Must See

A photo essay on Portland architecture, by Michael J. Totten.

Goodbye, Saint Patrick

Like him or not, you can not deny his greatness:

Colorado’s Patrick Roy is retiring, ending the 18-year career of one of the greatest goaltenders in NHL history. Patrick Roy didn’t leave with another Cup, but he will retire with the most NHL victories.

Roy will make the announcement at a 2 p.m. ET news conference Wednesday, team spokesman Jean Martineau said.

A four-time Stanley Cup champion, Roy is the NHL’s career leader in victories with 551 and games played with 1,029. He also is the career leader in playoff victories, games played and shutouts.

The Trillion Dollar Question

Kevin Drum asks the trillion dollar question:

Of course, Sullivan joins the chorus of those who say that they like tax cuts, honest they do, but what they really want is to cut spending. Fine. Let’s hear what you want to cut. And remember, for bonus points you have to include some programs that you yourself benefit from.)

So have at it, folks- post your cuts here and at Kevin’s site.

I’ll start with farm subsidies and anything involving ethanol, Amtrak (which I benefit from- I will have to drive to Chicago to visit my brother from now on, or fly), the Postal Service, the NEA (I donate to NPR- the rest of you bums should too), and the miscellaneous corporate welfare that take billions from the federal treasury. Add in all the ridiculous pork projects (Robert Byrd, anyone), and the silly outdated programs like the Mohair subsidies that we hear about frequently. I would be willing to hear debates on NASA. There you go, now add yours.

*** Update ***

The 2004 budget can be found here.

This Should Be Interesting

The title of this movie alone should create some buzz:

Michael Moore Hates America.

I don’t know if he hates America (I can list quite a few Americans he loathes), but a title like this is bound to mean that even those who normally find Moore distatsteful will rise to hs defense. At any rate, I will suspend judgement until I see the movie. I will be content if all they do is go through and document anmd expose his lies, so that people will quit pretending Moore has something to add to the political discussion. He is a fraud and a con-artist, albeit a good one.

(Via Right We Are)

More Unhinged Left Behavior

Matt at a Fearful Symmetry writes about the goings on at Florida State University when they appoint a moderate to head the Women’s Center. An amusing read that anyone who has ever been on a college campus will enjoy. Here is a money quote that will set the stage for the whole read:

Before the student body president’s administration moved to choose its own director for the Women’s Center, they approached the Women’s Center about hosting more mainstream events like a “breaking the glass ceiling”-style workshop. They were rebuffed by the left-liberals in charge, who said, and I’m quoting my source here — “If we held events like that, it would promote capitalism, and capitalism is bad for women.” Unbelievable.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to believe.

Where is the UN?

Gary Farber and Matt Yglesias are right. The UN should be doing more about this, and we should be backing action:

IN THE chocolate waters of the Congo river, a mutilated corpse rolls by. The rebels’ minister for children shivers. How is he going to explain this to the horrified UN peace envoys from the capital, Kinshasa, who are at that moment stepping on to the quay to meet him? Not by telling the truth, obviously, which was that his rebel group had slaughtered 150 people in the town of Kisangani on May 14th-15th, then pitched their disembowelled bodies into the river with stones crammed into their bellies. Instead, he smiles, accepts the envoys’ offerings of food aid, and talks chummily of other things.

Over the past four years, Congo’s war has claimed more lives than any other. The International Rescue Committee, an American aid agency, says that by the middle of last year, 2.5m people had died because of the war in eastern Congo alone. Some were shot or hacked to death; many more succumbed to starvation or disease as nine national armies and a shifting throng of rebel groups pillaged their country. By now, the death toll is probably over 3m, although this is the roughest of estimates. As one UN worker puts it: Congo is so green, you don’t even see the graves.

Please spare me the “What do we do after we stop the genocide- do we nation-build?” arguments. Stopping genocide and slaughter of innocents seems to me to be an admirable goal in itself. And Farber is additionally correct- every blogger should be linking to these stories, working to create a groundswell. We don’t make things happen, but we can sure give issues momentum (ask Trent Lott).

*** Update ***

Nick Kristoff has some suggestions.

Fabulous News on the Environment

This is wunderbar:

The computer system used by the Environmental Protection Agency to track and control water pollution is obsolete, full of faulty data and does not take into account thousands of significant pollution sources, according to a new government report.

Efforts to modernize the program have been mismanaged for several years, said the report, issued last week by the E.P.A.’s inspector general. While the cost to fix the problem has been soaring, the amount of money dedicated to the project has been shrinking. The new system was supposed to come online this month, but because of its many problems it will be at least three years before the agency and the states can properly manage the enormous system of permits that is the basic tool for enforcing the Clean Water Act.

How long before this is Bush’s fault? At any rate, faulty equipment means we have been under-estimating or over-estimating threats for years now- essentially, this report makes it appear as if we have been flying blind. Not good.

The Dailypundit Has Returned

The title says it all. Mr. Quick is back from his hiatus.

*** Update ***

As has Gary Farber of Amygdalphabet fame.

Happy Memorial Day



Terrorist Activity

My brother reports to me that the overpasses in the DC/Maryland are packed with digital screens relaying the message to all concerned citizens that they should “Report all suspicious terrorist activity.”

Non-suspicious terrorist activity is to be ignored, apparently.

Suspicious Activity

What is going on onboard the USS Nassau?:

A U.S. Navy vessel experienced no loss of life during months of action in the Persian Gulf, but as it returned to the United States on Monday, one sailor was missing and another presumed dead.

A ship search on the USS Nassau continued Monday for Petty Officer 1st Class Shaun Dale, after a sea and air search the day before turned up no clues as to his whereabouts. He was first reported missing from a Sunday morning roll call on the Nassau , an amphibious assault ship with a crew of nearly 1,000.


They better go back to the drawing board, because this dog doesn’t hunt:

THE US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a death camp, with its own death row and execution chamber.

Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving its boundaries, without a jury and without right of appeal, The Mail on Sunday newspaper reported yesterday.

The plans were revealed by Major-General Geoffrey Miller, who is in charge of 680 suspects from 43 countries, including two Australians.

The suspects have been held at Camp Delta on Cuba without charge for 18 months.

General Miller said building a death row was one plan. Another was to have a permanent jail, with possibly an execution chamber.

This is a pretty appalling idea.


Commenters in this post have spoken and one in particulalr threw out a name I think fits, so from now on, I have decided that when an individual (usually a Democrat) brings up the topic of Election 2000, the thread has officially been “Gorejacked.” Gorejacking works very much like Godwin’s Law– in that whoever brings up the election 2000 is generally regarded to have lost the argument, and the thread is now declared null and void. Much like borking, Godwin’s law, and the Higgins Manoeurve, we hope you find room in your heart for this new term.

Proper Usage:

Main Entry: Gorejack (verb)
Pronunciation: (g0r ‘jak)

Definition: To inject or invoke the results of the contested Bush/Gore 2000 election into any discussion of politics, political parties, or any other historical or social issue. Usually this will be used to demonstrate the genuine corruptness of either Democrats or Republicans. Whoever Gorejacks a conversation is assumed to have lost the argument, and the conversation is no longer useful.


This is not an administration that intends to allow something as feeble as the democratic process get in the way of their intent to rule on a perpetual basis. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Bush simply refuse to leave office, either if defeated in 2004, or when his term (according to that little thing, the Constitution) expires in 2008. After all, consider the Bushites reaction to potential electoral defeat in 2000; their response was to simply stop the counting of votes.

The Gorejacking in the previous passage has been bolded for easy detection. Note the hysterical and conspiratorial tone of the post- this is a good first sign that a thread is about to be Gorejacked.


Much to my surprise, the University of Virginia defeated Johns Hopkins today in the NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse Championship. After watching Hopkins rip Syracuse in the second half of the semi-final game, I was convinced no one would beat Hopkins.

Congrats Cavaliers.