Saudi Government Daily: The Jews

Saudi Government Daily: The Jews are Taking Over the World

Saudi Ambassador to London: ‘Bush Has Complexes…’ ‘The Entire World Fears a Future in the Shadow of Dubya’, which sports this gem:

“When George Bush Jr. came to the White House, after a long period of ambiguity and confusion, it was clear from the outset that his behavior stems from two enormous complexes. His first complex is [an urge to] manage matters completely differently than his predecessor, the popular and beloved Bill Clinton.

Ha’aretz on the Root Causes of the September 11 Attacks for the ‘root cause’ apologists in our midsts………

Excerpts from an interview with Hamas leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Our friends, the House of Saud:

Question: Was the fact that the King of Saudi Arabia received you during your tour of the Arab states a message to the United States?

Yassin: It was an expression of appreciation on the part of Saudi Arabia for [our] activities for the sake of Palestine and to tell the world — especially the U.S. and Israel — that Saudi Arabia supports the path of jihad. Saudi Arabia has demonstrated strength and courage because it declared its position loud and clear, telling the U.S. that it supports the path of struggle to restore the plundered land. In other words, the welcome I received was a clear message to the U.S. and a provocation against its policy…

Debating the Religious, Political and Moral Legitimacy of Suicide Bombings Part 1: The Debate over Religious Legitimacy– Islam, the ‘peaceful religion.’

Terror in America (10): Prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, Sheikh Yussef Al-Qaradhawi: ‘Islamic religious law dictates that we join the Taliban’s Jihad, not the US coalition; It is forbidden to attack American citizens, but permitted to attack the American military.’ so sayeth Johnny ‘jihad’ Walker.

From various sites: Saudi Arabia

From various sites:

Saudi Arabia Donates $1,355,000 to PLO

Saudi Arabia abstains from freezing certain bank accounts

Saudi Arabia rejects western pressures to change the curricula

Saudi Arabia bans relations with a Cypriot company ” after it was proven it had exported commodities of an Israeli origin to the Arab states.”

Saudi Arabia completes contribution to Arab funds for Palestinians– “The Saudi contribution to the Intifada fund ($ 50 million) will help extend assistance to the families of martyrs and finance the education of children.”

Iran-Saudi Arabia Sign 10-Point Agreement on bilateral relations

I am getting tired of this, so here are some anti-Israeli and anti- U.S. cartoons here, here, here, here, and here. This way, illiterates can hate too.

And this gem. Don’t worry folks, Norm Mineta is on your side.

The cartoonist did have cartoons mocking Araft, but this type appeared to me at least to be most prevalent.

Mark Steyn has another brilliant

Mark Steyn has another brilliant work, and he slams Jacob Weisberg for the same column that gave me fits. Check it out here.

Ken Layne has issued a

Ken Layne has issued a blog mobilization. I responded, and responded incorrectly. Instead of posting the links on MY page, I forwarded them to him. I can read, really I can.

Two new links added, to

Two new links added, to Steve Den Beste’ s USS Clueless and to James Lileks. I do not know how I forgot to put those up, as they are two of the best. Not mentioning them on your blog list and having others up is like being able to name Jose Carreras and then drawing a blank on Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. Check them out…

Andrew Sullivan’s new peice, The

Andrew Sullivan’s new peice, The AWOL President, is his usual brilliance.

Forget Siskel and Ebert’s thumbs

Forget Siskel and Ebert’s thumbs up/thumbs down rating system. Sgt. Stryker gives Ted Rall the middle finger for his latest column.

Charles Johnson at Little Green

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has the new definition of terrorism, as defined by rogue nations and terrorists. Yep. You guessed it. Terrorism is what the Jews do to Palestinians. It is so frightenly predictable that I can not even laugh at their ignorance.

One reader felt the need to comment to Charles’s post.

Terror and violence are profitable business for USA. Americans own over 250 million guns in their homes, 2 million detainees in prisons in the land of the “Free”, one out of three women raped,high schoolshooting has become as popular as a football game,America is the largest exporter of arms,the Fed has toppled over 20 regimes worldwide.These are just few examples of America the leader of Democracy!

posted by Abdelmonem Jamil Addas @ 1/10/2002 08:30PM PST

The same old litany of fuzzy logic, misapplication of statistics, misunderstanding of everything American: essentially, everything buffoons like Ted Rall and Noam Chomsky want the Arab Street to think about the United States. Congrats Noam and Ted, you have found Apt Pupils.

The most annoying part of the blather from Abdelmonem is the 2 million detainees blurb. We call them criminals, and the reason we have this many in jail is because we refuse to enforce absurd religious law. I guess if we did have the Sharia here, the number of prisoners (not detainees) would be smaller. When you are in the habit of routinely chopping off appendages (important ones, like heads) for high crimes like sexual preference, logic says that there would be fewer people in jail. Instead, they would be dead.

More bombing, less patience, and I am with Damian Penny. Saudi Arabia is the source of this problem.

One wonders if Mr. Addas would feel as free to post his banter in the Taliban controlled Afghanistan press, if it were directed against that regime. I think not.

How are we supposed to take these people seriously, other than to treat them as a serious threat?

I have some stuff to

I have some stuff to post, but I am off to the hospital tonight to watch my friend’s grandfather (just had open-heart surgery). I have a laptop, but no internet, so I shall see you tomorrow a.m.

Quote of the Day: That’s

Quote of the Day:

That’s the difference between governments and individuals. Governments don’t care, individuals do.
– Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad

White House Moves to Contain

White House Moves to Contain Political Damage From Enron Turmoil, or so says Jack Lynch, in this latest front page ‘newsitorial’ (Credit Jonah Goldberg for the term).

“President Bush directed the Treasury Department and other agencies today to study how to protect pension plans from debacles similar to the collapse of the Enron Corporation.

The move followed the Justice Department’s decision late Wednesday to form a special task force of prosecutors from across the country to conduct the inquiry into the giant energy company’s downfall. But it also appeared aimed in part at containing the political damage from the turmoil at Enron, which had strong ties to the Bush administration.”

Emphasis mine. Of course it ‘appeared’ to you that way. The same way Afghanistan ‘appeared’ to be a quagmire. The same way Bush ‘appears’ to be stupid. The same way it ‘appeared’ to you that Gore won the election.

I am too busy to comment more, but I look forward to more ‘balanced’ coverage from the NY Times on this issue.

Here is to hoping that

Here is to hoping that Anne Coughman and crew at Protein Wisdom are in a bad mood when they read Rall’s latest offering.

I am currently working on

I am currently working on a research project, and am asking for any information any of you might have. My project is examining the history of American Education in the Post WWII era, examining the impact of the GI Bill. I have a great deal of info already, but if there is one thing I have learned, it is that blog readers are an EXCEPTIONALLY powerful research asset. If anyone has anything that might appear relevant, please feel free to forward it to me via e-mail.

Damian Penny deconstructs Barry Zwicker’s

Damian Penny deconstructs Barry Zwicker’s assertion that the Osama video was faked.

Don’t forget, Mr. Zwicker. The Jews control the media. MORE PROOF, you noodlehead. For those who do not know, that last link is to the National Vanguard, aka the lunatic fringe.

Osama bin Laden’s reign of

Osama bin Laden’s reign of terror officially ended this morning at around 9 am, when every major cable news network (FOX, CNN, MSNBC) stopped sniffing anthrax and chasing suticase nukes to air the closing arguments in the hockey murder case.