Zogby, that despicable puke, just

Zogby, that despicable puke, just told Tony Snow on Fox that Bush is responsible for this ‘by abdicating leadership’ in the Middle East. He needs to ‘strengthen’ Arafat.

Then, he claimed that when Arafat talks about martyrs, he is just speaking to the culture of the people. Ahh, I see. It is just multiculturalism.

Now he is spreading the myth that Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount is the reason for the intifada.

Our Friends The Saudis: In

Our Friends The Saudis:

In an interview with TIME, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah called Sharon’s assault on Arafat “a brutal, despicable, savage, inhumane and cruel action.” He continued, “The acts we are witnessing represent the views of a criminal who has blood on his hands,” and vowed, “Palestinian resistance to the occupation will continue.”

That is right, no condemnation of the suicide bombings. Those are labeled as ‘resistance.’

Go read Will Warren’s latest.

Go read Will Warren’s latest. Now.

Yasser Arafat is surrounded, and

Yasser Arafat is surrounded, and he is making all sorts of bizarre statements- stuff about martyrs and terrorism- things that just can not be true, since he is a peaceful leader, right?

It appears that Arafat is also afraid for his life. I am not sure why, though. It isn’t like he is on his way to Sbarro for a slice of pizza. He isn’t going to a Passover Seder in Netanya. He isn’t going to the grocery store to get food for his dinner tonight. No one is forcing him to ride a bus anywhere. No one is demanding that he eat in a Jerusalem cafe. Or even worse, walk through a pedestrian mall.

Arafat doesn’t have to do any of those things. Instead, he is in a windowless room being guarded by crack IDF troops. I wonder how many Israelis wish they could be in his position?

The Queen Mum is dead,

The Queen Mum is dead, and that is a damn shame. God Bless you.

I am not sure how

I am not sure how I feel about this legislation.

What has happened to Ken

What has happened to Ken Layne’s site? It has not loaded for 48 hours.

I guess this is one

I guess this is one way to get your nominees appointed. It is a damn shame the Democrats will not hold votes on these people, but when you are in the back pocket of race-baiters and other fringe groups, you can’t be expected to do the right thing.

Just kill him, and then

Just kill him, and then negotiate with a real leader. I am not kidding. Bullets solve problems with people who respect nothing but force.

[Begin Rant] When the LA

[Begin Rant]

When the LA Times can run the headline

Arab Summit Bogs Down; Palestinians Stage Walkout

with a brief description underneath that states: ‘Arafat isn’t allowed to give speech via satellite, prompting delegation’s exit. Dispute overshadows Saudi leader’s call for peace.’

and then it mentions- and mind you, only then, it mentions: Attack in Israel Kills 19, Hurts 100,

it is a simple sign that we are a nation whose priorities are not clear. Or maybe it is a clear sign that the opinion leaders of our nation are drowning in filthy relativism and moral equivocation, and they no longer understand right from wrong. I do not pretend to be some sort of moral absolutist- I have never agreed with the cultural imperialists within the right wing of the Republican party- libertarian leanings lead me to believe their intervention into my individual liberties in the name of their God are morally and legally improper. I am now a rare breed- I am a Disciple of Christ- the most moderate of Christians, I am a libertarian leaning member of the Republican party in West Virginia, and I am now a strident and outspoken defender of the state of Israel. I was not born that way.

I do not defend Israel because I have a particular affinity for Jews- making blanket positive assertions about Jews is as stupid as making blanket negative assumptions about any race or religion. However, I find that I must defend Israel because despite the attempts of the PLO, the attempts of the anti-Semites in our ranks, and the attempts of Arab nations (Check Little Green Footballs for the range and depth of the filthy lucre of the disgusting house of Saudi) of the middle east to create a fog of war, there is a simple right and wrong, and it should be abundantly clear whose side represents right. We, and by we I mean the United States, sat by and let millions be massacred- were it not for our obligations to the Communist Stalin in promising a second front, who knows how long it would have been before the United States would have entered the European front. There are those who like to wash their hands of the knowledge that the Holocaust was not known by our leaders at an early point in the war, but we know now that our leaders knew, and we know now with absolute clarity what happened in Bergen-Else, in Dachau, and in the myriad of other gas ovens where a vast number of people met a gruesome and untimely death because of their religious beliefs and the inaction of others- chiefly us.

We want to act like a mature state. We shirk criticism from the waning leaders of hegemony past- when France whines, we make jokes about peasant farmers attacking McDonalds. When Germans bitch, we yell out “Marshall Plan.” When the Brits find it necessary to criticize us, we point out that we are the only true allies they have (which is only partially true- Canada, NZ, and Australia have a proud and valiant tradition of always being there when asked to be there). But that is pointless in light of what is currently going on now.

There is a war going on. A war against people whose only sin is to exist- and to exist in the safe haven that WE, as members of the United Nations, created for them, because we were asleep at the switch the first time around.

If a hillbilly from West Virginia can see this, why it is not clear to everyone else is baffling. We have an obligation to Israel and the Israelis. They are a democracy. They are a freedom loving people. They are our allies. They have within their society the seed of everything that is right within our society- the desire to exist peacefully with their neighbors, the notion of self-rule without any of the disgusting traces of theocracy, autocracy, or divine rule, and a sense of human rights. We owe them a debt from the past- a debt that will not be paid in full until the history of man is just that- history. We can not let them down again, and to do so is to abdicate everything that is great about our nation. And I will not let that happen, so help me.

[/End Rant]

What he said.

What he said.

I was just speaking with

I was just speaking with a normally reasonable friend, and she said something that just sent me through the roof. Normally we do not talk about politics, simply out of avoiding difficulties. However, someone mentioned the latest suicide bombing at the seder, and my friend stated that “it was unfortunate.”

It was then that I realized that everyone is part of the problem until they become outspoken critics of the latest violence, and until they gain some much needed perspective. So, in case anyone is reading this and does not understand what I am talking about, let me make things abundantly clear:

When it rains during a picnic, it is unfortunate.

When your team does not make the Sweet 16, it is unfortunate.

When you do not get the raise you wanted, it is unfortunate.

When you stub your big toe on the cedar chest on the way to the bathroom, it is unfortunate.

When someone straps 50 lbs of explosives to themselves, walks into a hotel lobby where hundreds of unsuspecting innocents are getting ready to have a celebration, and then pushes a button causing the explosives to detonate, killing 20, wounding hundreds, creating a devil’s brew of blood, furniture, and body parts, it is not unfortunate.

It is COLD BLOODED murder. Until people get this through their thick skulls (CAIR? Arab League?), we are going to have issues.

This can not be excused,

This can not be excused, can not be explained away, and can not go unpunished.

27 March, 2002. The day

27 March, 2002. The day that George W. Bush violated his oath of office.

National Review has a new

National Review has a new web design, and it is busy and annoying and gives me a headache. For extra pleasure, the columns are super wide and a pain in the arse to read. Thanks, guys.