Matrix: Reloaded

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about this, but I did. At any rate, I saw The Matrix Reloaded this week-end, and I thought it was outstanding. I am not sure what the hell the crtics were carping about, or what they wanted, but I sure as hell loved it. Go see it.

Bad Jokes

Every time I see a headline like this (Study Finds 1 in 5 Youths Have Sex Before Age 15), I am reminded of one of my favorite jokes:

Q: Did you know that 80% of high school students are sexually active?

A: Really?

Q: Yeah, the other 20% are in the band.

This Is Beautiful

Via Common Dreams I see this shocking headline that appeared in the UK Guardian:

You Let Al-Qaida Off Hook, Bush Told

Who told Bush this? The CIA? Nope.

Military Intelligence? Nope.

The Homeland Security Department? Nope.

The FBI? Nope.

Mossad? Nope.

Interpol? Nope.

The source for these drastic revelations are none other than, you guessed it- the Democrat candidates for President in 2004.

Congressman Richard Gephardt said: “We are vulnerable to future attacks because this administration has not done its job.”

Governor Howard Dean accused the White House of “strangling cities and towns” by refusing them money for protection.

Perhaps most significantly, the bombings offered a new impetus to the presidential campaign of Senator Bob Graham of Florida, the oldest, probably least-known and maybe the weirdest of the nine Democratic candidates challenging Mr Bush.

Mr Graham was reported to have stolen the show in Iowa with a powerful attack on the administration’s decision to invade Iraq as a distraction. “They have conducted an ideological war in Iraq … and at the same time they have stopped the war against terror,” he said. “We have let al-Qaida off the hook.”

This, my friends, is OBJECTIVE journalism. A point of note is that this piece of bile was written by first rate hack Matt Engel, of Olive Garden, and Mississippi fame. Why does this idiot have a job?

*** Update ***

As noted by the Instapundit and the Calpundit (in the comments), the most offensive thing about this piece is the headline, with which Engel may have had little or nothing to do. However, I also hate the absolutely uncritical tone of the piece, which simply accepts as gospel truth what the candidates have to say- you see, they sit in on intelligence briefings, so it must be true. If President Bush had stated “Democrats hat any kind of tax cut,” it would be perfectly fair (and the writer’s responsibility, IMHO), to point out that the Democrats have recently proposed a number of tax cuts. Why should a writer not point out all of the recent arrests and successes in the War on terror when someone is claiming that Bush has ‘stopped the war on terror?’

This Makes Sense

I am speechless (which I guess is the intent of the McCain Feingold CFR bill):

A federal court Monday temporarily restored limits on political donations and advertising that it had struck down as unconstitutional, making 2004 candidates operate under the law passed by Congress last year until the Supreme Court settles the matter.

In other words, “it’s unconstitutional, and we said so, but what the hell, let’s give it a whirl.” As Attorney James Bopp Jr. puts it:

“The court agrees these provisions strip us of our rights, but they’re going to allow them to be enforced anyway,” Bopp said. “That’s just astonishing.”

Ministry of Silly Walks?

I don’t even know how to begin to deal with this story:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Watch your step! The Pentagon is developing a radar-based device that can identify people by the way they walk, for use in a new antiterrorist surveillance system.

Operating on the theory that an individual’s walk is as unique as a signature, the Pentagon has financed a research project at the Georgia Institute of Technology that has been 80 to 95 percent successful in identifying people.

Paging John Cleese, paging John Cleese!

A Censorship Scorecard

For those of you keeping score at home, since this is a difficult issue, I thought I would help you with this little round-up.

This is censorship:

Dozens of people walked out on pioneer TV talk-show host Phil Donahue, as he delivered a commencement speech at N.C. State on Saturday.

This is acting on principle:

About one in every eight graduates walked out of Sundays commencement at Saint Josephs University before the keynote address by Sen. Rick Santorum.

See the difference? Let’s do some more.

This is censorship:

Some controversial comments made by one of the Dixie Chicks has the phones at a local country radio station ringing off the hook.

A number of radio stations across the country have dumped the group’s music over the lead singer’s controversial comments about President George W. Bush.

This is people expressing their rights to be consumers:

Church, community and political groups in Oregon and Washington are demanding an end to what they call ‘hate radio’ and have called on a station owned by billionaire Paul Allen to drop talk show host Michael Savage.

Need some more practice? Here is another one.

This is censorship:

US actor Tim Robbins has said that Baseball’s Hall of Fame had violated his freedom of expression by scrapping a screening of one of his movies because he publicly criticised the US-led war in Iraq.

The actor and his Oscar-winning partner Susan Sarandon had been invited to attend the 15th anniversary screening of their 1988 baseball movie Bull Durham at the New York-based Hall of Fame later this month.

This is activism:

Academy-Award-winning-actress Susan Sarandon offered her comments and a photo for the web site. “Dr. Laura has a right to her opinion, but I think it’s irresponsible of Paramount to not give equal time, at the very least, to a person with a more enlightened and contemporary perspective,” Sarandon’s statement said. “I’m totally against wasting the airwaves giving visibility to a person who is clearly in dire need of compassion, education, and a good shrink herself.”

Just in case you were confused.

Democrats Write Laws, Other People Are Supposed to Follow Them

Here is the latest story that is becoming the newest spin cycle swirling through the left flank of the blogosphere:

Critics of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s unorthodox and outspoken views have the fabulously rich wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry reaching for her $550 million can of whup-ass. Originally reserved to counter GOP sniping at her hubby, Heinz Kerry is now open to spending some of her ketchup fortune on a counterattack. “The assumption,” says a friend, “was always that the attacks would be on him, not her.” But now: “The attacks on her have exponentially increased the likelihood of her tapping the fortune.” Heinz Kerry, previously married to ketchup heir Sen. John Heinz, who died in a plane crash, has been ridiculed by Republicans for recent statements promoting Botox treatments, prenuptial agreements, and feeding rabbits to kids. One critic compared her to egomaniac Donald Trump, calling Mrs. H.K. “the Teresa.” If Republicans don’t shut up, warns one of her friends, she’ll give Kerry a war chest that would dwarf anything President Bush could collect. “It would be George Bush’s worst nightmare,” says the friend.

Giggle. If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you. This story is a typical planted gossip piece that you should start expecting to see a lot of, and it actually should be interpreted as this:

1.) Kerry thinks he has a shot at getting the nomination, and now he needs to find a way to spend his fortune without looking like a hypocrite. Why would he look like a hypocrite? We’ll get to that in a second.

2.) This is just to stoke the fires of the memeufacturers to make sure they remember to break out the election year mantra- “Republicans are mean and bullies, so we have to be mean and fight at their level.” This is what Democrats say to themselves so they can excuse themselves for doing things like, well, running the Bush/Byrd lynching commercials. Or letting Terry McAuliffe speak in public. Remember, this is key to the way they think: “Republicans are evil, our cause is just, the end justifies the means, and it matters not what we do, but we must regain control. Anything wrong or illegal that we do will be overcome by the goodness of our return to the throne.”

Personally, I have no problem with Kerry spending his wife’s inheritance of 500 million dollars- hell, it is their money, they can do what they want with it. Unfortunately, Kerry needs an excuse before tapping into his wife’s wealth, so we have to pretend she is ‘fired up’ over those mean Republicans making fun of her. Why do we need to make this up? Maybe Kerry can tell you why we need to start spinning on this one:

“Every month in Washington, D.C. the special interests spend $100 million to get us to do something or to stop us from doing something. It’s time we broke the power of the big special interests and made the political system work for the average working Americans who make this country great. We’ll never have a government that truly represents all of the people, if we don’t at long last succeed in reforming our campaign finance system. Since coming to Washington in 1984 this has been one of my most important goals. Elections must be more than auctions, and money must no longer drown out the role of citizens in our democracy.”

Is there a more powerful and unregulated special interest than a shameless self-promoter with a half a billion dollars?

And btw, Ms. Heinz Kerry- if you think people are being mean to you, you ought to hear what Howard Dean is saying about your husband.

*** Update ***

John Hawkins has some thoughts on the ‘Democrats just need to fight tough like Republicans’ meme.

Matrix Reviews

The Instapundit links to this Blogcritics master list of Matrix:Reloaded reviews, I was going to read them all when I saw this review title:

The Matrix Rocked Turbo Hardcore Hot Monkey Ass – by Vivian St.George

What would you pay to hear those words come out of Gene Shalit’s mouth?

Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian

I saw Comedian today and have to admit it was worth the time. A couple of quick notes:

– Orny Adams is funny as shit and I would like to see him.

– Colin Quinn is much funier in a casual situation than he was on SNL. He seems like someone you would want to hang out with.

– If anyone has seen this on DVD, I would love to know who is performing the Jazz piece during the set-up screen (where you choose to play, scene select, etc.).

– Seinfeld is still pretty damn funny.

Is This The Year?

Is Funny Cide going to be the 12th Triple Crown winner? Will he be the first gelding to win the Triple Crown?


Cry Me A River

I’m sure they are crying in their beer at the White House over this one:

“There is, in the American press and in the British press, a great number of articles, information that was without foundation, untruthful,” Mr. de Villepin said in an interview aired on French radio yesterday.
Paris is taking an inventory of press accounts about France, with plans to show that they are not true, he said.
Jean-David Levitte, the French ambassador to the United States, stated in a letter to Congress and the administration that the U.S. press has made “false accusations” against France. He complained in the letter about what he called the “troubling indeed unacceptable nature of this disinformation campaign aimed at sullying France’s image and misleading the public.”

I guess they don’t like the reputation they have earned.


Time Capsules are interesting ideas, if you remember where you put them:

In 10 days, this city plans to revisit the moment 100 years ago that President Theodore Roosevelt rode into town in a horse-drawn carriage, gave a rousing speech about the great pioneers of the Pacific Northwest and put a copper box into the cornerstone of a towering monument to Lewis and Clark.

That is, if anyone can find the box.

Portland is frantic to find the time capsule. Nobody knows exactly where it is.

Sheer genius.


I am willing to bet this little experiment did not go through Institutional Review:

HARTFORD, Conn. – Three college students were arrested for allegedly staging a kidnapping as a part of a psychology experiment to see how bystanders would react.

James Sanchez, 21, Steven DiStefano, 19, and Lun Chai, 19, were charged with breach of peace, which is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.


Guess Who

Guess who said this:

Hillary Clinton is never going to be president of the United States. There is no more divisive figure in the Democratic Party, much less the country, than the former first lady. And I like her. But many women don’t. Even Democratic women. Even working women. Not to mention non-working, independent, non-political women. She can be a great senator. She’s smart, hard working and effective. She is much respected among her peers.

But the more people talk about her as a future president, the more money Republicans raise. The more people talk about her as a future president, the less attention the current candidates, who might win, receive.

And this, about Atrios’s hero Sydney Blumenthal:

If the issue is ethics, no one has less than Sidney Blumenthal. He used to call me, during the Dukakis campaign, which I was running and he was supposed to be covering, to offer covert advice, which if accepted might result in better coverage. Much later, when I criticized him, he tried to get me in trouble with my editors. All the while, I was defending his boss. That’s Sidney. He’s Hillary’s best friend. No wonder Republicans are delighted to see his return to the spotlight.

What member of the VRWC said this? Ann Coulter? Nope.

Rush Limbaugh? Nope.

Sean Hannity? Nope.

The WSJ editorial board? Nope.

Why, none other than Dukakis campaign manager Susan Estrich.

The Worst Job Ever

You think you have the worst job ever? Fraid not- it could be worse, you could be a teaser stallion:

The teaser stallion awaits in the breeding shed. He is led about by the halter, awaiting the arrival of the mare. In this case, no ordinary mare, but a quality producing daughter of Crusader Sword. The teaser does his job quickly and efficiently and the mare warms up to him rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the teaser is led out of the shed and replaced by Fantastic Light, a two time champion and Breeder’s Cup winner.

Must be how Al Gore felt in 2000.