are getting bored actually waiting for crimes to be committed, and then, based on actual evidence, practicing good police work and arresting the perpetrators.
The gendarmes are going into local area bars undercover, waiting for patrons to imbibe what might possibly be too much inside the bar, forcing them outside for a mandatory blood-alcohol content test and, if they fail, citing them. In some instances, eschewing the boredom of operating undercover, they are charging in with full, SWAT regalia, and pulling patrons outside the bar. All this with no evidence whatsoever the poor souls enjoying a drink at the local pub were going to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive under the influence.

Read the whole thing.

Worst Post on Daily Kos

Kos has been busy with the Political State Report, so Billmon and Steve Soto have been filling in, doing a decent job. Until today. Check out this crap winner from Billmon:

White Supremacist Matt Hale was arrested in Chicago Tuesday allegedly for soliciting the murder of a United States District Court judge.

The East Peoria leader of the World Church of the Creator was at the federal courthouse in Chicago to appear at a contempt of court hearing on an infrigment lawsuit. Federal agents arrested him when he entered the building.

This is most unfortunate, as I understand the Republican Senate was looking for a new chaplain.


The italics is from the news story, the bold is Billmon’s obnoxious musing.

Get it? Subtle, hunh? Republicans look to white supremacists for spiritual guidance. Funny, hunh?

By that logic, I guess because H. Rap Brown sided with many Democrats, the Senate Democrats are all cop-killers.

Because Fidel Castro likes a single-payer health care system, all Senate Democrats who like that idea must be communists.

Grow up, folks.

One Year Anniversary

I guess I missed my blogiversary or whatever it is called. It was last week. Yay for me!

What? No Love For George?

Republicans were described as showing “crass indifference” when unemployment benefits were not extended before the Christmas recess, despite the President’s urging.

Today, however, when Congress passes the legislation as demanded by President Bush, Democrats had this to say:

“Frankly, it’s the least they can do,” said Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House Democratic minority leader.

No thanks, just a ‘f— y–‘ from the left. Hey Nancy- Those are, in part, my tax dollars. You are welcome.

It is going to be a long congressional session, marked by lots of high-pitched squealing from the Democrats. In other words, it should be fun.

Paging Yogi Berra

My Governor, Bob Wise, discussing the need to streamline state government to make it more efficient, during his State of the State Address:

” It’s not a question of if we change. The only issue is how and when. I say now..”

Yogi Berra was spotted weeping openly in the audience.

My other favorite Wise quote from tonight:

Some may say step back — we say move forward.

And you do the hokie pokie…

Governor Wise did have one really interesting proposal which just goes to show how far the internet has come, and again, shows where we are going in the future:

Last year, we condensed the budget and the bills to two tiny compact discs and gave them to each member on the first day. We’ve made it a tradition. This year, we’re going a step further:

The executive budget, and my legislative proposals are being transferred as I speak to your email accounts. They also being delivered electronically to the press, to state agencies and many citizens — and we’re saving a ton of paper and printing and postage costs in the process.

Good. An outstanding use of technology that no one should be against (now watch the idiots print them out on ther government computers- ruining the whole purpose).

Where Are the Osbourne’s?

LOS ANGELES(AP) – A gunman who apparently believed his neighbors were demons shot to death a 67-year-old man and critically injured his son before surrendering, police said.
The man was arrested Monday evening after a three-hour standoff at a North Hollywood home.

Does anyone know where Ozzy Osbourne and his son are, and if so, are they in good health?