Iraqi Information Minister

We’ve all thought this, now someone has finally photoshopped it- The Iraqi Information Minister


(Image via the German Dutch weblog the Black Forest, which I found through Coolio’s)

I have been informed this is a Dutch weblog- The Black Forest kinda convinced me it would be German. Wrong again.

A Fool and Her Microphone

Nancy Pelosi stands by her principled position against the war:

“I have absolutely no regret about my vote on this war,” she told reporters at her weekly briefing yesterday, saying the same questions still remain: “The cost in human lives. The cost to our budget, probably $100 billion. We could have probably brought down that statue for a lot less. The cost to our economy. But the most important question at this time, now that we’re toward the end of it, is what is the cost to the war on terrorism?”

Whatever. Keep talking, Honorable Minority Leader.

Apparently, the folks at IndyMedia have their own issues with Mrs. Pelosi:

Join us in a picket of warmonger, Democratic Party machine Congressperson Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, as she receives a “peace” award on April 12, 2003 at 5 p.m. at the Fairmont Hotel, Nob Hill, California and Mason.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party machine’s favorite fundraiser and Congressional representative of most of San Francisco since 1987, deserves only one thing: Immediate defeat by a peace candidate who is not a Democrat or Republican in the 2004 election. She has voted for everything Bush has asked for including, most recently as last week, $80 billion for war and fascism.

Nancy Pelosi, warmongerer. You heard it here first. Does anyone still question whether or not the IndyMedia loons are divorced from reality?

International Answer Protest

International Answer is planning new anti-war protests this weekend. Here is a sample poster that will be displayed:


(Image via Michael Heraghty)

New Mark Steyn


Well, this whole quagmire seems to be getting worse, eh? I see the Yanks have now been reduced to staging fake scenes of supposed jubilation on the alleged streets of what the Pentagon assures us is Baghdad. If you pause the video, you’ll see the guy on the right jumping up and down thwacking his shoe on the head of Saddam’s toppled statue is actually Richard Perle disguised as an Iraqi cab driver and the woman standing next to him ululating “Blessings be upon you, o great Bush” is David Frum in a chador.

More Military Advice

Tapped provides the government with some more much-needed military advice:

The U.S. military — and hopefully some of those in the Secretary of Defense’s office — is now learning what the Israelis already know, which is that armored vehicles and old-fashioned ground troops are still the essential weapons in urban combat. It’s not that the high-tech stuff isn’t useful. It is — under the right circumstances (like concentrating massive amounts of firepower on massed enemy forces rolling across a desert). But what what we need is neither a military based entirely on the Cold War force structure nor one consisting dependent on Special Forces and precision standoff weapons, but rather one able to quickly deploy the correct mix of forces for any given situation.

Actually, jerks, the military knew all along what was needed to fight door-to-door- they do practice it, you know. What you mean is that WE- the boneheads at TAPPED, are learning what it takes- that there is no easy solution. My favorite line is this, which I will repeat again for all its silliness:

But what what we need is neither a military based entirely on the Cold War force structure nor one consisting dependent on Special Forces and precision standoff weapons, but rather one able to quickly deploy the correct mix of forces for any given situation.

Didn’t Rumsfeld and Franks sort of just do that, dragging you and the other gloom and doom predictors all the way?

Please, go back to protesting judicial nominations or parsing the statements of the Democrat leadership to prove they are patriotic. Your military analysis is somewhat lacking.

PFC Lynch

If there is anything you want or need to know about PFC Lynch, you should head immediately to the Hillbilly Sophisticate. And I really mean anything, as the Sophisticate is covering everything possible.

Fan Mail

Some new fan mail from “Daryl:”

its funny how you take pictures of protests off a independent media source, while your pictures of american loving iraqs comes from corporate owned media.

Fine, send me some professional pictures of the peace protestors. The Indymedia ones I have up now are kind of grainy.

maybe you should take a step back and do a little more research..

If I take a step back, I can’t reach the keyboard. Ba dum dump tshh! Seriously, though, twerp. I am in Morgantown, West Virginia – I could hardly be farther removed from the action in Baghdad or San Francisco. To suggest that I need to pause, and step back, so as to clarify my thinking, is absurd.

where are all the wmd?

First Guess: Iraq, somewhere hidden
Second Guess: In your pants after a few tequilas and tacos

the pretext for this war, oh wait i forgot its operation iraq freedom or what not.

I’m with you. The name does suck. I was happy with Operation F— France, but that didn’t get much State Department support.

go back to and report back some more wonderful facts genius.

Roger that, skippy. I’m on it. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

I Just Hope

That the Palestinians don’t start rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can these guys ever pick a winning team? Cripes:

While many in Iraq and around the world are celebrating the fall of Baghdad, there is sadness and anger among radical Palestinian groups. Radical Palestinians saw Sassam Hussein as a friend, ally and sponsor of their struggle.

Since the US-led attack on Iraq began, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have turned out to demonstrate against the war, holding pictures of Saddam Hussein.

Can we trust them to run a state? Isn’t one Syria enough?

That Didn’t Take Long

Yesterday, Porphyrogenitus mused:

The next thing some people will start complaining about – including many of the ones who predicted horrible civilian casualties and talked about how we were thinking of napalming urban neighborhoods while cackling like that guy in Apocalypse Now while we deliberately strafe civilians – is that we’ve made war too “humane” and thus will want to engage in it now.

That is, the next complaint – from some (not from the willfully ignorant who will intransigently insist that we turned Baghdad into Dresden) – will be that by having high-tech weapons that “minimize” civilian casualties (they’ll always put “minimize” in quotes and sneer at “collateral damage”, just like they’ll always put “humane” in quotes), we’ll have the urge to conduct more wars now. Their new “worry” that will wrack them with “deep concern” will be that we’ll now think we can have “war on the cheap, with few casualties” and thus resort to it at every opportunity, and that we’ll be filled with hubris in thinking we can solve all problems with military force at a “low” cost in innocent lives (they’ll put “low” in quotes, too). Because of this there will be more U.S. agression against the peace-loving despotisms of the world.

From the LA Times Op-Ed page:

A Danger of Success

The plan to seize two of Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad presidential palaces wasn’t devised by the U.S. high command but rather, as The Times’ David Zucchino reported Tuesday, by Col. David Perkins and his staff in a command field tent in the shadow of a highway overpass. Indeed, the skillful use of troops, first in Afghanistan and now on a greater scale in Iraq, should put to rest a piece of conventional wisdom that emboldened Osama bin Laden and other terrorists: that America won’t send its young men and women into battle.

There’s no disputing that since Vietnam, U.S. presidents have been reluctant to commit ground troops and quick to pull them out. In 1983, President Reagan withdrew U.S. Marines from Lebanon after a suicide truck-bomber killed 241. Reagan’s retreat created the perception that enemies could terrorize the U.S. with little consequence.

Go read the whole editorial, then tell your friends you know a prophet by the name of Porphyrogenitus.

French Army Knife

Click here for a photo of the new French Army Knife.

You Have To Be Kidding

So, you write editorials for the Arab News, and I have to admit, it has been a tough week for you. After weeks of watching Al-Jazeera and reading the NY Times, you were probably convinced that the last bloodied American infidel to limp out of the region any day now.

“We discovered that all what the (Iraqi) information minister was saying was all lies,” said Ali Hassan, a government employee in Cairo, Egypt. “Now no one believes Al-Jazeera anymore.”

In a live report from Baghdad, correspondent Shaker Hamed of Abu Dhabi Television said:”We are all in shock. How did things come to such an end? How did U.S. tanks enter the center of the city? Where is the resistance? This collapse is puzzling. Was it the result of the collapse of communications between the commanders? Between the political leadership? How come Baghdad falls so easily.” – via Ken Layne

Reality REALLY starts to set in when the statue of Hussein in the center of Baghdad is toppled by jubilant Iraqi’s and American soldiers (Goran Tomasevic – Reuters):


Things are really unsettling, now. Arabs cheering Americans, in Arab territory? Only one way to deal with this- the same way you deal with everything in the Middle East- blame it on the Jews:

For the Iraqi people to be rid of a tyrant only then to be vulnerable to exploitation by the conservative Zionist junta who have taken over the White House is merely for them to be thrown from the frying pan into the fire. The Iraqi people, like everyone else, deserve to be the masters of their own destiny.


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Quote of the Day

“I decided to tot up the tally. Since 1940, the media have predicted seven out of the last one quagmires.”

Rand Simberg

Joke of the Week

Via Stefan Sharkansky, the best joke I have seen in a while:

Five surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on.

The first surgeon says, “I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered,”

The second responds, “Yeah, but you should try electricians. Everything inside them is color-coded.”

The third surgeon says, “No, I really think librarians are the best; everything inside them is in alphabetical order.”

The fourth surgeon chimes in: “You know, I like auto mechanics. They always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end and when the job takes longer than you said it would.”

But the fifth surgeon, Dr. Morris Fishbein, shuts them all up when he observes: “The French are the easiest to operate on. There’s no guts, no heart, no balls and no spine. Plus the head and ass are interchangeable.”

A Tale of Two Cities- A Photo Essay

In San Francisco, people take to the streets to protest the “Bush Regime’s” unlawful war (Indymedia Photo).


Loudly they denounce this unprovoked aggression. The status quo is always better than any bloodshed, particularly unilateral actions undertaken by 40 or so nations (Indymedia Photo).


Here is what they wanted to stop (Jerome Delay – AP):


It is almost too horrible to keep viewing:


My goodness, how awful. They are giving the evil imperialist invaders flowers. How much more of this can we take? Quick, dust off the little red book and head to the streets(AP Photo – Jon Mills ):


Clearly, these people would rather we had stayed home, or gone through the UN – but we should not have toppled the legitimate Hussein. Why, according to the BBC, just months ago Hussein got 100% of the vote. These pictures must be fabricated (Karim Sahib/Agence France-Presse).


How dare we impose our will on these people (Chang W. Lee – The New York Times)?


The difference between Baghdad and San Francisco?

Baghdad was liberated from 30 years of an oppressive regime, and now they hope and pray to live in blissful peace.

The residents of San Francisco were liberated from their senses 30 years ago, and continue to reside in blissful ignorance.

*** Update ***

American RealPolitik, Occam’s Toothbrush, and Donald Sensing (scroll down- he has posted a lot today) also have some great stuff.