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Der Spiegel’s Editors Have Sussed Out The Trump Doctrine

Der neue SPIEGEL ist da! Im Titelartikel geht es um den schweren Schaden, den US-Präsident Trump dem transatlantischen Verhältnis zugefügt hat. Außerdem im Heft: Wie leicht es ist, in Hotelzimmer einzubrechen. Ab morgen am Kiosk, digital jetzt hier: — DER SPIEGEL (@DerSPIEGEL) May 11, 2018 Der Spiegel’s editors have sussed out the Trump […]


Kim Jung Un Uses The Trump Doctrine To His Own Advantage

Early this morning, three Korean Americans who were being held prisoner in the DPRK landed at Joint Base Andrews and were greeted by the President. “We want to thank Kim Jong-un, who really was excellent to these three incredible people.” — Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) May 10, 2018 Stop for a second. Reread the remarks that […]


I Will Be Treated Fairly Or Else: The Trump Doctrine In Action In Ukraine

In April 2016 I delineated the Trump Doctrine, which was the central through line message of the President’s campaign, as (emphasis mine): America’s allies are taking advantage of our treaty and other obligations in the national security space; America’s allies and peer competitors are ripping the US off through our trade agreements; the US should […]


The Trump Doctrine and Syria: “I, And By Extension The US, Will Be Treated Fairly Or Else” Runs Into The Ambiguity Of A Wicked National Security Problem

The President appears to have decided that the US needs to leave Syria as soon as possible. This decision caught his national security and foreign policy team flatfooted. It really isn’t a change in US policy as I’m not sure anyone could actually articulate this administration’s policy in regard to Syria. When the President gave his […]


Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech Part the Second: The Trump Doctrine

I’ve had a chance to read and reread the transcript of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech, as well as reflect on both what was written and what was delivered. I will leave the fiskings and point by point takedowns of the contradictions, flaws in logic, petty vindictiveness, and inconsistencies to others. I want, instead, to […]