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Spectering Lessons From A Master

True to form, when the time comes to back words up with deeds Arlen Specter has never met a matter of principle on which he won’t cave. In fact I can’t imagine why anybody would take his “concern” over Mukasey at face value. Specter has folded on the torture issue several times already, so why […]


Spectering Chronicles

Very concerned GOP Congressmen edition. Bush promises to compromise without agreeing to sacrifice anything, his party begs him to compromise without doing anything to might make him listen. They’re peas in a pod.


Spectering Like It’s 1999 2005

Poor Arlen Specter. He isn’t in charge any more so his old tactic doesn’t have quite the same punch. As it turned out, the Senate judiciary committee didn’t really want to think about the FBI, either. So the senators hijacked their own hearing and talked about the pending subpoena showdown instead. A constitutional crisis pretty […]


Spectering Like It’s 1999

Seven Republican Senators now regret their vote to stifle debate on the Iraq war. Seven Republican Senators — seven renegade samurai, or ronin — have essentially blasted in a letter just prepared in the last hour both the Democratic and Republican leadership for behind-the-scenes gamesmanship that undermined a floor debate about America’s options in Iraq. […]



John Sununu. Gordon Smith. Chuck Hagel. Republicans are terrified of these Iraq war resolutions. If they vote for escalation they will wear it like an albatross through the ’08 elections. If they vote against it they will have personally buried their party’s signature issue. It’s an impossible position. Big surprise that three Senators who spoke […]