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Good Mojo

B-J favorite drug resveratrol (RV) keeps cranking out the hits: We report here that chronic treatment with RV in a subapoptotic concentration induces senescence-like growth arrest in tumor cells. In contrast to the widely accepted antioxidant property of RV, we demonstrate that one causative stimulus for senescence induction by chronic RV is an increased level […]



I have neglected my scienceblogging duties for too long, so here is a compendium of the latest and coolest news to cross my desk. * Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine and a long-time favorite of the blog, helps keep you fit by tricking the liver into thinking that you’re fasting (subscription wall). Focusing […]


Hope For Alzheimer’s

Before going too far into this new study, non-scientist readers should remember that every year basic research produces hundreds of promising leads that for whatever reason don’t pan out. Either the proposed treatment has too many side effects, it doesn’t work as well as something already on the market, follow-up work discredits the original report […]


New Horizons In The Cancer Fight

For decades treating cancer has been an enormous problem because unlike infection or intoxication, cancer is us. The problem of killing the problem without killing ourselves forced treatment down two channels – one, to cut it out physically or kill it (and its neighbors) with targeted radiation. The other approach, chemotherapy, takes advantage of the […]


…And It Can Hit The High E In The Star-Spangled Banner

Even crappy science fiction usually shies away from contrived plot devices like the cheap miracle pill that extends your life, prevents disease, makes you smarter, boosts strength and lets you live on glazed donuts, red meat and beer. It’s hard to create a believable future where the world is that nice to us. So don’t […]