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Late Night WTF Open Thread: All the Best People

WSJ asked 45 former White House economists for their views on Trump and Clinton. Results: — WSJ Think Tank (@WSJThinkTank) September 18, 2016 Thing about Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump: He has not made himself popular with quite a few people who would normally be voting Republican. That’s the Wall Street Journal, pointing […]


Open Thread: A New Dope Nope Hope!

Is it possible for me to pre-read all the "Trump Is Pivoting" stories that will come out this week? I'd like to be efficient. — Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) August 8, 2016 BREAKING FIRST ON @Morning_Joe: Multiple sources say an independent conservative candidate will announce his candidacy for president today. — Joe Scarborough (@JoeNBC) August 8, […]


Late Night Sh*tshow Open Thread: “Well, Actually… “

Hey Sanders supporters, before you get upset about our delegate system, here are the results of winner take all:Clinton: 1647Sanders: 732 — Sarah Wood (@SarahWoodwriter) April 10, 2016 Clinton also has the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. Bernie isn't losing unfairly, Hillary is winning by A LOT. — Sarah Wood (@SarahWoodwriter) April […]


They’re Idiots. Dangerous Idiots — But Still Idiots.

(Jeff Danziger’s website) First, the earnest truth from Mr. Charles P. Pierce… … This is an act of armed sedition against lawful authority. That is all that it is, and that is quite enough. This is not “an expression of anti-government sentiment.” Flipping off the governor as he drives by is “an expression of anti-government […]


Open Thread: It’s Not Lying If You Believe Your Own BS

Donald Trump's staff just issued a press release titled "Re: You" & reading (everything sic'd), "Sike! Sike sike sike!" signed "Super Sike." — Big Sexy Jeb! Lund (@Mobute) December 3, 2015 Okay, okay, pedants: The proper spelling would be Psych! Oliva Nuzzi, in the Daily Beast, “Golden Hair, Meet Tinfoil Hat”: … If you were […]