I don’t want to sound

I don’t want to sound like one of these leftist “Blame America First”, anti-middle America, patriotism hating twinks, but I think the media coverage of 911 is overdone. It is all syrupy and melodramatic, and not tasteful. I feel like they just as easily could be talking about Jon Bonet Ramsay or O.J. or Monica, or whatever the media frenzy of the moment is. Remember Chondra Levy.

I don’t want the media to turn this into the ratings game, and to forget about it in six months. This needs to be treated seriously.

I suffered the most bizarre

I suffered the most bizarre injury ever yesterday. After having three vodka tonics while watching my beloved Steelers get manhandled by the Patriots, I decided to have a sandwich and a pickle. While trying to open my big jar of pickles, which was really sealed tight (and one of those big bulk pickle jars), my hand slipped and I wrenched all the muscles in my back.

I am not sure what hurts worse. The pain, or how the injury occurred. The doctor laughed at me.

This Is The Dumbest Thing

This Is The Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Seen Online (via Tim Blair)

If we do not change our direction we are likely to end up where we are headed for – Chinese Proverb

The World’s Biggest Hug is your opportunity to show the world that ‘peace begins with me’. We want to reach millions of people in the simplest heartfelt way that is possible – a hug! So hug your mum, hug your dad, hug your teacher, your boss, your dog!! Let’s make September 11, 2002, an anniversary of peace, not war.

If some stranger hugs me, I pledge to give them the finger.

Is Dawn Olsen on Crack?

Is Dawn Olsen on Crack?

First, she writes this:

Ooooh, did I hear a hush and a gasp? Look I am not afraid to stand up to the big boys, nope not at all. Let’s face it the last time INSTAPUNDIT mentioned me: it was both derogatory and sexist. I see he has only “serious” women bloggers linked on his sidebar links. Well I am as fucking serious as anyone. So I swear, talk about sex, do stream of consciousness bullshit and expose my inner twisted revelations in the hope of showing that we are all human. If that isn’t real life, if that isn’t relevant, then what is?

I tried to communicate with the big wigs when I started blogging. Bill Quick thinks I am fucking nitwit – takes one to know one, Glenn “seems” to think I am some street corner prostititute providing masturbatory fodder for idiots and not even worth wasting his time acknowledging me.

Then she posts a picture of her ass and topless back (ie: ‘masturbatory fodder for idiots’) prominently on her front page. Oh yeah, she didn’t like how all the people she insulted reacted to her missive, so now she won’t read them.

I want some of what she is on.

BTW, Dawn- Nice Ass. Snicker.

I am in a football

I am in a football consumption coma. Plus if I read any more on interpersonal dominance (something I am researching), I might kill someone.

Jill Stewart, Go Fuck Yourself.

Jill Stewart, Go Fuck Yourself.

Link via Jeff Jarvis via the Blogfather.

I am sick. I have

I am sick. I have some sort of cold , clammy feeling with all sorts of aches and a sinus headache. Lovely.

News From the Homefront Hits

News From the Homefront Hits National Review:

Dave Kopel writes about the University of Wisconsin forbidding the WVU mascot (a Mountaineer, complete with an evil, oppressive rifle) being forbidden to bring his rifle into Wisconsin’s stadium, letalone firing it. They have come to their senses and relented.

he University of Wisconsin has demonstrated that it is not inclined to celebrate diversity, practice tolerance, or remember its own history. But it is capable of feeling embarrassment.

The Wisconsin football team plays the West Virginia Mountaineers on Saturday. Ever since 1936, West Virginia athletic teams have been accompanied by a student who is chosen as the “Mountaineer.”

He or she wears a tailored buckskin outfit and coonskin cap. The Mountaineer traditionally fires a musket before the game begins, and whenever West Virginia scores; the musket contains only powder, and no ammunition. It is no more dangerous than a starter’s pistol.

On Tuesday, the peckish administration at Wisconsin not only forbade the Mountaineer to fire a gun; the Mountaineer was forbidden even to bring the musket into Camp Randall Stadium. Supposedly, the school was enforcing a policy against weapons in the stadium, although the athletic department explained that the gun would have been barred even if there were no general policy on weapons.

One personal note- I know the Mountaineer. I had him in class two years ago and I just spoke with him at a University sponsored tailgate at the home opener last Saturday.

I noticed something funny the

I noticed something funny the other day when I was checking some sites I usually read. I noticed that I have no real political classification in other people’s eyes. I am rarely classified as a conservative, never as a liberal, sometimes as a Warblogger. It is easy for my left-wing co-workers to dismiss me as just another right-wing Nazi, but anyone who has read me knows that is not really the case. So, I thought I would clear up the air a little bit. Here are a few of my viewpoints:

I am a registered Republian who votes libertarian. A Republican in West Virginia IS a protest vote, believe me.

I think most Democrat politicians in Washington are evil. I think most other Democrats outside of Washington are not evil, but misguided.

I think Republicans are generally the lesser of two evils (although there are some who make me wonder).

I am pro-choice, generally, but I will never have an abortion.

I am for legalization of marijuana.

I am generally against the death penalty, but not for child molestors, people who committ treason, terrorists, people who think they are traffic cops and go 55 in the passing lane, or O.J. Simpson.

I do not think the Sopranos are an ethnic slur.

I hate taxes. All of them, particularly sin taxes. Get your grubby taxes off my scotch, you filthy bastards.

I like paved roads and a strong military, and I like a sound currency.

I don’t care if there are low levels of arsenic in my water. I own a Brita, and I already had a set of nagging parents. I loved them dearly, but I moved out. I guess that means we can kill the EPA.

I think Big Business means lots of jobs, a strong stock market, and fat Americans with the wealth and ingenuity to build more smart bombs to drop on radical fundamentalists and other scum.

I believe in Israel, and I adhere to the words “Never Again.” And that doesn’t go for just the Nazi’s. I am not going to forget you god damned Communists either.

I don’t care what grown men do to each other in their bedroom, as long as they are consenting.

My foreign policy is not nuanced. I am firmly in favor of killing anyone who wants to blow my fellow citizens up for simply going to work. I have no problem wiping an entire group of people off the map if the want to try that crap, either.

I am in favor of racial profiling at airports. I also realize that no airplane has never been hijacked with breast milk or toenail clippers.

Every day I run into thousands of stupid people. Public education has failed.

I think EVERYONE should have the right to own a firearm. I choose not to, for now.

Europeans need to lead or get off the pot. We were warned once about ‘Entangling Alliances.” National interest and self-defense is good enough for me.

I believe Al Gore is evil, Bush is NOT stupid, and Colin Powell was once a good soldier.

Private Property is the cornerstone to any lasting civilization.

I hope that has helped. I do not know what party I belong to, but if I ran a party, my motto would be “Get off my grass.”

London Mayor feels Safer in

London Mayor feels Safer in New York, via the Blogfather:

LONDON – In a surprising vote of no-confidence in his own city, Mayor Ken Livingstone said Tuesday that he feels safer in New York than in London.

“I do feel safe in London, but I don’t feel as safe as I did when I went to New York,” Livingstone told reporters, adding that crime seemed much worse now than when he was a child. “I want to be back to something more like I grew up with. We have lost the visible (police) presence on the streets.”

But you can smoke in London. Go to hell, Bloomberg.

Rant of the Year Nominee

Rant of the Year Nominee from Andrea Harris:

“It’s hard to remember that this is just one giant hissyfit of a class of people — an international class, or at least transatlantic — who have had their moment in the sun pass them by. I try to remember that as I come across that idiotic cunt Germaine Greer (I’m just taking back the word, darling, don’t get your knickers in a twist) bleating about how she stopped wearing colors in order to “protest the Gulf War” and is now urging all women to wear veils to protest the warmongering USA, or maybe she just wants all women to cover themselves so she won’t have any competition, god knows that’s what it would take… (I hate this woman. Can you tell?)”

Go read the rest.

MSNBC ran a poll all

MSNBC ran a poll all day long titled:

“Attack on Iraq: Can Bush Make His Case?”

Apparently they are unaware that he has already made his case with the majority of Americans, and that it is just a few slimy pols who are out for political posturing and partisan gain.

And Donahue sucks, too. Pull the plug on MSNBC.

Not Sure If It was

Not Sure If It was a Repeat or Not,

but if it was not then tonight’s Law and Order was the start of what I am sure will be two weeks of capitalizing by major media on 9/11. The show was syrupy and stupid, full of silly platitudes.

The closing line, the always smug D.A. stating:

“Give us your tired, your poor, your terrorists.”

I don’t think I can take a week of this.

Nelson Mandela, Please Shut the

Nelson Mandela, Please Shut the Hell Up

“We are really appalled by any country, whether a superpower or a small country, that goes outside the U.N. and attacks independent countries,” Mandela said before meeting with French President Jacques Chirac at his Johannesburg home.

Was he serious, or just trying to make Chirac feel at home by setting a nice anti-American climate?

According to Mandela, “What they are saying is introducing chaos in international affairs, and we condemn that in the strongest terms.”

Better that we have stability with thugs and murderers in control than chaos and regime change. Explains why his neighbor, Mugabe, is still in control.

I just love this headline:

I just love this headline:

Pregnant Bjork is burgled