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Hillary Rodham Clinton, Trudging Along

Smile and wave inside the crush at Ag building. @HillaryClinton at State Fair — Kelly O'Donnell (@KellyO) August 15, 2015 The hardcore haters will never quit, of course. But after months of whining about how they just couldn’t feeeel President Hillary Clinton, some of the media pack seems to be edging towards admitting that, […]


This Needs to Be Said

Fuck you, Freddie deBoer. In a rambling post that reads like the critical theory section of every curriculum development text used in doctoral programs in education (translation- every Freddie deBoer post), we learn that liberals are the suck because they decided they were not fans of Eich and Sterling’s racist and homophobic bullshit. What, you […]


Sleeves of a Vest

I don’t have any long-held opinions on whether Jonathan Pollard should be released as part of an Israel/Palestine deal, but let me point out the following sentence from the Post piece on Pollard to commenters as diverse as Kevin Drum and Doug Mataconis, both of whom are weighing in on Obama’s bad negotiating skills: Under […]



Rorschach time! In the comments please give your first reaction to this picture. Did you feel slightly concerned for the old man? Did you chortle? Congratulations! You are a normal person. If you were a conservative you might feel a passionate urge to start a religion. Why do authoritarians worship strong daddy figures? Don’t know. […]


Internal Relativity Service

K-Drum on the IRS: But understandable or not, they bungled it horribly, leaving themselves open to equally understandable charges of politicizing the IRS. Conservative groups are as outraged as liberals would be if the Bush-era IRS were flagging groups with “environment” or “progressive” in their names. So even if, as seems likely, this whole thing […]


But I used a little too much force

I guess the Beowulf bit wasn’t a give away but posting the full email was hubris: Dear Andrew and Co., I’m a gun safety consultant, currently working with the Danish government. While it’s easy to mock Megan McArdle for suggesting shooter rushing, there is actually a long tradition of shooter rushing in many of the […]