Unilateral, My Ass

Michael Ubaldi created this image this morning:


Blue is in favor of intervention, yellow/orange is neutral, red is opposed.

Let’s not forget that the Germans (one of the red countries) are sending soldiers to help with NBC, and the French will switch sides if Iraq uses chemical weapons or if they think they can gain politically.

Even the House of Saud is in on the act:

Saudi Arabia has amassed a reserve of nearly 50 million barrels of oil that it plans to use to compensate for possible disruptions of Iraqi oil exports if war erupts, according to a senior Saudi official and industry experts who have been told about the supply buildup.

“We have about 50 million barrels, most of it in the country,” said the Saudi official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We can tap into it immediately once there is a shortfall.”

*** Update ***

Parliament just voted 412-149 to support Blair.

Vodkapundit’s Psyops

The Vodkapundit wonders what the translation for this leaflet is:





According to the Psywarrior, these were dropped in Afghanistan, and the translations are:


“Taliban and Al Qaida fighters, we know where you are hiding.”


“Taliban and Al Qaida fighters, you are our targets.”

The text is printed in both Dari and Pashtu.

Failed Diplomacy

Although Tom Daschle seems happy to blame Bush for his ‘failed diplomacy,’ according to this gallup poll, the American people are blaming someone else for the failed diplomacy.


The Funny French

This is hysterical:

France has announced it could assist any US-led military coalition if Iraq uses chemical and biological weapons.

The turnaround comes after strong French opposition to a war in Iraq, including threats to veto a UN Security Council resolution paving the way for armed conflict.

French ambassador Jean-David Levitte said: “If Saddam Hussein were to use chemical and biological weapons, this would change the situation completely and immediately for the French government.”

How could they use chemical weapons? I thought that he had none, and that the inspections were working. He has disarmed, and this is only a unilateral war for oil and for global hegemony. Or revenge for Dubya’s daddy? I am so confused.

The Mild Mannered Moron

I was going to write something about Tom Daschle’s intemperate and completely nonsensical tirade today, but the Rev. Chapin has my feelings about covered.

*** Update ***

I have been thinking, and I think the Democrats hate Bush more than they ever hated Reagan. They have become so fiercely partisan that they are merely a caricature of a serious party, and Daschles’s incoherent remarks today are evidence of this.

Let’s Roll

It seems like everything is lined up and ready for the defeat of Saddam Hussein and for a dramatic shake-up/realignment of the International World Order.

The UN Security Council is now utterly pointless and no nation will ever attempt to go through it again, the French have clearly staked out their future, and the Democrats have their position mapped out (the left wing bloggers have spent the last week engaging in their typical pop psychology analysis of Bush, crowing about dropping approval ratings, so it is going to be funny watching him make them look like idiots again).

Oh, and Turkey just flip-flopped. We have a northern front now. Bush the simplistic cowboy is about to make everyone look stupid again.

Boycott Pep Boys

I can’t believe this happened:

Automotive supply chain Pep Boys fired a Tucson store manager because his military Reserve duties took him away from work, according to a federal lawsuit filed here.
It may not be an isolated case. Several other reservists fired from Pep Boys in Tucson and Pennsylvania have contacted a military advocacy group with similar complaints.

Happy St. Pats.


Go have a green beer.

Failed Diplomacy

Why are we having trouble reaching a dipomatic solution to the crisis in Iraq?

Well, according to the Washington Post, it isn’t because Saddam Hussein has refused to disarm and has failed to follow any of the 17 resolutions. It isn’t because of French intransigence and French statements that they would veto any use of force (the only threat that can back up a disarmament resolution). In case you are curious what the problem is, the WaPo folks explain it clear and simple:

By the time Bush addressed the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 12, the administration had angered its allies by its dismissal of the global warming treaty, the international criminal court and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia. Even so, diplomats said, the administration likely would have won a second U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing military action if it had shown a little more patience and more willingness to address the concerns of other member nations.

Got it- we withdrew from Kyoto- so therefore Saddam should be allowed to flout International Law. We decided not to sign a treaty that was not in our interests, so we shall be punished by allowing a ruthless tyrant to continue a program to destabilize the middle east and to keep working on a nuclear arms program.

Makes sense, no?

Protestors IN Israel

A shame someone had to die, but what did this fool think she was getting involved in?

An Israeli Army bulldozer today crushed to death an American woman who had kneeled in the dirt to prevent the armored vehicle from destroying a Palestinian home in the southern Gaza Strip, witnesses and hospital officials said.

The Israeli military said the driver of the bulldozer had not seen the woman, and called it a “very regrettable accident.”

Regrettable, and completely avoidable. You could avoid it by quit trying to stick your nose into the affairs of nations who are under siege and desparate to defend themselves.

In Olympia, Colin Reese, a student at Evergreen State and a close friend of Ms. Corrie, said she had focused much of her studies on community organizing. Describing her work in Gaza, he said, “She was particularly touched by the Palestinian situation and wanted to use her privilege as an American citizen to help defend against the Israeli occupation.”

One of Ms. Corrie’s teachers at Evergreen was Larry Mosqueda, a professor of political economy and social change, who said her work in Gaza was a reflection of lessons taught at Evergreen that encourage students to put their education to practical use while still in college. “She has a strong sense of social justice,” he said. “Basically, she wanted to do something about it instead of just talk about it.”

In an e-mail message this month, Ms. Corrie described a Feb. 14 standoff in which members of her group “stood in the path of the bulldozers and were physically pushed with the shovel backwards, taking shelter in a house.” She added that “the bulldozer then proceeded on its course, demolishing one side of the house” with the protesters still inside.

If you had any idea bout her politics, the Evergreen State bit should have cleared that up. You remember Evergreen State- the school that convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal as their comencement speaker.

Go check out our now dead ‘peace protestor’ bruning an American flag. Now I feel no sympathy. To hell with her.

Ted Rall, Village Idiot

Asshole. Does this over-the-top raving qualify as having invoked Godwin’s Law?

We find ourselves facing the paradox of the “good German” of the ’30s. We’re ruled by an evil, non-elected warlord who ignores both domestic opposition and international condemnation. We don’t want the soldiers fighting his unjustified wars of expansion to win–but we don’t want them to lose either.

Our dilemma is rendered slightly less painful by the all-volunteer nature of our armed forces: at least we aren’t being asked to cheer on reluctant draftees. Presumably everybody in uniform knew what they might be in for when they signed up.

Go read all about why we shouldn’t support our troops, from Bill Maher’s favorite guest.

Excellent Read

If you haven’t already, go read Lee Harris.

Josh Marshall

The other day I commented on Matt Yglesias’s site that I never felt that Josh Marshall had committed to a pro-war stance. That is a personal interpretation of Marshall’s writings, so it is not open to debate. I just never believed he was committed to it.

After reading what he has written the last few days, I think he simply needs to be committed.

Taranto, and those who believe as he does, see the decapitation of the Iraqi government as the linchpin of international peace and security. We see it as extremely important, but a means to creating a more stable, safer world order. Fundamentally, we see the preservation of our key alliances and standing in the world, indeed the ‘world security system’ itself as even more important than Iraq.

Why is the preservation of or key alliances important if they are not willing to undertake what you describe as extremely important “means to creating a more stable, safer world order.”

One point that deserves notice — and which we’ll try to return to — is that the Bush crowd is now pursuing a logic on the international stage which is inherently self-validating. Every bust-up of an alliance, every disaster is proof that this or that alliance or relationship or global norm was worthless in the first place and thus we’re even more right than we thought we were in bulldozing through.

No, Josh. Just because a couple gets divorced does not mean the marriage was once worthless. What the divorce might lead one to believe is that it is NOW worthless.

We’re in international affairs not just for today but for the long haul. And our political leadership in the world community matters profoundly.

Josh is clearly working from a different definition of leadership than I am. Leadership means leading- not acquiescing to petty tyrants and becoming neutered by international organizations.

Next, to the United Nations. One hears that the United Nations was basically a wrecked or never-functioning institution. So the costs of putting it out of its misery are not so great. I’m not so sour on the UN. But what worries me here is not principally the UN. NATO sidestepped the UN in 1999 during the Kosovo war because of Russian intransigence. And I was happy to see NATO do it. Anti-UN types now see this as a bit of internationalist hypocrisy. But again, it’s not the UN I’m worried about. It’s the destruction of NATO that’s the issue here.


Atrios- Truth Detector?

Atrios loves being hysterical- fortunately, most of the time he is hysterical in the funny sort of way. Look how he discusses this story with this absurd title:


Now go look at how Instapundit treated the same story.

Gee, Atrios. I don’t know why more people read and quote and BELIEVE Glenn. Is it because he understands what he reads? Or is it because he simply isn’t a knee-jerk reactionary?

French Fried Logic

You can count me as a Frog-hater of the first order. I have not liked them since I lived in Germany a dozen or so years ago. They smell, they are rude, they are overtly obnoxious to all Americans, they intentionally gave bad directions, they didn’t have ice cubes, and overall, the place just sucked. yes, I am generalizing- I did have a few positive experiences in France.

Regardless, there is no point to renaming French Fries and French toast (to freedom fries and freedom toast, respectively) is. Matt Yglesias links to this Joe Conason story pointing out that “French Toast” is actaully an American invention:

[A] gastronomic historian writes: “French toast was not invented in France. In fact, it was invented in Albany, NY. Tavern owner Joseph French is credited with inventing the famous breakfast in 1724. Supposedly, Mr. French didn’t know the proper usage of the possessive apostrophe and, instead of ‘French’s toast’ he put ‘French toast’ on his menu.”

Interesting. More interesting is the France/Belgium debate over the origin of french fries. I had always thought they were french fries because they had been ‘frenched.’