Another Notch

I guess we can add NASA and space policy to the ever-growing category titled:

“Things Josh Marshall Knows Nothing About But Feels Very Comfortable Talking About at Length.”

I will let Rand Simberg, no partisan grenade thrower, explain why:

So how do supposedly competent commentators get it so wrong?

Well, in the case of Joshua Micah Marshall, the author of the drive-by hit job on the president’s policy, it can be attributed to a combination of ignorance about space policy (a subject that he rarely comments on), and a well-established animus to President Bush, as exhibited on an almost daily basis in his weblog. The ignorance is demonstrated by the fact that he never even mentions in his comment the loss of Columbia a year ago, let alone suggests that it might have something to do with new space policy a few months after the release of the investigation of the report on that event.

Neither knowledgable or even casual observers of space policy would make such an omission, because it is clear that the formulation of the new space policy was accelerated, if not initiated, by it. The status quo was clearly no longer acceptable after it, because it was equally clear that the long-term continuation of a manned space program was not possible with a fragile fleet of three shuttle orbiters.

Hatred of Bush, dislike of Republicans, and a distaste for this administration are what passes as informed commentary these days. Josh Marshall long ago joined the list of ‘moderate’ Democrats who had lost their credibility and who are now nothing more than a Rallian laughingstock.

If Rand wanted to read something really funny, he would read some of the know-nothing Marshall’s thoughts about Korea. And remember, Bush is the dumb one.

The Weird World of The Democrat Mind

This is how paranoid and delusional the left is these days. Atrios discusses the Kerry scandal, which was broken to the press by DEMOCRAT GENERAL WESLEY CLARK, and surprise, surprise. Atrios and Hesiod see a Rove plot:

Hesiod notes that something similar was pushed in ’92. Anyway, this does sound like a very Roveian smear – the trademark little details which don’t quite make sense but have a big titillation factor.

They are insane. And, btw- the name to look for is Chris Lehane…. Kos knows it:

Lehane likely had access to Kerry’s internal oppo when he worked for him. Given that Clark was talking about Kerry’s “intern problem”, it would lend credence to this theory. And like I said, I have independent confirmation that Clark did, indeed, make those comments. And given that these allegations have been circulating for several weeks, it’s possible Lehane leaked this hoping it would break sooner. But knowing it was going to explode, why would Clark drop out? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

It makes sense to me- you guys don’t smear and attack for any particular reason other than vindictiveness, near as I can tell. And Chris Lehane is the prototype of the fighting Democrat that you ‘moderates’ so adore. Look at your damn rhetoric while you are peddling the Bush military service smear- “Finally- we are taking the fight to them.” Look at your glee in Dean, a candidate who claimed that the Bush administration knew about 9/11 in advance. He raiuses these smears, and your limp-wristed response is “Hey- he is at least fighting to get our country back.”

Nice to see you guys getting a dose of your own medicine in this tawdry infighting. Funny you think it is surprising and has to come from a Republican- I guess in all of your hero worship you have forgotten Gore’s vile race-baiting of Bradley in the last primary season.

*** Update ***

Oliver is drinking the kool-aid too:

I’m sure the timing with Bush’s AWOL dodges are purely coincidental and in no way indicative of alliances between the GOP, Drudge and other interested parties.

Is it an unwillingness to admit how dirty Democrats fight, a desire to try to tar the GOP with anythin they can, or just general naivete and foolishness that drive these statements?

John F…..g Kerry

Looks like John F. Kerry is emulating his idol, Kennedy, and his predecessor, Clinton, becuase he appears to now have his own bimbo eruptions.

Based on the evidentiary standards created by the Democrats over the Bush military records story, I hereby proclaim that Kerry is an adulterer.

In order for Kerry to prove his innocence, he must, release records showing where he was, every minute of every day for the past ten years. This shouldn’t be too hard- they expect Bush to be able to do this for a period thirty years ago.

Second, everyone on the planet must agree that he is innocent- otherwise the charge still stands, and since it is such a serious charge, we simply can not let it go. Yesterday a reporter asked the Bush/Cheney PR guy: ” Does it bother you that these questions have been raised about your candidate?” That really is all that matters- that a question has been ‘raised.’

Kerry must also provide several witnesses- people who will attest that the only person he has ever slept with since marrying Heiress #2 was in fact the Heiress. Then he has to take a lie detector test. Then maybe I will believe him slightly- but then I can start a meme that his statements were lies, the lie detector test was doctored, etc.

The Democrats want to play these games. Fine. I have put up with this faux outrage from the Dems for three years, and I have tried to be reasonable. The last two months let me realize what kind of people we are dealing with. Bring it on.

The Building of A Meme

I guess I am a lousy judge of character. I once respected Kevin Drum, and was fooled by his alleged ‘moderation.’ No more- check out how he is slowly building the meme that Bush’s records were doctored. In his initial foray in to the issue, he stated:

Bottom line: Burkett’s story might be absolutely true. I don’t know. But there are enough red flags that I’m skeptical of it without further backup. In the meantime, caveat emptor.

In the second post, he states:

Overall, then, his story hangs together reasonably well but whether his story is true is still a judgment call and I think the only way for people to judge the whole thing is to hear it in his own words.

Now, the language has escalated:

… although I was skeptical about this story yesterday, several things have convinced me that Burkett’s story is at least believable enough that it deserves wider exposure.

Surprise, surprise. Of course you think it deserves wider exposure- not to mention the shameless self-promotion you are aiming for (we have all noticed how you play your fiddle for the wingnuts and the lurch leftward) because the pathological liars on the left are well aware that all you need to do is make the charge, and keep making the charge, and you will never be called to the mat to provide one shred of evidence. Innuendo, lame asssertion, false truths, and flat-out lies are the staple of the ‘moderate’ left. You people make me sick.

Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Asshole

This is what these asshats want-, and I am damn surprised that finally someone fought back. And guess who it was- the left’s favorite member of the administration. Rep. Brown looked like he was about to cry when Powell shot back at him. Here is the exchange, and I highly recommend watching it if you have not:

Powell fielded the assertions calmly, defending the president’s judgment and his own.

But when Brown contrasted Powell’s military experience to Bush’s record with the National Guard, saying the president “may have been AWOL” from duty, Powell exploded.

“First of all, Mr. Brown, I won’t dignify your comments about the president because you don’t know what you are talking about,” Powell snapped.

“I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean, Mr. Secretary,” Brown replied.

“You made reference to the president,” Powell shot back.

Brown then repeated his understanding that Bush may have been AWOL from guard duty.

“Mr. Brown, let’s not go there,” Powell retorted. “Let’s not go there in this hearing. If you want to have a political fight on this matter, that is very controversial, and I think it is being dealt with by the White House, fine, but let’s not go there.”

The political hack tried to get a cheap shot about Bush in the Congressional Record, and Powell handed him his ass. Watch the video- look at the expression on Brown’sface. Like the rest of the lying, loudmouthed truth bullies, he backed down at the first sign of a fight. Loser Democrats- can’t win on the issues, so they sink to this shit. Theythought they finally had an issue with this tawdry smear campaign, and all they have done is get my dander up. Fools brought another knife to a gunfight.

BTW- I can’t wait for Kerry’s voting record to come out. Should be fun watching him squirm.


As it should be clear to anyone with an IQ, there really is nothing to the Bush AWOL story. Even the Kerry camp is aware of that, which is why they are tapering off their language and running from the issue.

You heard it hear first: Kerry knows there is nothing to the charge, he was only using the issue and the press to demonstrate his bona fides to the angry left in order to steal them away from Dean and the others. Now, he has sealed the nomination, and he didn’t have to make any ugly lurches to the left policy wise. Only the kool-aid drinkers like Atrios and Kevin Drum think there is anything to the charges, and those guys have been pining breathlessly for a scandal, any scandal, for thrree years now.

This was pretty smart, except for the fact that Kerry is now winning the nomination without having been battle-tested. Already his past positions are starting to surface, and Rove and Co. have not even started to think about him.

Not Dead

I am not dead, but I am a little burnt out on politics. I am tired of defending this administration when they don’t defend themselves, and I am tired of having to counter every lie manufactured by the loyal opposition. Is there really a strategy to ceding the past two months of the news cycle to the Democrats and their primaries? Gimme a couple days.

At any rate, in response to this post about A. James Manchin, Joe Manchin IV had this to add in the comments section:

I am A. James’ Great Nephew and I just wanted to thank you for the kind words you bestowed. I was lucky enough to travel with him the last five years of his life and through him, I feel as if I have a masters degree in Civics. The way he treated the “common person” is what made his Legacy. He always told me, Never think you are better than someone and by no means never feel that someone is better than you. We all have something to offer. In such a cynical age in which we live, I will truly miss his political style. It wasn’t about issues like it is today, it was, and always will be, about people. How you treat them and how you can help them. Again, thank you for your article and as my late Uncle would say: May God save the precious State of West Virginia and may God bless the United States of America!!!

Joe, himself, is running for governor here in WV, and there is a pretty damned good chance I would vote for him. Around here, you can judge a lot about a man by what family he comes from- and that is, I might add, on e of the main reasons Bush carried the state in 2000.

The Usual Drivel

Brace yourselves for a shock- Gail Collin doesn’t like who the President has chosen to be membersof the Intelligence commission

Though dignified and bipartisan, the members lack the technical expertise to really unravel what was wrong with American intelligence and suggest how to fix it. And Mr. Bush withheld the mandate to get at the big political question they could answer: Did the administration hype intelligence to increase support for the war?

The co-chairmen are appropriately of opposite parties: Charles Robb, a Democrat who married Lyndon Johnson’s daughter and went on to be elected as governor and senator in Virginia, and Laurence Silberman, a Republican and retired appeals court judge who was a Reagan appointee. The other five members include Senator John McCain, a maverick Republican known to speak his mind; Lloyd Cutler, who was legal counsel for two Democratic presidents; Richard Levin, president of Yale University; and Patricia Wald, a liberal who was chief judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. The only appointee with a deep knowledge of intelligence gathering is Adm. William Studeman, a former deputy director of central intelligence.

This group lacks the stature and name recognition that would give its findings commanding credibility. Worse yet, it looks as if Mr. Bush, who chose not to allow a truly independent panel, will limit its mandate to a review of intelligence gathering and analysis. He has given the panel the authority to examine why the prewar estimates of Iraq’s weapons stockpiles differ from what has been found and to evaluate intelligence on weapons programs in other countries. Mr. Bush did not ask the panel for an unfettered look at how his administration had presented the intelligence in making the case for war. By dodging that, the president leaves voters to find their own answers.

For the record, I recognized every name, which tells me something I already knew- I am smarter than Gail Collins. At any rate, I am not surprised the NY Times staff if unhappy with the mandate. The only mandate they would approve of is:

“Assume that I, President Bush, am completely guilty of lying about any and all aspects of the Intelligence, and assume that I did so to create a war for oil so I could enrich my friends in Halliburton. You now have an hour and access to nothing to prove I am innocent.”

That is about the only mandate that would please those partisan fools.

This Is Kinda Creepy

I hate it as much as anyone when know-nothing loudmouths like the Dixie Chicks run around overseas and bash the President and I cringe every time Gore Vidal opens his mouth. But lists of stars to boycott and lists of ‘patriotic entertainers’ are just damn creepy.

Get a life. I may hate Alec Baldwin’s political views, but if he was hosting SNL tonight, you can be damned sure I would be tuning in to watch. I guess that means I must hate America.

Skull and Bones

Leave it to the Coast to Coast AM guys to find this story:

The “tomb” stands dark and hulking at the heart of the Yale University campus, almost windowless, and shuttered and padlocked in the thick snow of winter storms.

Built to mimic a Greco-Egyptian temple, it is the headquarters of the Order of the Skull and Bones, America’s most elite and elusive secret society – and it has become the unlikely focus of this year’s presidential election. It turns out that four leading contestants for the White House in November’s election were 1960s undergraduates at Yale: President Bush and Democratic rivals Governor Howard Dean, Sen John Kerry and Sen Joseph Lieberman.

What is more, two are “Bonesmen”. Both Sen Kerry, now the Democrat front runner, and President Bush belong to the 172-year-old society, which aims to get its members into positions of power. This presidential election seems destined to become the first in history to pit one Skull and Bones member against another.

The phenomenon of the “Yalies”, as Yale alumni are known, has provoked an intense debate over apparent elitism among Americans amazed that – in a democracy of almost 300 million people – the battle for power should be waged among candidates drawn from the 4,000 who graduated from Yale in four different years of the 1960s.

This should keep the conspiracy freaks going for a while.

Now How Will They Fault Him?

It will be intersting to see how this is spun into more anti-Bush agitprop:

President Bush reversed himself Wednesday and said he now supports giving a commission investigating the 9/11 attacks more time to produce a final report.

The commission is scheduled to finish its work on May 27. But panel members last month asked Congress for a two-month extension, citing a need for full analysis of reams of documents about the disaster.

Bush had resisted that request for months, saying through his spokesmen that the administration wanted the panel to complete its work as soon as possible. Privately, White House aides feared that delaying the commission’s final report would result in a potentially damaging assessment of the administration’s handling of pre-attack intelligence in the heat of a presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, the White House relented, saying it backed moving the deadline to July 26. But White House spokesman Scott McClellan also urged the commission to wrap up its work 30 days after that. If Congress accepts Bush’s recommendation, the report would arrive at the end of August, just as the presidential campaign is entering the post-Labor Day final stretch.

John Kerry on the National Guard and Army Reserve

Here are Kerry’s real thoughts about the National Guard:

“I’ve never made any judgments about any choice somebody made about avoiding the draft, about going to Canada, going to jail, being a conscientious objector, going into the National Guard,” Mr. Kerry said. “Those are choices people make.”

Talk amongst yourselves.

The Asshole Left

Check out this story:

Bob Novak, the pugnacious conservative pundit, may have to answer an assault charge in Manchester, N.H., stemming from an altercation with an activist on primary night last month. The dust-up ensued after Brad Carr, 54, who calls himself “an independent citizen” who’s against the Bush administration, taunted Novak, 72, a host of CNN’s “Crossfire,” which was broadcasting live from a restaurant.

“I called him a traitor because of his involvement in the outing of Valerie Plame, which I think is unconscionable,” Carr told us yesterday, recounting the Jan. 27 incident, which he reported to police. “He gave me a dirty look and ignored me, so I followed him outside to a CNN bus [where] I called him a traitor, probably for the fifth or sixth time. . . . He turned around and grabbed me by the arm . . . gave me a little shove, cocked his arm back as though he was going to hit me, and then someone from behind dragged him away to the bus.”

Carr, a stocky fellow, slipped on the ice into the arms of self-described progressive activist Mike Stinson, who told us, “I have a back problem — I don’t need to be catching big men.” Details were posted on the Web site, with these headlines next to Novak’s scowling mug: “Why is This Man So Angry? Bob Novak assaults man in New Hampshire!! Contact CNN and tell them you don’t like it!”

The name Mike Stinson should sound familiar, and you should not have to google it. In case you don’t remember, here is who Mike Stinson is:

One of the finalists of the ad contest is responsible for another heinous web video that compares Bush to Hitler, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

An ad by “Take Back the Media” is one of 15 Finalists in’s Bush in 30 Seconds Commercial Contest. Produced by Michael Stinson [SYMBOLMAN], The ARMY OF ONE flash animation has been chosen out of over 1000 submission by nearly 3 million votes online.

But currently streaming on the Take Back site with ARMY OF ONE is another shocking advert produced by Michael Stinson [SYMBOLMAN] — alleging Bush/Nazi ties!

I wish you had punched them both, Novak.

This is going to be the most vicious, bitter, and bile filled election in history. These lunatics need to be locked up.

*** Update ***

I am not alone on this one…

My Apologies

My apologies to the nation. Until recently, I had been a proud veteran. I realize now that since I have no proof of my service other than my DD-214 and several plaques and ribbons, which clearly does not protect me from charges of desertion.

Until I can find the appropriate paperwork from my ten years of service, I hereby declare myself a deserter and AWOL. Also, I apologize to the Army and the WV National Guard, who must have been accomplices in my deception- how else can I describe their allowing me to leave the services without charging me?

At any rate, I apologize for failing the nation, as I clearly am a deserter.

*** Update ***

Since the new myth is that IRS records will somehow prove where Bush was or wasn’t, here is an exercise for the readers. IN 1997, my W2 from the National Guard that I filed with my 1040 stated I earned roughly $3500.00 gross pay. With that handy, useful, and pertinent information, someone please tell me:

What months I reported for drill in FY 1997.
Which months I missed (I missed 6 and made them up at a later date).
Where I made up those drills.
What I did to make up those drills.
Why did the National Guard, with a clear absence of documentation today, pronounce that I had served a ‘good year.’ (Again, know-nothings, I don’t expect you to know what a ‘good year’ is.)

Until then, I remain your forlorn self-admitted deserter.

Silly Scandal Mongerers

The Democrats have whipped themselves and the press into such a frenzy about this faux scandal about Bush being a deserter that they must have missed this:

Halliburton, the giant US energy group once run by Vice-President Dick Cheney, has agreed to pay back $27.4m (15m) to the Pentagon, US defence officials say. The refund covers possible overcharging on a contract to supply meals to the US military in Iraq and Kuwait.

Halliburton has temporarily stopped charging the US military for meals until they agree on a better method.

UK defence officials said on Tuesday that Halliburton had won a 12m deal to ship military supplies to Iraq.

The potential overcharging had emerged during “routine evaluation of contract costs submitted for payment” by the Halliburton group’s Kellogg Brown and Root subsidiary, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Rose-Ann Lynch.

Why am I mentioning this? Because, like the trumped up charges last month regarding war profiteering in the delivery of oil, this is nothing. A routine audit. These happen all the time, particularly in massive contracts run under the difficult circumstances they are currently functioning under.

BTW- this is kinda important, and the left wing whackos must have missed it:

An arm of Halliburton, the controversial group once headed by US vice-president Dick Cheney, yesterday won a contract worth 350m over seven years to coordinate logistics support for British troops on overseas missions.
Kellogg Brown & Root, which operates Devonport naval dockyard in Plymouth and provides support services for the army in Iraq, is to improve provision of items such as food and tents for the armed forces’ joint headquarters at Northwood, north-west London.

The Ministry of Defence, which has also named KBR as preferred bidder for a 4bn contract to upgrade garrisons in Aldershot and on Salisbury Plain, said KBR staff would join military personnel at Northwood.

Acting as a partnering team or “one-stop shop”, the team’s remit is to deploy support services “rapidly and reliably”, after criticism of the lack of equipment and support for troops in last year’s war in Iraq.

Why choose them? Must be Cheney’s influence. Whoops- wrong government. I guess it is because,. as we have stated all along, Halliburton and KBR can get the job done.

It just pisses me off that the Democrats are so partisan and viscerally anti-business that we even have to point out this stuff.