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Nothing changes New Year’s Day

Keep calling Susan Collins but let’s also be prepared for the next stanza here in case she caves. The GOP plans to have its new tax bill go into effect on January 1 2018, not 2019. That means the next fiscal year will be massively fucked up for millions of people if the bill passes. […]


Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Things Get Better, Eventually

Germany's Brandenburg Gate in 1939 vs. 2017. Happy Hanukkah! — (((Yair Rosenberg))) (@Yair_Rosenberg) December 12, 2017 . What’s on the agenda, as we start an unexpectedly bright day? *********** From the Washington Post: Doug Jones’s odds-defying victory in Alabama — handing Democrats a vanishingly rare Senate win in the Deep South — scrambles President […]


Late Night Gloating Open Thread: Moore Is A Losing Luzer Who Loses

Thank you ALABAMA!! — Doug Jones (@GDouglasJones) December 13, 2017 The good people of Alabama will be voting for Doug Jones and against Roy Moore. Others will also vote. — Greg Dworkin (@DemFromCT) December 12, 2017 So it turns out God's plan for Roy Moore might be for him to sit down and shut the […]


Open Thread: And There Will Be Much Rejoicing!

Doug Jones wins! Donald Trump is on an epic losing streak this year. #AlabamaSenateElection — Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) December 13, 2017 . CONGRATULATIONS, SENATOR JONES! Breaking news: Doug Jones has won the Alabama senate race, according to the Associated Press. — NYT Politics (@nytpolitics) December 13, 2017 … The upset delivered an unimagined […]


“Southern Heritage” Open Thread: Roy Moore’s Rebel Yawps

Speaker at Roy Moore's campaign rally: "They're trying to give Judge Moore a high-tech lynching!" — Brian Tashman (@briantashman) December 12, 2017 Even the craziest political rallies are usually crazy in one specific way. That Moore rally that just ended was all kinds of crazy at once. — Ben Wallace-Wells (@benwallacewells) December 12, 2017 If […]