The Harvard Independent is DRIVING

The Harvard Independent is DRIVING ME CRAZY!

I click on the link to the Dershowitz story from Matt Yglesias’s site: it asks me to register or login. I login, and I can not find the Dershowitz story anywhere (note to Independent staff- how bout some bylines on the front page?). So, now that I am logged in to the Independent, I go back to Matt’s site to click the link again. I click the link, and although it takes me back to the Independent, and it has me as logged in, there is no story, but another page asking me to login.

I give up. This is why I quit reading the LA Times. If anyone wants to point out the error of my ways, it would be much appreciated.

J.C. Watts Returns? via Ben

J.C. Watts Returns? via Ben Domenech:

As Rep. J.C. Watts Jr. brings his brief but high-profile tenure in Congress to a close by retiring this year, he is leaving the door open to running for the U.S. Senate in the future. The Oklahoma Republican, who as chairman of the House Republican Conference is the top-ranking black member of Congress and the only black Republican, said in a morning coffee with editors and reporters at The Washington Times that he could see the timing working out six years from now.

Has anyone contacted Harry Belafonte for his opinion?

The Vodkapundit is back, leaving

The Vodkapundit is back, leaving me only one question:

What is the significance of being listed as a micro-brew?

Scrappleface on certain Senator’s ‘Principled

Scrappleface on certain Senator’s ‘Principled Opposition to the Iraq Resolution’:

Two Senate opponents of the Bush administration’s use-of-force resolution against Iraq say they will support the measure now that Mr. Bush has buckled under pressure, and given in to opposition demands.

Sen. John Kerry, D-MA, and Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-NE, each said they would support the resolution when it comes up for a vote later this week.

“Before, the president wanted to work with the United Nations to enforce its sanctions, and prevent Iraq’s use of weapons of mass destruction,” said Sen. Kerry. “I couldn’t, in good conscience, support that. But now that he wants to work with the United Nations to enforce its sanctions, and prevent Iraq’s use of weapons of mass destruction, I’m on board. We’re all glad the President has come around to our way of thinking.”

Kerry and Hagel to their anti-war voters: ‘The polls made me do it.’

Better Than Comedy Central One

Better Than Comedy Central

One of the reasons I love MSNBC is the great comedy they provide. Whether it be Rick Sanchez’s bizarre and childish gesticulations and facial expressions, or Ashleigh Banfield’s (aka the Bimbo Broadcaster) utter inability to ask a coherent question, they have great polls every day like today’s:

“Does the D.C. Sniper scare you?”

Tomorrow’s question- “Are you a carbon-based life form?”

Also, MSNBC is now covering the story behind the story- is the press helping or hurting the sniper investigation? Is there another profession with the same amount of institutional narcissism (other than politics)?

Wallowing in Filthy Lucre Like

Wallowing in Filthy Lucre Like the Pigs That They Are:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 Denise Rich, Malcolm S. Forbes, Nelson Mandela and other friends and supporters of the Clintons showered the couple with roughly $1 million in previously unreported gifts during the Clinton presidency, according to documents released by Republican Congressional investigators. The gifts vary from tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry, rugs and furnishings to a $90,000 framed handwritten letter by President Harry S. Truman, a $10,000 Mickey Mantle trading card from 1952 and nine rare books, according to the documents.

While this should be horribly embarassing to the Senator from New York and her fat husband, all this will be is more evidence that the ‘Republicans can’t get past Clinton.’ Expect the usual suspects to pass it off as nothing- after New Jersey, I don;t think these folks can even spell the word ethics.

BTW- it is October 9th, and Josh is still talking about Forrester and Lautenberg at TPM. I told you he was worried about their court victory. They know how much their machinations and legal manipulations smell, and they are scared.

Giulianesque- (joo- lee- ah- nehsk)

Giulianesque- (joo- lee- ah- nehsk) adj. Exhibiting previously unknown or underappreciated qualities of compassion and competence at a time of great public upheaval.

There you go- my contribution to the English language.

The Instapundit links to this

The Instapundit links to this first-hand account of the police efforts in the D.C. Sniper Case:

It’s getting to the point around here where people driving white vans have been pulled over multiple times, so much so that a reporter asked a question of Montgomery County’s Chief Moose: were officials going to institute a system so that vans wouldn’t be pulled over multiple times? As of a few days ago, he said “no,” they had no such system in place.

Profiles are tools to help cops predict the perpetrator’s next move. They aren’t pretexts for searches. As a 25-35 unmarried white male who owns two handguns (and might at some point in the future own a long gun), I don’t think that, because I may fit the very vague profile, I should be subject to searches, seizures, stops, or other kinds of questioning.

I tend to agree with him.

One point about Chief Moose, though. I normally do not find many reasons to praise police (I think the state of policework in this country is generally deplorable), but I must admit that there is something I really like aboiut Chief Moose. He seems competent, confident, compassionate, reolute, determined, focussed, and fair. He reminds me of an old 1st Sergeant- I can’t think of higher praise than that. At any rate, if you disagree with me, just try this- compare Moose to the freckle-faced half-wit from D.C. who ran the Chandra Levy investigation. In that light, Chief Moose seems almost Giulianesque.

Strom Thurmond Emits Fiery Speech

Strom Thurmond Emits Fiery Speech on Senate Floor:

What caused the aged Senator to blow his top:

1.) Aides confirmed that ‘colored people’ are allowed to vote.
2.) Senate Energy Committee intends to tax battery-operated wheelchairs.
3.) Confederate flag boxers are washed with bleach by maids, causing them to turn a ‘faggy pantywaist pink.’
4.) Sudden realization that Patrick Leahy is a partisan hack and a liar.

Chris Rock asked on his

Chris Rock asked on his first comedy album:

Q: Who is more racist? Black people, or white people?

A: Black people- cuz we don’t even like other black people.

Check out these charming remarks from Harry Belafonte:

Belafonte, appearing on San Diego’s 760 KFMB, told host Ted Leitner that Powell was like a plantation slave who moves into the slave owner’s house and only says what his master wants him to say.

“There’s an old saying,” Belafonte began. “In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master… exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him.

“Colin Powell’s committed to come into the house of the master. When Colin Powell dares to suggest something other than what the master wants to hear, he will be turned back out to pasture.”

Hey Harry- I have seen your daughter naked in Playboy. Thbbbt!

Have You Ever Noticed Every

Have You Ever Noticed

Every time that there are protestors on Capitol Hill, they are immediately ushered away from cameras and then arrested. Why don’t they ever arrest them on the spot? Is it because they don’t want to set the precedent of arresting someone for saying something stupid on the floor of the Senate?

Actually, that is probably a good idea. Both Senators from West Virginia would be incarcerated already if public stupidity were a crime.

Crazy In NY A postal

Crazy In NY

A postal worker protesting human rights abuses in North Korea jumped over the fence in front of the United Nations today and fired seven shots in the air and at the main tower before he was arrested by guards.

Do you think the U.N. is going to spend some time soul-searching? Why do they hate us? Should we look for root causes?

Scrappleface comments.

Check Please… I love it

Check Please…

I love it when companies try to take something old and re-market it to appear as if it is an innovation. Tonight while watching Monk, I saw a commercial for Outback Steakhouse. It seems they have something new called “Call-Ahead Seating.”

We call that “Reservations” here in sophisticated West Virginia.

Can Anyone Follow The Damned

Can Anyone Follow The Damned Law?

This is not the same as the direct manipulation by the Dems in NJ, but this is just as damned infuriating:

Katherine Harris, the states Chief Election Officer, stepped down as Secretary of State to comply with Florida law after discovering that she had made a procedural mistake. Florida’s resign-to-run law requires candidates to file a letter stating their intent to resign immediately when he/she qualifies to run for another office. If candidates don’t do so, state law says they must resign immediately. When Harris qualified to run for the 13th Congressional District, the letter should have been filed that day.

You know what? I think I am just gonna go out and shoot up some drugs, beat some people, rob some stores, and then drive home drunk. Why? Cuz I can. The law in the United States apparently means nothing.

*** Update ***

Reader P.S. from Kent, WA, writes this:

“Regarding your claim today about the former Florida Sec’y of State: First, you’ve got the law wrong (but, almost everyone else does too). This peculiar law requires a current state officeholder who chooses to run for a different office (rather than run for re-election to his/current one) to resign immediately upon filing for the new position.

UNLESS, that person files a piece of paper notifying potential candidates for the office currently held, that, in effect, there will be no incumbent running for re-election. If that paper is filed on time, then the incumbent can continue in his/her office until the term expires, all the while campaigning for the new office to which he/she aspires.

Again, this is a peculiar law, that as far as I know is unique to Florida. However, Katherine Harris quite logically concluded it was moot in her case. Because the Sec’y of State position was abolished as an elective office. It is now an appointive office, thus there is no one to notify about an incumbent-free position available for which to run.

Interestingly, the Democrat state Attorney General Bob Butterworth also concluded this law didn’t apply to him, because he was term-limited and could not run for re-election. I don’t find his argument as strong as Harris’s.

But, Harris, when challenged about it, resigned the position. Contrast that with the conduct of the Democrats in New Jersey!

Further, I’ve heard this bandied about by recipients of DNC Talking Points Memoes (no doubt written by James Carville), including Alan Combs on FOX, that this has something to do with Harris’s eligibility to run for Congress. That’s not true. There’s no such penalty I’m aware of.”

So I stand corrected. She did not break the law. I didn’t do drugs, beat anyone up, rob anybody, or drive drunk last night either. Thank you for the correction.

A Telling Comment Joe Conason

A Telling Comment

Joe Conason has a particularly telling comment in his latest offering:

Running to the justices who put Bush in the White House makes Forrester look like an utter weenie. He should stand up and fight. And he shouldn’t be too confident that Rehnquist and company will favor him. They may not want historians to record that this court tried to give Republicans control of the Senate as well as the White House.

That is it, in a nutshell- that is how they think. Not in terms of right or wrong, but in terms of winning and losing. Notice the pathology of the 2000 election- the Supremes “gave” Bush the White House. No mention that Gore et. al was wrong. Now they think that is Torricelli is kept on the ballot, somehow that is “giving” the election to Forrester.

Also note how the assumption of the political nature of the court is a forgone conclusion- that is because the Donks admit to packing courts with ideologues. They expect them to be politically motivated. Heya Joe? Shouldn’t the Supremes just settle the issue according to the law?