I didn’t think Ben Domenech

I didn’t think Ben Domenech would have much to say about last night’s pre-season game between the Steelers and the Redskins. Probably because our first and second team players beat his first string defense into the ground. The ‘fun and gun’ offense was more of the ‘son of a gun’ offense.

Sure, the Redskins came back in the 4th quarter and won. Big deal. What that means is that all the guys the Redskins are going to cut are better than all the guys we are going to cut.

Go Steelers!

Let’s See- Racial Profiling at

Let’s See- Racial Profiling at Airports is Verboten,

But the NY Times thinks it is just A-OK to track down and arrest only deadbeat dads. What would the outcry be if they had arrested only women?

BTW- someone in the blogosphere had stuff recently on deadbeat moms, I just can not remember who. For most issues like this, I go to Richard Bennett’s Omphalos. Here is a sample of his insight.

Speaking of Mike Moynihan and

Speaking of Mike Moynihan and the Politburo:

He has also had an encouner with the north end of a south bound cow named Professor John Farley. Farley is the loony green candidate that Lawrence Haws at Hawspipe wrote about several months ago.

Go read the Hawspipe report, then check up on the Moynihan story. Al Gore was right- A leopard can’t change its stripes.

The other day I compared

The other day I compared Farrakhan with Mugabe. Maybe I was not that far off. Look at this quote from Farrakhan from the Reparations Rally this past weekend:

The rally got its most energetic jolt just before 2 p.m. when Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, gave a short speech on the need to use the money responsibly, if reparations are ever approved.

“We cannot settle for some little jive token,” he told the crowd. “We need millions of acres of land that black people can build.”

Louis Farrakhan. America’s Mugabe.

For more on the reparation nonsense, go check out the Politburo’s outstanding coverage and sound bites.

This Is How A First

This Is How A First Blog Entry Should Read:

From Norah Vincent’s brand-spanking new blog:

Yes, its true. Ive joined the shady realm of bloggers at last.
I suppose it would sound good if I could say that Im doing this because I feel some kind of irresistible moral obligation to throw in my vituperative two cents about Paul Krugman and the ongoing editorial mission creep of the New York Times, but that isnt the case.
I figure that ground is fairly well covered by Mickey Kaus and Andrew Sullivan and Charles Krauthammer, though I cant say I wont throw in a peeve or two about my pet de jour Maureen Dowd. As one (nameless remaining) pundit I respect said to me the other day, Shes wasting the primest real-estate in journalism. Shes been writing since the mid-90s, and I cant tell you a single thing she stands for.

Then she really lays into Dowd. Welcome to the blogosphere, Norah. And would someone go pay for her banner?

This is what is passing

This is what is passing as the ‘intelligent’ left. Snicker. And Republicans are stupid?

Ever Wonder What It Would

Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like

if Louis Farrakhan was President of his own country? Read this.

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Monday told white farmers, defying orders to hand over their land, that he stands by an August deadline for them to clear out and pave the way for his black resettlement land reforms.

“We set ourselves an August deadline for the redistribution of land and that deadline stands,” Mugabe said in a televised address during a funeral for a former finance minister.

Mugabe’s government had ordered 2,900 of the remaining 4,500 white commercial farmers to surrender their lands without compensation to black settlers by midnight last Thursday, August 8.

“We, the principled people of Zimbabwe, we, the true owners of this land, shall not budge. We shall not be deterred on this one vital issue, the land. The land is ours,” Mugabe told more than 15,000 supporters.

Read the whole thing.

DARE to Face the TRUTH

DARE to Face the TRUTH

DARE is a failure, and the link above goes into painful detail.

I have known for years that DARE was a complete failure, and it is my opinion that they may actually do more harm than good. When I was a kid, receiving my DARE indoctrination, the shameless authorities had the nerve to equate smoking a joint with the cocaine overdose of the star Maryland basketball player Len Bias. In short, they told us that all drugs were equally bad- that smoking a drug was just as bad as shooting up- cuz all drugs will kill you.

It takes exactly one high school student and one joint to competely destroy that myth and completely erase any authority the DARE officials might have had on drug usage and the dangers associated with it. I should know. I was the high school kid with the joint. I smoked one, didn’t jump off a building, murder my family, or drop dead. In fact, it felt good. I smoked on again and off again for about 3 years until I entered the military. Marijuana 1, Police Scare Tactics 0.

I am not the only person to have this experience. Millions of other children have smoked pot in their lives, not dropped dead, and tragically, because they now no longer believe a damned thing the police say, they may try harder drugs. And that is how DARE does more damage than good. Cut the funding now, and spend it on something more useful- like Mohair Subsidies.

New York Times Financial Watch,

New York Times Financial Watch, Day 4

After either ignoring the dramatic increases in the DOW the last three days (8%, roughly 800 points), or doing everything they could to portray the gains as negatively as possible, the NY Times has this headline on the front page:

Stocks Struggle After 3 Days of Strong Rallies

I am simply numb with disbelief. They downplay enormous gains for three days, and then, on a day when the DOW has either been only down 50 pts or up 50 pts (current status, up 33 pts), the NY Times labels run of the mill activity as STRUGGLING?

Let’s go through this again. When the market gains, say nothing or lie. When it stays close to the open or declines, have BIG, GLARING HEADLINES with the words ‘sharp,’ or ‘struggle,’ or ‘sell-off.’

The gray lady is a joke. These people are nothing more than partisan hacks.

Mark Steyn, on Fire Again:

Mark Steyn, on Fire Again:

In Britain, Joe Biden is known, if at all, as the only man in America crazy enough to try to become president by plagiarising Neil Kinnock (the stuff about being the only Kinnock, er, Biden, in a thousand generations to go to college). But in America he is, believe it or not, still a powerful Democratic senator and these days just about every ten minutes somewhere on your radio or TV dial you can hear him re-telling a pompous little anecdote in which he explains how hes warned Bush against taking out Saddam. Mr President, he claims to have said, there is a reason your father stopped and did not go to Baghdad. The reason he stopped is he didnt want to stay for five years.

And your point is…? By my arithmetic, that means wed have been out in 1996. Sounds a good deal to me. Instead, its late summer 2002 and were still ineffectually bombing Iraq every week while somehow managing to get blamed for systematically starving to death a million Iraqi kids or two million or whatever its up to by now through UN sanctions, though funnily enough UN sanctions dont seem to have so tightened Saddams purse strings that he cant find 25,000 bucks to give to the family of each Palestinian suicide bomber.


It Never Stops The NY

It Never Stops

The NY Times has a guest op-ed piece in today’s paper titled Why the West Is Burning, written by Roger Kennedy. For whatever reason I read it, even though I am not usually interested in this sort of issue. I figured the blame would be put on government intervention where it should not be, and environmentalists blocking controlled burns or underbrush removal. I was wrong. I will let Mr. Kennedy explain the error of my logic:

The killer fires in our history started on private land, and the worst of these disasters came amid the slash and dry tinder left by commercial lumbering.

Silly me. I should have known that it would be those damned private property owners and greedy capitalist timber companies who were to blame for all the fires.

Real remedies, of course, will cost money up front and be preventive never an easy sell with the public.

Translation: I want more tax dollars to bully you around and make onerous rules and regulations.

We will have to pay people to get out of harm’s way.

Or sue them. Or have environmentalists find an endangered species. Or outlaw private property. When we are done, there will be no more fatal fires. Of course, o one will be allowed to live west of the Mississippi.

Meanwhile, we should stop subsidizing and encouraging new people to settle in fire zones.

By encouraging, I assume he means allowing.

And we should enroll an army of young people to restore health to our fire-prone landscape by thinning small trees, cutting and removing brush, initiating controlled burning and restoring grasslands.

Ahh. There is nothing an army of people on the government payroll can not solve. And, btw, aren’t these wildfires God’s own controlled burn?

Tomorrow I will check/run the stats and see if his assertions and update you. Any bets he is full of it?

James Lileks discusses Islam, ‘the

James Lileks

discusses Islam, ‘the Peaceful Religion,’ in a way that only he is capable.

NY Times watch, cont. Dow

NY Times watch, cont.

Dow is up 180 points or 2.2%. No headlines on the front page proclaiming “Stock prices Rise as Investor Confidence Rebounds.” What a surprise. Like I said the yesterday, they only try to report the bad financial news, so they can get a few seats in November. Filthy bastards.

On the financial front page, this headline and preview of the article:

Stocks Close Higher on Volatile Day

Stocks swooped higher in late afternoon trading during a see-saw session on Wednesday as some investors took advantage of earlier losses to grab some beaten-down issues.

That was a Reuters dispatch, though. Why waste a Times reporter on good news, when they can be out there investigating aresnic in water or Bush’s arrogant unilateralism, or creating new fictional reasons why a war in Iraq would be disastrous.

Even funnier though, is that the NY Times uses both AP and Reuters. Go to the Yahoo business section, and you will see that the Reuters introduction is exactly the same. However, the AP headline states this:

Dow Soars With 182-Point Gain

A burst of buying swept across the stock market Wednesday, giving the Dow Jones industrials their second straight triple-digit gain for the first time in nearly three months.

Can anyone guess why the NY Times chose to use the Reuters story over the AP story on the same subject. Oh, yeah. AP frames the market activity positively.

It is now so blatant and transparent what the Times is doing that it is not even funny. No wonder they were aginst the ground war in Afghanistan. They were learning a lot from the Taliban Ministry of Information.

YEEHAW! I can now order


I can now order my copy of Band of Brothers on DVD. At least that is what it said in the email I got today. Can’t seem to find BoB on the Amazon website.

In Defense of John Rocker

In Defense of John Rocker

John Rocker was involved in another ‘incident’ the other day. Rocker, for those of you who have forgotten, is the unrepentant redneck who slurred and sulked his way through the 2000 baseball season, having the nerve to insult NY fans. At any rate, Rocker is now alleged to have called a homosexual couple ‘fruitcakes.’

This is an incident worthy of NATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE? Let’s throw out the issue of whether the taunting was provoked or not- that really does not matter to me. What matters to me is that this big, burly, strapping redneck reached down to the bottom of his insult barrel, fished around, and came up with…. Fruitcake?. Rather than being annoyed, these hypersensitive homosexuals should have burst out into laughter. I mean, c’mon. Fruitcake?

Only the professionally sensitive nitwits in America would think this is a big deal, or let alone, a hate crime. This is everyday life. If you think calling someone a fruitcake is a criminal event, you would lock me up for yelling what I yell when I am cut off in traffic. Or from muttering what I do when some blue-haired geriatric parks her cart in the middle of the grocery aisle and sits there for 10 minutes. You would be absolutely mortified to hear the stream of obscenities I emit during a football game.

And, btw, you should hear some of the things I have said to my former roommate and good friend who is gay (I don’t mean just slightly gay, but queer as a football bat) and who I love like a brother. I can honestly say that I never called him anything as refined as a ‘fruitcake.’