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Readership capture writ large

I thought I’d do the reader blogs early today, before anyone dips into their Four Loko stockpile. Dolphin Kazoo wonders if the Greeks will become Godless communists like the Cubans. Emily Hauser reports back from the Holy Lands. Cheryl Rofer says meet the arsenic boss, same as the phosphorous boss. Libby Spencer is angry that […]


Last Word on Kerry

Goes to John Derbyshire (who must have a book to sell!): John Kerry is awful, and anything we can do further to degrade his political prospects is worth doing. But really, I saw a clip of him making the much-deplored remark, and it was obvious that the dimwit in Iraq that he referred to was […]


So Now I Am A Liar…

Dean Esmay bloviating in his comments section: A) The administration and military establishment do not “routinely lie,” and B) Apparently, actual lies and agitprop by terrorist organizations are not worthy of anywhere near as much skepticism in John’s world as the “lies” of an administration he simply disagrees with sometimes. Whatever. Whatever, indeed. We won’t […]


When Internets Attack

If you read slashdot, odds are that you’ve heard this story of scam artists getting their karmic reward. One rarely finds a better example of the internet living up to its full potential as a small-town lynch mob. As Luke Hutterman, creator of my RSS aggregator SharpReader points out, the difference between an enforcement agency […]


Even More on WP

John Pike finally drives it home and says, on the pages of a national daily, what all this WP BS really is- anti- American propaganda: DESPITE EFFORTS to improve its image abroad, the United States has just suffered a damaging global propaganda defeat. And unfortunately, some of the wounds were self-inflicted. Three weeks ago, the […]