More Calls For Gorelick’s Resignation

This from James Sensenbrenner:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-Wis.) released the following statement:

“Yesterday, a 1995 memo written by 9/11 Commission Member Jamie Gorelick, in her former role as the second in command at the Justice Department, revealed her actions in establishing the heightened ‘wall’ prohibiting the sharing of intelligence information and criminal information. Scrutiny of this policy lies at the heart of the Commission’s work. Ms. Gorelick has an inherent conflict of interest as the author of this memo and as a government official at the center of the events in questions. Thus, I believe the Commission’s work and independence will be fatally damaged by the continued participation of Ms. Gorelick as a Commissioner. Reluctantly, I have come to the conclusion that Ms. Gorelick should resign from this Commission.

“The Commission’s Guidelines on Recusals state, ‘Commissioners and staff will recuse themselves from investigating work they performed in prior government service.’ Commissioner Gorelick’s memo directing a policy that ‘go[es] beyond what is legally required’ indicates that her judgment and actions as the Deputy Attorney General in the Reno Justice Department are very much in question before the Commission. Indeed Attorney General Ashcroft called this DOJ policy, ‘the single greatest structural cause for September 11 … [and] embraced flawed legal reasoning.’ Commissioner Gorelick is in the unfair position of trying to address the key issue before the Commission when her own actions are central to the events at issue. The public cannot help but ask legitimate questions about her motives.

In a related vein, the usual suspects (check the comments- the meme will spread and I will find it later when it catches on) are already spinning the Gorelick memo as ‘nothing more than codifying already existing policy.’

Fine- I am glad the Democrats are now on record admitting that their first response after the WTC bombings in 1993 was to work to codify a policy that makes pre-emption of terrorist attacks more difficult. I am glad they have decided to go on record with that gem.

I Am Curious

How are the usual suspects going to tell me this is bad news:

The U.S. trade deficit narrowed in February as a combination of the weak U.S. dollar and stronger economic growth propelled both exports and imports to record levels, a government report showed on Wednesday.

The February trade gap totaled $42.1 billion, down more than 3 percent from January and slightly below analysts’ pre-report expectations of $42.5 billion.

U.S. exports leapt four percent — the highest monthly increase since October 1996 — to a record $92.4 billion, while imports rose 1.6 percent to a record $134.5 billion.

The politically sensitive trade gap with China fell nearly 28 percent in February as imports from that country slipped to $11.3 billion, the lowest level in nearly a year, and exports to China rose 17 percent to $3.0 billion.

The lower dollar appeared to help all categories of exports, as shipments of industrial supplies and materials and autos and auto parts both set records. Exports of consumer goods were only slightly below the record set in November and exports of capital goods, such as aircraft and industrial machines, were the highest since May 2001.

Exports of services, which include travel, also set a record.

Meanwhile, the surging U.S. economy sucked in record agricultural and industrial imports, while auto and auto parts imports had their second best showing.

Poor, Underfunded Democrats

Hey Big Spender:

Returning to the host city of the Democratic convention with his party’s nomination under his belt, Senator John F. Kerry last night presided over the largest political fund-raiser in Massachusetts history and offered some red meat from his trail speech for a hometown audience.

“We’re not just here tonight to raise money,” Kerry told a crowd of 3,300 gathered in a ballroom at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, a group that collectively raised $4 million for Kerry’s campaign and $1 million for the Democratic National Committee. “We’re here to mark the beginning of the end of the Bush administration.”

As I have stated numerous times before– those poor, underfunded Democrats.

Go now and give to Bush/Cheney 2004.

The Clenis Award

Today’s Award for injecting Bill Clinton into an argument for no reason whatsoever goes to Matt Yglesias, who willfully and intentionally conflates the numerous Gorelick conflict of interest stories with right wing angst about Bill Clinton. Sayeth the Prospect’s newest protege:

I’m given to understand from several testy rightwing bloggers concerned that liberals have paid insufficient attention to the incident that John Ashcroft gave Democratic 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick the what-for yesterday over her involvement while at the DOJ in erecting the “wall” that made it hard for the FBI to share information properly with other agencies. If so, good for him.

One of the difficulties I think a lot of people on the right have in grasping what’s going on at the 9/11 Commission is that Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. I have no interest — not even a partisan interest — in denying that Clinton and his appointees messed up in a variety of ways. Not even a partisan interest, let me say again, because Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. My interest as a patriotic American is purely in bringing the facts to light so we can make changes for the better. My partisan interest is, especially, in bringing to light facts that reflect poorly on George W. Bush and his appointees — the various ways in which they disimproved on the inadequate Clinton-era set-up.

So, again, Bill Clinton not running for president.

We agree with one premise- Bill Clinton is not running for President. Which leads me to wonder why Matt would inject him into a conversation about national security policies- other than a blatantly transparent attempt to shift all legitimate criticisms of Gorelick’s role in creating the security mess into a pile of hubris masquerading as relentless right-wing hatred of Clinton- which, I must note, is exactly like the “Anyone But Bush” animus currently held by the Democrats.

At any rate, and Matt knows this, but George Bush IS running for President. Matt and the other Democrats have had a field day in the last few months trying pin responsibility of 9/11 on Bush’s incompetence. When it comes to light that one of the most partisan members of the Commission that the Democrats are using as a baton to beat Bush over the head is a principle actor in creating the mess that helped to hinder Bush and our intelligence agencies from stopping 9/11, it is a very legitimate avenue of inquiry and outrage.

See Matt- it isn’t about Clinton at all- and you know it. An artful dodge on your part, worthy of a Blumenthal or Begala, but one that has not gone unnoticed.

Gone, and Forgotten

Burnplant joins Jadegold as banned. The stink was getting to me, but the kicker was when I accused him of knowing nothing, and he proceeded to state (in an idiotic defense of Gore vidal, of all people):

Unlike you, Gore Vidal was a soldier in our American Army.

It is then clear how little he knows about anything- to include this site. Heya Burnplant- see that Milblogs icon? Think deep for a second.

Look Folks- If all you are going to do is come here, insult me and other people, while having no idea who you are even talking to, what you are talking about, and taking not one minute to even investigate the opinions and ideas of other people, well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


Shorter 9/11 Commission

Mike Hendrix is trying to help you save some time with this shorter 9/11 Commission.

What A Surprise

Gail Collins and her lackeys didn’t like Bush’s press conference. I am shocked.

I wonder if they wrote it before the conference even happened like the folks at the WaPo.

A Quick Quiz

I didn’t see the press conference, but I read some blogger write-ups. It has inspired me to write this short quiz.

Q: Who should apologize for 9/11?

If your answer is anything other than “Osama and the people who slammed the planes into the building,” you are an idiot.

*** Update ***

As Jeff Jarvis (and Hanks inthe comments here note:

Just amazing that the reporters keep harping on wanting Bush to say that he made a “mistake” or “failed” or should “apologize.”

Jeesh, do they think this is Oprah and they’re all Dr. Phil?


The Scrambling You Now Here

Is Democrats updating their Anyuone But Bush talking points, because on Hardball a moment ago, two 9/11 commission members, Ben Veniste and Thompson, both agreed that it was nonsense for Democrats to try to hang 9/11 on Bush, particularly in light of the much bally-hooed August 6th PDB.

Ben Veniste called Condi Rice “prescient,” both agreed that the memo was “junk,” the shoddy circumstances under which it was created was “frightening,” and that the only NEW information in the memo turned out to be wrong.

Meaning, for all you slow-witted readers outthere, that the document was, as repeatedly stated by the President and Rice, historical.

Screw ‘Em

A television image aired on an Arabic television station April 10, 2004 shows a U.S. hostage who Qatar-based Al Jazeera television said identified himself as Thomas Hamill in front of an Iraqi flag.

Friends and neighbors of Thomas Hamill, a Mississippi civilian taken hostage in Iraq gathered Sunday, April 11, 2004, for a vigil outside the Noxubee County Courthouse, many wearing yellow ribbons and scrawling notes of support for his family after a morning deadline imposed by his abductors passed.

Thomas Hamill, a kidnapped American in Iraq, and his friends and family who are praying for his release. Hammill is by all accounts a decent American and an employee of Kellogg, Brown & Root subsidiary of Halliburton Co, and was captured while providing security for a convoy.

Or, in the minds of some, a war profiteer and the patrons of his bloody largesse. Kos, no stranger to obscene remarks, has this to say today about Mr. Hammill and his employer:

This is the same company that gouged the US military in Iraq for fuel supplies. Cheney is directly profiting from a war profiteering company.

Screw ’em, right?

One of these days Democrats are going to have to live with their words.

And, btw- can someone go take the time to explain to Kos why Cheney is still getting deferred payments from Halliburton. I am sure he has been told 500 times before and still wants to make partisan hay about nothing, so please use small words so he understands. I am tired of dealing with Kos and his scummy friends and apologizers. And by scummy friends, I mean you, Jeff Seeman, and you, Richard Morrison, two candidates for the House of Representatives who seem to like Kos’s rhetoric.

Oliver- Is This Sourced Well Enough For You?

In front of the country and everyone else, Janet Reno again confirmed that Clarke’s book and testimony is full of it. Remember where he stated that the Millenium Plot was foiled because of his and the Clinton administration’s activity- you know- the activity that was denied by the agents responsible for the capture of Ressam. The alert and call to battle stations that there is no record of? Reno confirmed this again:

ROEMER: My time has just about run out. Just to clarify one point then. You think the decision made by the guard on the border to get Ressam coming into our country to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport then was somehow related to the frenetic…


ROEMER: … active activity of the principals meeting?

RENO: No. I think she did that — I mean, I think that was just good police work, and it was a lucky break for us.

Is the public record of the 9/11 Commission sourcing enough, Oliver?


With all that has been revealed about Gorelick’s involvement in creating the mess (here is a .pdf of the memo), it is certain that the calls for Gorelick to step down will increase.

Kudos to Dwight Meredith, who predicted a mess similar to this months ago.

BTW- Just in case someone wants to know, it is with an immense amount of pleasure that I openly gloat about this partisan hack getting a taste of her own medicine. I have no intention of pretending to be fair after the nonsense the Democrats have pulled in the last few weeks.

Another Bigot Eruption

This time from the Daily Kos, calling Colin Powell an “Uncle Tom.” Again.

I am sure there is an innocent excuse…

This May Shock Some

But Jesse makes sense (to a degree- before he starts hurling grenades again) on this one.

I personally do not care what the new Miss USA thinks about Iraq, anymore than I care what Barbra Streisand or Alec Baldwin think about Iraq. In fact, after watching the Q&A portion of the contest, I would make a firm argument that conservatives and pro-war partisans could find a better spokesman for why the War in Iraq is a good thing.


Janet Reno does not inspire confidence.