It Is Official

The Rebuilding of Iraq is over. It is done. A bloody failure. We are fucked. We are cutting and running. We have quit. We have failed. Democrats are going to have to fix everything.

Oh, and while you are at it, to what extent are Democrats merely obnoxious partisan naysayers willing to say anything to make Bush look bad and to what extent are they merely opportunistic political hacks with a superiority complex and a jaded view of reality? Inquiring minds want to know

*** Update ***

You know, there are a lot of questions about Iraq that need to be answered. There are a lot of things that need to be done better. but now that the economy is recovering quite nicely, the full-on attack on everything Iraq (check my liberal blogroll) is pretty god damn predictable and prett god damn amusing. The words transparent and shallow come to mind…

He Be Right

Howard Owens is right.

Gator Bound

At least we have this good sports news:

The No. 24 Mountaineers (8-4, 6-1) wrapped up a share of WVU’s first Big East conference championship in a decade with a 45-28 victory over the mistake-prone Owls (1-11, 0-7) and can now turn their full attention to preparing for a New Year’s Day rematch with Maryland in the Gator Bowl.

“Although the BCS will not let us officially invite West Virginia to our bowl,” Gator Bowl selection committee chair Susan Hamilton told the media afterwards, “I’m looking forward to seeing all of the WVU players and their wonderful fans in Jacksonville on New Year’s Day.”

The official invitation can’t be extended until the BCS releases WVU from consideration for the Big East’s BCS bowl spot.

That release could come as soon as today following No. 10 Miami’s win over No. 24 Pitt Saturday night.

While WVU and Miami will be listed as co-champions of the Big East with identical 6-1 league marks, the Hurricanes will get the league’s BCS berth thanks to their regular-season win over the Mountaineers.

Regardless, West Virginia coaches and officials left no doubt they were looking forward to welcoming the New Year in Jacksonville.

“Let me say right now,” said WVU president Dr. David Hardesty with a smile, “that we graciously accept your generous non-invitation and are looking forward to bringing a very good football team and a lot of fans to the Gator Bowl on Jan. 1.”

There is a good chance I might be spending New Years in Jacksonville.

Worst Team in Football

If you are just acsual fan of the NFL, you might be wondering why the Steelers are doing sopoorly this year. I think the final three plays in today’s loss to the Bengals might go a long way in illustrating the Steelers problems.

With 13 seconds left in the game, trailing 24-20 (after blowing the lead in 40 seconds), the Steelers have the ball 1st and 10 on the 20 yard line. On first down, with a 4 man rush, the ball is batted down. On 2nd and 10 with 9 seconds left in the game, Maddox is sacked for an 8 yard loss, and a time-out is called qit 1 second remaining. Guess what play the Steelers, in their infinte wisdom, called on 3rd and 18, trailing 24-20, with 88 yards to go and 1 second on the clock:

A screen pass to Amos Zeroue, who can’t run more than 40 yards without getting winded.

We deserve to be the worst team in football.

I am a Country

And my name is JCOLEDOVIA. My neighbors are rampant lefties, but I am assuming I am am nuclear equipped.

Billy Bob Gasket Disease

This collection of book reviews by Andrew Ferguson provides the best description of Bush hate to date. Go read the whole thing and enjoy.

(via Dodd Harris)

Cat in The Hat

Via Dean Esmay, it appears that the movie critics feel the cat should not have been let out of the bag:

“They may as well have skipped the hassle of securing licensing rights and simply called this mess Mike Myers: Asshole in Fur.” — Gregory Weinkauf, DALLAS OBSERVER

“Like being run over by a garbage truck that backs up and dumps its load on top of you.” — David Edelstein, SLATE

“A vulgar, uninspired lump of poisoned eye candy.” — A. O. Scott, NEW YORK TIMES

The Defective Yeti has more.

A Difficult Question

Here is a difficult question for you: “Who has become more predictable regarding their reactions to President Bush? Al-jazeera and the Arab Press or the American Left?”

The American Left


Count me as one who thinks that Bush’s little trip is, on balance, a “good thing.” I mean, it’s better than him not doing it. But, what’s with the press acting like, as Hesiod says, Bush grabbed a machine gun and personally stormed a building filled with armed insurgents?

He didn’t meet with any locals. He didn’t meet with the governing council. He flew into a heavily fortified military base and then flew out again.


President Bush is a chickenshit.

I’m surprised they didn’t ship that yellow-bellied coward to Iraq in a submarine.

Once the shock value of this stunt wears off, people will realize that everything the Bush administration has been telling us about Iraq is a 100% lie.

The Daily Kos:

Why is it so inherently unsafe for Bush that he has to fly in under darkness without anyone except a handful of top aides and Secret Service and military personnel in the know, then hide out at the airport for a couple of hours with 600 troops, but Hillary Clinton and Jack Reed can drive around the city and meet with American troops, international officials and Iraqi leaders?

Again, the Daily Kos:

I would be a lot more impressed if Bush spent the night in Iraq. Perhaps visited one of those famous schools that have allegedly opened since the war. But fact is that Iraq is nowhere near as calm and safe as the administration would have us believe. The country really is a mess, thanks to the US invasion and inept occupation.

Juan Cole:

Instead, the President had to sneak in and out of Iraq for a quick and dirty photo op, clearly in fear of his life if the news of his visit had leaked. He did not even get time to eat a meal with the troops. He was there for two hours. He did not dare meet with ordinary Iraqis, with the people he had conquered (liberated).

Offstage, the real Iraq carried on. Guerrillas attacked a military convoy on the main highway to the west of Baghdad, near Abu Ghraib. The wire services said, that an AP cameraman filmed “two abandoned military trucks with their cabs burning fiercely as dozens of townspeople looted tires and other vehicle parts.” Guerrillas in Mosul shot an Iraqi police sergeant to death.

Nathan Newman:

Bush– he has to visit the country like a thief in the night. Essentially, this trip was an announcement that Iraq is in such bad shape that the military could not protect the life of the President without such deceit.

Al Jazeera and the Arab Press

The Al Jazeera English Website:

US President George Bush’s stealthy visit to Iraq has been greeted with derision in the Arab world and Iraq’s neighbour Iran.

A section of the Arab media termed it a stunt which showed his determination to win both the war in Iraq and re-election next year.

In Iraq itself, many people termed it a cowardly swift stopover for fear of resistance fighters. Some said they would have preferred Bush to have had the courage to visit the country more openly and meet ordinary people.

Al-Jazeera Television:

I watched it all on Al-Jazeera later, and as usual, they described it as a cheap attempt by Bush & Co. to boost American public opinion in his favour for the upcoming election campaign. You could easily detect the anguish in their anaylsis to the fact that Bush didn’t go down to the streets or meet everyday Iraqis, or that Air Force 1 wasn’t hit by an anti-aircraft missile fired by Iraqi militants. They were really frustrated. Their news have become so predictable. My father was peculiarly furious with one of these ‘analysts’, he almost kicked the tv. The guy was saying that this visit would practically achieve nothing, or to be more accurate “would trick nobody”. He also said that it would have no effect whatsoever on morals of American troops…etc.


“I came, I saw nothing, but I will conquer.”

You decide…

Happy Anniversary

Henry Hanks is celebrating his second anniversary today. Go wish him well.

Meme-Killing Time

One of the most obnoxious and tenacious memes the Democrats have been echoing for the last few months is the “Why is Bush not going to funerals of soldiers” nonsense that got its most widely seen airing in a NY Times piece by Andrew Rosenthal. Rosenthal asserts:

But someone of rank from the White House could and should be at each and every military funeral. Ideally, Mr. Bush would shake the hand of someone who loved every person who dies in uniform a small demand on
his time in a war in which the casualties are still relatively small. And he has more than enough advisers, cabinet secretaries and other officials so attending funerals should not be such an inconvenience.

The White House talks about preserving the privacy and dignity of the families of the war dead. But if this was really about the families, the president or Vice President Dick Cheney or Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would be handing flags to widows and mothers in the time-honored way. And if protecting the privacy of Americans who are suffering was such a priority, the White House wouldn’t call in the cameras to watch Mr. Bush embracing victims of every hurricane, earthquake or suburban California wildfire.

Any time the President does anything regarding Iraq, you can almost certainly expect the catcalls from the idiotic left. Here are a few culled from yesterday’s absurd reactions from the lunatic fringe.

From the comments section of this post from Atrios regarding the President’s visit to Baghdad:

Maybe he’s paying a preemptive visit to our soldiers’ funerals…

All presidents have traditionally done this, along with attend funerals, etc. Bush has been very hands-off during this war, and now he’s gone there, stayed a couple of hours, and returned. He still hasn’t attended a soldier’s funeral…

If Bush really cared about the troops he would have done this in broad daylight, stayed for more than two hours, and actually observed the difficult job these brave troops have to do, I would give him his props. Also, how many funerals has Bush attended?

Normally, if I were not as disgusted as I am with the left wing of the blogosphere and ‘moderate’ Democrats, I would list about 900 other links with the same sort of garbage re-iterated over and over again. I simply don’t have the energy, and while some may want to state that I am not linking these quotes because I can’t find them, they are full of it. Just try this link and see what you get:

From AlterNet: Bush Ignores Soldiers’ Burials

From Fair and Balanced: Bush AWOL again – too busy to attend funeral of DC National Guard …

It goes on and on, and if you don’t believe me, frankly I don’t care. I am tired of being polite to the left and proving arguments beyond any reasonable doubt only to have loony lefters deny what is obvious.

At any rate, I was going to do some research and examine the historical record regarding Presidents attending funerals during wartime, and attempt to see if there was anything to these charges. My research did not take long, because it has already been done for me. Much thanks to the History News Network, who has already examined this issue, and I will thus quote them freely:

Recently, President Bush has been criticized for failing to attend the funerals of the soldiers killed in Iraq. Maureen Dowd noted sarcastically in a recent NYT column that the president had not even bothered to attend the funeral of Specialist Darryl Dent, a “21-year-old National Guard officer from Washington who died outside Baghdad in late August when a bomb struck his truck while he was delivering mail to troops,” though the service took place at a church just “three miles from the White House.”

Have presidents in the past attended the funerals of soldiers who died in combat? Have they taken note of the deaths of U.S. soldiers? The record is mixed, as can be seen below. It would appear that few presidents have ever actually attended military funerals, though many used the bully pulpit to draw attention to lives lost in the service of their country.

Maureen Dowd also criticized the president for refusing to allow the media to take pictures of the coffins of slain soldiers arriving at Dover Air Force Base. During the first Iraq war a similar ban was in effect.

The chaps at the History News Network then break it all down for us in language simple enough for even Atrios, Maureen Dowd, and Andrew Rosenthal to understand:

Lyndon Baines Johnson – According to the Johnson Library, LBJ attended two funerals for soldiers who died during the Vietnam War. The first funeral was for Captain Albert Smith, son of White House correspondent Merriman Smith, which was held February 28, 1966. The second was for Major General Keith R. Ware, held September 17, 1968. LBJ had met Ware while visiting Vietnam.

Richard Nixon – Richard Nixon does not appear to have attended the funerals of any soldiers killed in Vietnam. He did award posthumous medals of honor to the families of several soldiers on 22 April 1971 and on several other occasions. On Veterans day in 1971 he visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. In 1973 he met with the family of Colonel William Nolde after the colonel was buried in Arlington Cemetery. Colonel Nolde was killed on January 27th, the night before the cease-fire went into effect.

Jimmy Carter – According to the New York Times, Jimmy Carter attended a memorial service for the soldiers killed in the failed rescue of America hostages in Iran in 1980.

Ronald Reagan – Ronald Reagan attended memorial services on several occasions for American soldiers. In 1983 he attended a service at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, in connection with the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, which cost the lives of 241 people. In 1987 he attended a service at Mayport Naval Station in Florida for the sailors killed on the USS Stark.

George H.W. Bush – President George Herbert Walker Bush does not appear to have attended any funerals for American soldiers. (The NYT, citing Marlin Fitzwater as a source, indicated that the president did attend several such funerals. But no details were provided.)

Bill Clinton – Bill Clinton attended a service in October 2000 in memory of the 17 sailors killed in the attack on the USS Cole.

After the terrorist bombing the Murrah building in downtown Oklahoma City he publicly grieved with the families of the victims at an event that was regarded at the time as a turning point in his presidency.

In short, it simply is not typical for a President to attend funerals of soldiers during wartime, and if you listen closely, you can hear TAPS playing in the background. By reading this, you have just attended the funeral for this idiotic, mean-spirited, ill-informed, and partisan meme.

(Much Thanks to Lucas Rooney, Aaron Erlich, and the HNN staff for the research done regarding this issue.)

*** Update ***

Some Bush speeches mourning/praising our soldiers:

The heaviest burdens in our war on terror fall, as always, on the men and women of our Armed Forces and our intelligence services. They have removed gathering threats to America and our friends, and this nation takes great pride in their incredible achievements. We are grateful for their skill and courage, and for their acts of decency, which have shown America’s character to the world. We honor the sacrifice of their families. And we mourn every American who has died so bravely, so far from home.
The Americans who assume great risk overseas understand the great cause they are in. Not long ago I received a letter from a captain in the 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad. He wrote about his pride in serving a just cause, and about the deep desire of Iraqis for liberty. “I see it,” he said, “in the eyes of a hungry people every day here. They are starved for freedom and opportunity.” And he concluded, “I just thought you’d like a note from the ‘front lines of freedom.'” That Army captain, and all of our men and women serving in the war on terror, are on the front lines of freedom. And I want each of them to know, your country thanks you, and your country supports you.

Fellow citizens: We’ve been tested these past 24 months, and the dangers have not passed. Yet Americans are responding with courage and confidence. We accept the duties of our generation. We are active and resolute in our own defense. We are serving in freedom’s cause — and that is the cause of all mankind. President Bush in an address to the nation, 7 September 2003

Securing democracy in Iraq is the work of many hands. American and coalition forces are sacrificing for the peace of Iraq and for the security of free nations. Aid workers from many countries are facing danger to help the Iraqi people. The National Endowment for Democracy is promoting women’s rights, and training Iraqi journalists, and teaching the skills of political participation. Iraqis, themselves — police and borders guards and local officials — are joining in the work and they are sharing in the sacrifice. President Bush at the 20th Anniversary of the National Endowment for Democracy, 6 Nov. 2003

It is the nature of terrorism and the cruelty of a few to try to bring grief and the loss to many.

The armed forces of both our countries have taken losses felt deeply by our citizens. Some families now live with the burden of great sorrow.

Cannot take the pain away, but these families can know they are not alone. We pray for their strength. We pray for their comfort. And we will never forget the courage of the ones they loved.

The terrorists have a purpose, a strategy to their cruelty. They view the rise of democracy in Iraq as a powerful threat to their ambitions. In this, they are correct.

They believe their acts of terror against our coalition, against international aid workers and against innocent Iraqis will make us recoil and retreat. In this, they are mistaken.

We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq and pay a bitter cost of casualties and liberate 25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins.

We will help the Iraqi people establish a peaceful and democratic country in the heart of the Middle East. And by doing so, we will defend our people from danger. President Bush’s remarks on U.S.-British relations and foreign policy at Banqueting House in London, 19 November 2003

Kudos To Dan Drezner

Congratulations to Dan Drezner, whose response to Matt Yglesias’s idiotic postings on the Bush visit to Baghdad were far classier than mine, but managed to essentially say the same thing. I am not apologizing for my postings- they were and are spot-on and deserved, but it is nice to see Dan can be a touch more patient than I can be in these situations.

How Soon They Forget

Often times, I am guilty of attributing the worst to Democrats, assuming they are just liars and hypocrites. I am starting to think they are just suffering from groupthink induced memory loss. The most amusing example of this is the recent outrage over certain Republicans being pressured to vote a certain way on a major piece of legislation.

For the record, I am not in favor of these sorts of strong-arm tactics, but it is absolutely absurd for Democrats to pretend this is a Republican-only sin. How soon they forget:

Back in August, when he was trying to get his budget passed, Clinton made a deal with moderate and conservative Democrats who argued the plan relied too much on higher taxes or didn’t cut spending early and often enough: Vote for the budget, and the moderates–including Penny–could propose a new set of spending cuts in the fall. (Clinton made a similar agreement with Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska.) They relented. Clinton’s budget passed by one vote in the House and by Vice President Al Gore’s tie-breaker in the Senate.

Democratic leaders thought they were off the hook. They obviously didn’t understand how painful the vote was to moderate Democrats. Citing his frustration with the recalcitrance of the pro-spending groups in Washington, the 42-year-old Penny announced that he would resign from the House at the end of his term.

And the following weekend’s talk shows prominently featured freshman Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (D-Pa.), who cast the decisive vote. The Almanac of American Politics 1994 calls Margolies-Mezvinsky’s district a “quintessentially Republican seat.” Margolies-Mezvinsky had run for the open seat in 1992 as both a liberal and a deficit hawk, winning by only 1,300 votes. She had announced her opposition to the Clinton budget a couple of hours before the vote.

Margolies-Mezvinsky had to be bullied into changing her position. The televised images of a harried, almost-tearful member of Congress explaining her switch made Margolies-Mezvinsky an instant, if unintentional, celebrity.

These bullying tactics also provided an opportunity for the moderates to demand that Clinton deliver on his promise. Penny got Clinton and House Speaker Tom Foley to agree to a vote on spending cuts before the House adjourned in November. When Clinton offered his “rescission” package, House members could propose amendments that would be voted on individually, without any revisions, at that time.

Strong-arming is nothing new, and Kevin’s implication that some physical harm might come to Republicans who voted against the Prescription Drug Benefit (“Nice kid you’ve got there, Nick. Be a shame if anything happened to him….”) is more over-the-top rhetoric from the theatre of the absurd that once was the Democratic mainstream.

When You are In a Hole, Stop Digging

Not content to merely be cynical, “Big Media” Matt Yglesias takes a second swipe at the Bush visit to Iraq and decides that nothing goes with cynicism like a healthy dose of condescension:

Scanning around the web, it seems to me that too many of my liberal colleagues are willing to give the president credit for today’s little stunt supporting the troops. Consider, however, whether you think that the leaders of the Democratic Party would have been wildly opposed to taking a little Thanksgiving-time trip of their own to pose with the troops for photo ops. Seems to me that they would love to have done that. But they weren’t invited.

They didn’t have to be invited, foolio. For example, Hillary Clinton managed to find a way to Afghhanistan, and she managed to do so without a written invitation from the White House. If you will notice, the only person who went was the President. It wasn’t the President, Bill Frist, and Dennis Hastert. It wasn’t the President, every Republican in the Senate, and every Republican in the House. It wasn’t the President and every Republican from a swing state. It was simply the President, and, as he can not be a Republican and a Democrat at the same time, it appears that your keen Ivy league-honed skills of deduction are accurate- no Democratic politicians went along.

If, by chance, you were to attempt to research your vacuous claims, and during the course of that research, you had visited the popular search engine called “Google,” and typed the phrase Senate + Visit + Iraq, you would have noticed that numerous politicians from both political parties have managed to find their way to Iraq, all sans an offical ride on Air Force One. Why, gosh, that tricky web search even turned up this story:

“U.S. Sen. John Cornyn will join several Senate Armed Services Committee colleagues for a trip to Iraq and the surrounding region next week. The delegation will meet with U.S. and Iraqi officials involved in the reconstruction effort. While there, Cornyn will visit with and encourage the Texas troops and receive briefings from coalition forces and humanitarian organizations. The Committees chairman, Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) will lead the delegation…

Cornyn will join Chairman Warner, Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), the committees ranking member, and the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Sen. Pat Roberts, (R-Kansas), and Sen. Jay Rockefeller, (D-W.Va.). Also on the trip are Sens. Susan Collins, (R-Maine), Jack Reed, (D-R.I.) Ben Nelson, (D-Neb.), and Mark Dayton, (D-Minn.).”

Jay Rockefeller is my state Senator, and he is not the smartest man to ever serve in the Senate. The running joke here in WV is that he was only elected to the Senate because we needed to get rid of him as Governor. If he can find his way to Iraq, I am reasonably sure anyone can get there.

Perhaps if only one Senator had made it to Iraq without a Presidential invitation, I would consider the possibility that it was a fluke. However, it would appear to most rational observers that a Presidential invitation simply is not necessary in order to visit the troops. But then again, why let facts get in the way of your amateurish and bitter spin.

And not only were they not invited, but the planning for the trip was kept secret so that they couldn’t protest at not being invited.

What part of the word ‘SECURITY’ is escaping you? Many members of the President’s own staff did not know until this week. Do you read the god damn articles you link to?

Result: Many photos of GOP supporting troops, zero photos of Democrats supporting troops. Very good outcome for the president.

Result: Many photos of the President and the country supporting the troops. This was not a partisan stunt, despite what your playfriends at TAPPED might be mumbling to you over brie and wine. It was a visit from the Commander in Chief to the troops- and I doubt you were this pissy when Clinton did the right thing and visited the troops in November 1999 in Kosovo, although maybe you were still in High School and missed that.

Meanwhile, what the troops need is not a visit from the commander-in-chief, but a commander-in-chief who knows what he’s doing.

We know, Matt- Bush is stupid. Thanks for elevating the debate.

Similarly, the president doesn’t need to spend a couple of hours with the soldiers, he needs to figure out what the hell is going on in Iraq and what he’s going to do about it.

Thanks again. Right now is where I would usually say something about the fact that you can purchase a Harvard education but you can’t buy class or maturity, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume that you were either drunk from holiday wine or that one of your 12 year old nieces stole your laptop and posted this without you knowing.

All together now, ‘moderate’ Democrats: “We only hate Bush because of his policies.”

The Anybody But Bush Crowd

It certainly did not take long for the parasites at the Democratic Underground to go into full conspiracy mode about Bush’s surprise visit to the troops in Baghdad. Check out this stuff:

So now that Shrub (or Rove) has proven he can go anywhere secretly…

Let’s be honest, there’s a good (though paranoid of me) chance this was done not just as a publicity stunt, but as a test.

What do you think the real purpose of this test was? Where will he go next in secret? What did they just prove today, other than that they can mobilize Air Force One, and send the president into a “war zone” (even though it’s technically “mission accomplished”), and the media either doesn’t bother to notice or is told not to notice.

Will America now be ready for the media to show Shrub anywhere, no matter how photoshopped or faked the trip might be, so that they can make him out to be a superhero by rigging fake trips and fake photo opps for him?

Was this done to find out whether the media really doesn’t care about keeping track of the president, and that they can now abuse that lack of attention?

They showed the world, and they showed us, something. And they proved something to themselves today.

What is it? Is this beyond Orwell?

Entire, broad portions of the modern left are now perpetually stuck in the same wave of paranoia that has encompassed Dave Neiwert (And Dave, please spare me the “It ain’t paranoia if it is really happening” line. That was witty the first 8200 times.). It is really damn amusing, if you ask me. Yes, Mr. Rabrrrrrr, this was just a test. Bush will now be in 7-8 places at once- in fact, right now he is watching you through a special turkey breast camera that was stuffed into your turkey. All reports of your activity will be reported back to the mak you refer to as KKKarl Rove.

Idiots. Then there is this absurd thread, which contained the following tidbits of silliness:

to pretend like he was crying . . . whatever – so he started crying before he came out now while he was talking to them. b.s.

If this was suppose to be low-key for security, why were reporters invited. This was about publicity, not about thanking the troops. I like the comment of him not visiting the dead troops only those that are still of use to him.


but think about this. Only Fox News is covering this story? That means Rove fed it to them. What if Bush is not in Iraq? What if this is all a gimmick and he’s on some airstrip in Texas?


I wonder how much this political grandstanding cost us? And how many hungry people could have been fed today with that money? Just asking.

Paranoid, delusional, bitter, mean-spirited, and thankfully, completely out of power. These people are so vile that half of me wants Bush to win in 2004 just to hear them squeal. Maybe they will move to Canada and will be Chretien’s problem for a while.

And before my trolls feast, I am not questioning their Patriotism. Just their frigging sanity.

BTW- I think it is pretty damned decent that Hillary is spending the holiday with the troops from Ft. Drum who are stationed in Afghanistan. Good for her.

*** Update ***

The wingnut Atriettes over at Eschaton have lost their god damn minds, while ‘moderate’ Democrat Matt Yglesias calls it all a’ poll-driven PR stunt’ and TalkLeft suspects it was just an attempt to upstage the Jr. Senator from New York. Make sure you read the comments sections at each site for a good laugh.

How delusional with Bush-hatred are these guys- and tell me again how you hate him for his policies. May of these ‘moderate’ Democrats have simply lost their mind, and they have lost a good bit of the country, too.

For the record, Matt should probably read the articles he links to, as this quote is rather relevant:

Presidential aides later said Mr. Bush had conceived of the idea five or six weeks ago, but only informed Vice President Dick Cheney, the White House chief of staff Andrew Card, and the national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, on Wednesday.

Officials said afterward that if word of the trip had leaked out even while Air Force One was in the air approaching Baghdad the visit would have been canceled.

It wasn’t done to upstage Hilary, it was done to raise morale and was planned weeks ago. It appears to have worked.

The troops jumped to their feet to give him a tremendous cheer, and many held up cameras to snap his picture.

BTW- How much did these PR stunts cost?

Among earlier presidential trips to war zones were those of Dwight David Eisenhower, then president-elect, to Korean battle fronts in December 1952; trips to Vietnam by President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 and 1967; a 1969 visit with troops south of Saigon by President Richard Nixon; and President Bill Clinton’s 1999 meeting with Kosovar refugees and NATO military personnel in Macedonia.

Some of you Democrats are simply out of your fucking minds and have lost all sense of reality and the role of the President.

*** Update #2 ***

Dean Esmay has the full text of Bush’s remarks, while Ricky West has more wingnuttery from the ‘progressive left.’

*** Update #3 ***

Kudos to Oliver for noting that this was a good thing for Bush to have done (he gets in a cheapshot, but the gist of his message is 100% correct). At any rate, it takes a little class to stand up to the tidal wave of idiots on Oliver’s side of the political spectrum, so a shot out for Mr. Willis is in order, particularly since the wingnuts will come shit all over him in his comments section since he didn’t engage in knee-jerk Bush-bashing. I might even root for the Skins this weekend.

Meanwhile, the wingnuts at the Daily Trash Kos are in full effect.

The behavior of the left tonight in reaction to this visit may have settled any question about my vote in 2004. I was toying with voting for the libertarian candidate, as I am livid about this administration’s fiscal irresponsibility, but I am not going to do anything that might put someone in office that these wingnuts want. I don’t want anyone who represents their thinking anywhere near public office. Period.

Happy Thanksgiving


I wonder what made people eat the first one of these. They couldn’t have known it was going to taste that good.