When Racism is Acceptable

When is blatant racism acceptable?* When it is used by a liberal as a ‘rhetorical ploy:’

ROOTS CANAL: Colin Powell dances for his massah.

I’m sorry, but any shred of dignity or integrity Colin Powell may have had is now long gone. His continuing Stepin’ Fetchit routine on behalf of the Cheney/Rumsfeld administration is outrageous and embarrassing.H

How humiliating. Any man in Powell’s position with the slightest shred of pride or self-respect would have resigned a long time ago.

When called on this overty offensive and blatantly racist statement, he replies with this tortured logic:

UPDATE: Some people are criticizing this post as en egregious example of “race baiting.” I disagree. It’s an attempt to light a fire under people’s butts by using incendiary rhetoric. I am not arguing that Powell is acting like a compliant Uncle Tom BECAUSE he’s black, and that’s just the way black people act. Quite the opposite. It’s demeaning for a man of his stature and reputation to be put forward by this administration and to dance for the cameras, and lie about pre-war Iraq intelligence.

Fortunately, Oliver Willis and Tacitus treat this bile seriously, because I was merely going to turn it into a game for my readers. Like, for example, see how many cotradictory thoughts you can find in Hesiod’s post in 30 seconds. Or, count the number of different ways this is racist (I found 3 in no time).

* General Disclaimer for moonbats and others who plague the comments section- Racism is never acceptable, and no, I don’t think liberals and Democrats are racist. Quite the opposite, which is why Hesiod’s post is so breathtakingingly offensive.

Balloon Juice Endorsed

Check out my latest endorsement:

This blog used to be an interesting place to see a sane right-wing perspective, but it has degenerated into useless partisan frothing, devoid of sense or support. I’ve moved on to tacitus.org, and I sincerely recommend that you do the same.

I’m insane- devoid of sense, and frothingly partisan! Now that is what I call an endorsement! You might ask- what brought on this critique?

Well, in a nutshell- I discussed Howard Dean, and did not keep my discussion to only glowingly positive descriptions of the candidate. Not that I dissed him- just that I noted that what is propelling his candidacy is anger of the far left- the people who run the Democrastic nominating process. And guess what- even though the media may be new to this idea, I have been stating it all along. From the Balloon Juice archives, 23 May 2003:

Dean seems to have a shot because he is strident and angry, and he appeals to the fringe elements of the Democrat party who are just bitter and angry. That counts, for now.

Dean’s performance so far has been a mixture of half-truths, outright lies, appeals to anger, distortions of the actual record, and general foolishness including his daily backtracking on a previously issued statement. I don’t see it getting much better.

If, after all, God had wanted Dean elected- he wouldn’t have made Dean so unelectable.

Democrat Debate

Who schedules these debates? Let’s see- 60 Minutes, the Simpsons, NFL Playoffs, and the People’s Choice awards. Let’s watch 9 people sputter instead!

Seriously- I watched about 3 minutes, and from what I saw, I declare Bush the winner.

Another Planet

If you ever thought to yourself that some members of the east coast establishment media and all of California really might be an alternate universe to the one in which you reside, check out this syrupy piece on illegal immigration:

Imagine America without illegal immigrants, the people who flip the burgers, clean the toilets, watch the kids and send their children to public schools.

Would the grass be greener?

I clean my own toilet. I flip my own burgers.** If I had any, I would send my own children off to school. Your argument in favor illegal immigration does nothing but convince me that you are a spoiled snob who relies on others to take care of you. Bugger off.

**- Speaking of flipping burgers- Franklin Farms vegetable burgers are so awful that they taste bad with cheese and mayonnaise. Stick to Boca burgers.

Steyn Online

Mark Steyn discussing the Morons on Parade Nine Dwarves, and in particular, Dean. This bit about Kerry is priceless:

ohn Kerry is the tall, aloof Vietnam veteran who enjoys saying that George W. Bush went into Iraq without a plan. Au contraire, Kerry went into New Hampshire without a plan. Hes been here longer than the Third Infantry Divisions been in Iraq and hes bogged down in a Vietnam-style quagmire without an exit strategy, surrounded by a local population thats increasingly hostile. Well, okay, increasingly indifferent. His principal contribution to the campaign is that hes the only candidate to use the f-word on the record, in reference to the President f-ing things up. He likes to draw attention to the fact that he has the same initials as another patrician Massachusetts Democrat: JFK. Few of us knew what Kerrys F stood for, but it turns out it stands for J F**K and not, as Id assumed, John Finishing-school Kerry (he went to one in Switzerland).

I can’t wait to see Dean in the general election. BTW- Steyn’s diagnosis of the Dean-anger shtick is about as spot-on as I have seen:

Either because hes a doctor or the son of Park Avenue toffs, Dean was always arrogant as governor of Vermont. But he was never quite so steamed as he is these days. Whether consciously or not, he seemed to figure out that the shrewdest way to tap into the Democrats anti-Bush anger was by using anti-war anger as a cover. Let me expand on that: whether or not most Dems are genuinely anti-war is neither here nor there. What matters is that theyre genuinely anti-Bush, and an anti-war position is the least insane garb to dress it up in. It would be hard to do all that Bush is Hitler!!!! stuff over his No Child Left Behind Education Act or his prescription-drug plan for seniors: the Dems would come over as even loopier than they already do. Thus, an anti-war anger is necessary to license their anti-Bush anger. Dean understood that.

Really though- it is his policies- that is why they hate Chimpy McHitler!


Interesting things in the desert:

It was confirmed that three dozen 120mm Iraqi mortar shells, found yesterday by Danish troops, contained Mustard gas. This is a blistering agent first used during World War I (1914-1918). Iraq developed production technology for mustard gas in the 1970s, began producing it in large quantities in 1981 and first used it in combat against Iran in 1983. Nearly 3,000 tons of Mustard were produced by Iraq during the 1980s, and over 20,000 Iranians and Iraqis were injured by it. The Danish troops found the shells south of Baghdad, buried in the desert and wrapped in plastic. Some of the shells were leaking. It was estimated that the shells had been there at least ten years. Iraq agreed to get rid of it’s chemical weapons in 1991, but delayed compliance throughout the 1990s.

What else is buried out there?

Twisted Logic

The Paul O’Neill ‘tell-all’ book and interview has created some inspired thinking by the Calpundit:

BETTER DUCK AND COVER, PAUL….Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill isn’t finished with his, um, unkind remarks about George Bush, remarks that we all get to hear and see tomorrow on 60 Minutes. But then there’s this:

O’Neill, who was asked to resign because of his opposition to the tax cut, says he doesn’t think his tell-all account in this book will be attacked by his former employers as sour grapes. “I will be really disappointed if [the White House] reacts that way,” he tells Stahl. “I can’t imagine that I am going to be attacked for telling the truth.”

He’s got to be kidding. After all this time is he really that clueless about the kind of people he’s dealing with?

How did a naif like him get so rich, anyway?

Neat-O! In other words, everything O’Neill says is true, automatically, and any attempts by anyone in the administration to state otherwise is evidence of the ‘kind of people he’s dealing with.’

No mention of whether O’Neill’s ‘cluelessness’ is only towards the subjects Kevin knows best, or infects all of his perspectives.

I guess I should view this falling out in a new light:

In a nonstop round of interviews, George has been hit with scathing criticism. On NBC, Katie Couric asked him how it felt to be called a “turncoat” whose take on the President was “kind of creepy.” Over at CBS, Mark McEwen said the author was being called a “backstabber” and an “ingrate.” On CNN former Clinton adviser Mandy Grunwald noted that if the President hadn’t given George the “opportunity of a lifetime,” George might still be a Capitol Hill aide, not a “multimillion-dollar book writer and commentator” (inside the White House make that “commentraitor”). And James Carville says Washington has become The Truman Show, broadcasting Clinton’s private life in something approaching real time.

If I inhale the California ether and use the Calpundit’s standards- everything bad Stephanopoulos stated in the book is true, and that all of these attacks from the Clinton White House is evidence of the type of people we were dealing with.


I Made The News!

It has been pointed out that I made the bigtime, being mentioned in the Toledo Blade and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette by Jack Kelly. Kinda cool. The Post Gazette is the local paper I read most, so this is extra cool.

As an added bonus, Kelly, as he usually does, gets the story right.

The Failing Democratic Memory

Remember the recession we were slipping into, the crashing stock market, the declining Matt Yglesias doesn’t in yet another thread discussing whether Bush is the worst President ever:

It seems to me that the badness of George W. Bush is at least 70 percent a matter of lost opportunities. The nineties boom dealt him a strong hand on fiscal policy as did 9/11 in its way on foreign policy, and he’s played both very poorly.

Everything was rosy- he had it all on a platter, and he just squandered it… Alex Knapp has more.

More Evidence to Mute the ‘Bush Lied’ Crowd

This should give pause to some in the ‘Bush Lied- People Died!’ crowd, but it probably will be ignored just like everything else is ignored in the jihad against Bush:

Former US president Bill Clinton said in October during a visit to Portugal that he was convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction up until the fall of Saddam Hussein, Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso said.

“When Clinton was here recently he told me he was absolutely convinced, given his years in the White House and the access to privileged information which he had, that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction until the end of the Saddam regime,” he said in an interview with Portuguese cable news channel SIC Noticias.

This isn’t that shocking, and not really a revelation, because everyone thought Hussein had WMD. But wait, there is more:

An influential Washington think-tank said the Bush administration “systematically” inflated the threat from Iraq’s weapons programs in a bid to strengthen its push for military action against Iraq last year.

In its report, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace also said it was unlikely that Iraq could have destroyed, hidden or moved out of the country hundreds of weapons of mass destruction without Washington detecting some sign of activity.

In other words- Bush lied- or maybe he didn’t. Wonder which part of this report the Bush/Hitler crowd will latch onto? At any rate, if they insist on claiming that Bush lied- you should casually point out that their heroes- Clinton, the UN, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, and the rest of the International Community aqlso lied about Saddam possessing WMD.

Of course- we know it is ok for Clinton to lie. Just depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.

The Mad How Kool-Aid

Read here for a run-down of Howard Dean’s gaffes:

Mad Howard’s frantic, peptic rise to top dog in the Democratic pack exhibits similar symptoms, from his “unsteady” (retracted) crack about rebel flags to his hideous conspiratorial “hint” that President Bush knew in advance of 9-11, to his demand we deal with the Soviet Union (it’s Russia now, Howard), to his huff that America is no safer with Saddam Hussein incarcerated, followed by his startling revelation that Job is his favorite book in the New Testament.

Imagine the monthlong jihad Maureen Dowd and other smirky national press pooh-bahs would have waged had Bush done a similar job on Job.

Read here, where Oliver Willis fails to note that they were actually gaffe’s, and sees a conspiracy:

People like myself, especially after the poll-tested fiasco of the 2002 election find it reassuring that a Democrat will say what needs to be said about Team Bush. On the other hand, the media, GOP and establishment Dems are salivating at painting Dean into a “gaffe” box and his straight-talker style doesn’t help.

Here is Dean’s latest:

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, trying to limit the fallout from negative comments he made four years ago, said Friday he “really didn’t understand the Iowa caucuses” when he said they were dominated by extremist special interests.

“I wouldn’t be where I am without the Iowa caucuses,” said Dean, who leads in polls but is facing a strong challenge by rival Dick Gephardt.

Dean has not addressed his 2000 comments, made on a Canadian program, but said if elected he would press for Iowa to be the first contest of the 2008 campaign.

There appear to be a lot of things Dean doesn’t know anything about.

Thieving Bastiches!

This latest ‘scandal’ is a real hoot:

Robert Novak, nationally known political commentator, has drawn criticism from all corners of South Dakota for racially charged remarks he made Tuesday on CNN’s nationally broadcast program, “Crossfire.”

“In 2002, (Republican candidate John) Thune would have been elected to the state’s other Senate seat, but the election was stolen by stuffing ballot boxes on Indian reservations. Now, Tom Daschle may have to pay for that theft,” Novak said in an exchange with Democratic operative James Carville.

Carville called the statement “really out there” and said American Indians are “very patriotic Americans.”

“Has Thune said that the Native Americans are election thieves?” Carville asked.

Novak replied, “No, I said it.”

On Thursday, three people demanded Novak apologize. They are state Democratic Party chairwoman Judy Olson Duhamel of Rapid City, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Chairman Mike Jandreau and Frank LaMere, treasurer of a political action committee.

Maybe he shoujld have just called them gas station attendants– then no one would care. Whoops. Wrong Indians. More importantly, though- is Novak is a Republican and a white male.

Speaking of Hillary and her gas attendant flap- did you see her apology. Reminded me what I hated about the Clintons:

“It was a lame attempt at humor and I am very sorry that it might have been interpreted in a way that causes stress to anyone.”

She’s not sorry she said something patently racist. She’s just sorry that you are so blockheaded that you didn’t see it as a joke. How dare you interpret it that way!

One of These Days, To the Moon, Alice, To The Moon!

Color me unimpressed:

President Bush will announce plans next week to send Americans to Mars and establish a permanent human presence on the moon, senior administration officials said Thursday night.

Let’s see- bloated deficits, expanded entitlement programs, bloated education spending, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the hideously expensive presxcription drug give-away- I guess we were due for something like this. What, with NASA broadcasting pictures from Mars, I guess a trip to the moon is the first evidence of the conservatism in ‘Compassionate Conservatism.’

Is this really the direction the space program should be taking?

Asshole Spammers

Add this IP to your ban list:

Annoying ‘Bali’ comment spammer.

How Long?

How long before some wingnut European (or former Attorney General Ramsey Clark) declares that the publication of this photograph is a violation of Hussein’s civil rights and the Geneva Convention?