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The morality of waiting for a pony

My  last post was a fairly technical dive  into Wyden waivers, subsidy bundling and actuarial value calculations.  It was an effort to explore a plausible future possibility space that in my opinion would lead to more people who are in the bottom half of our society to be made better off than they are today. […]


I’m All For The Rule Of Law. It’s The Judges I Can’t Stand

Via today’s The New York Times,* some big-time journalism on how the FISA court is creating an alternate judiciary — at least potentially more powerful, than the already compromised public one by which we thought American citizens encountered the law: In more than a dozen classified rulings, the nation’s surveillance court has created a secret […]


Just to Add to the Libya Files:

Andrew Solomon has a brief piece up at The New Yorker  that captures some of the spectrum of uncertainty surrounding everything about what’s going on in Libya just now. I’m not going to weigh in on the specifics of Solomon’s piece right now — both day job demands and my own ignorance make it advisable […]


Legislating from the bench

Orin Kerr explains the essential problem with the recent District court ruling against the new healthcare law: This might work as a Supreme Court opinion that can disagree with precedent. But Judge Vinson is just a District Court judge. And if you pair Justice Thomas’s dissent in Raich with Judge Vinson’s opinion today, you realize […]


Thank Goodness For ‘Activist’ Judges

Judge Stanley Birch, Bush appointee and ‘activist’ judge (really- read this Howard Bashman interview), in yesterday’s ruling against intervention in the Schindler/Schiavo saga: A popular epithet directed by some members of society, including some members of Congress, toward the judiciary involves the denunciation of “activist judges.” Generally, the definition of an “activist judge” is one […]