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Open Thread: It’s Not Lying If You Believe Your Own BS

Donald Trump's staff just issued a press release titled "Re: You" & reading (everything sic'd), "Sike! Sike sike sike!" signed "Super Sike." — Big Sexy Jeb! Lund (@Mobute) December 3, 2015 Okay, okay, pedants: The proper spelling would be Psych! Oliva Nuzzi, in the Daily Beast, “Golden Hair, Meet Tinfoil Hat”: … If you were […]


Late Night Open Thread: The RNC’s Never-Ending Debate Dumpster Fire

Has it ever occurred to the GOP that instead of dumbing down the debates they could smarten up their candidates? — Bob Schooley (@Rschooley) November 3, 2015 SCOOP: Trump to deal directly w/ networks, blowing up group GOP debate effort, with @daveweigel — Robert Costa (@costareports) November 2, 2015 Well, that certainly went well. […]


Open Thread: CPAC in Transition?

CPAC rejects dynastic politics by giving the Straw Poll win to the guy whose dad won in 2011. — LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) February 28, 2015 There’s an established comfort level to media stories about CPAC; it was the place where professional right-wing grifters (Cato, the Heritage Foundation) “sponsored” D-list legacy performers (Rand Paul, Andrew Breitbart) to […]


Early Voting

I went and voted early yesterday morning after stopping by the Democratic HQ and finding it to be closed yet again. I wish I could explain how bad the GOTV was here for Democrats, but I’m pretty sure you will have a firm idea of how bad it is on election day. It’s not the […]


Tuesday Evening Open Thread: When the 101st Chairborne Attacks

.@igorvolsky "This is the operative statement. The others are inoperative." — Ron Zeigler, April 17, 1973 — billmon (@billmon1) June 3, 2014 . Dave Weigel has the backstory to the above tweets. The GOP morans and ratfvckers have gone nucking futz over Bo Bergdahl’s release, and of course you haven’t reached Peak NuckFutzing until Alex […]


Open Thread: Remember the Alamo, Teabaggers!

Nutpicking, yes, but such nuts. Billmon, after a spate of ‘how can you equate the Tea Party with terrible people like the KKK?’ twit-saults, linked to this article from the Texas Observer, dated last Saturday: … There were hundreds of Second Amendment enthusiasts gathered at San Antonio’s Alamo Plaza, many carrying loaded rifles and assault […]