Even More Photos

Still more photos. I am going in order of when I received them, except for this first batch, the top photo was the last photo I received last night. I was so struck by it, had to start with it today. And came with this tag from Leslie:

This was in DC, and there was a small crowd waiting and he was taking up the cameras one by one to take panoramas of the crowd. It’s maybe not a good pic, but it was a very cool scene.

Here are the remainder of her photos (most below the fold):

I also took some from the National Archives steps looking up and down and the mall. It really was incredible, because the mall was this full and there were thousands of people around on the other side on Independence and then we looked over the bridge and there were more on Pennsylvania. What an extraordinary and exhilarating day!

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More Photos!!!!

Here’s another massive batch of photos you all sent in. Most are below the fold. Thanks to everyone who sent these in. If I’m not sure what nym you use, I’m not posting your name for security purposes, but feel free to claim the pics in the comments.

From Dexwood, pictures from the Albuquerque march:

Some pics from the Buffalo march:

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Open Thread: Callin’ Out, Around the World…


TaMara’s got another photo post scheduled, so this (comparatively) dead zone seemed like a good place to share some other-than-BJ reactions…

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I’ve got the ‘flu EVEN THOUGH I LET THEM TALK ME INTO A GODSDAMNED FLU SHOT, and the pictures and stories here are the only things that have taken me out of the misery, however briefly.

First, a note from Claudia:

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the March in Chicago was cancelled after a larger than expected crowd showed up. According to organizers the route was flooded with people and they couldn’t march so they turned it into a rally in Grant Park. The organizers expected about 50k, they’re estimating about 150k showed up. It’s now just a rally. Here’s a link to the Chicago Tribune coverage: “Thousands fill Loop after Women’s March rally in Chicago draws 250,000”

That’s as many people as showed up for the President-Asterisk’s inaugural yesterday — and the Women’s March didn’t have to pay seat-fillers!

Judy Little sends shots from the Boston March. Two-sided signs:

And a threat to chill the hardest spirit:

From O. Felix Culpa,

Howdy! Here are pictures from the Santa Fe march. We had at least 10,000 (I’ve seen estimates as high as 14,000), which is darn good for a small city in a state of only 2 million. There were also marches in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Farmington, and a bunch of New Mexicans bused it to D.C.

Photos are:
1. Me
2. A mother/daughter pair in matching pussyhats
3. Santa Fe crowd scene

More Photos From The Front Lines

Ok, I have been buried in photos! I’m so very excited and teary with all your pix and stories. I’m trying to see if other front pagers can handle some of the load.  But if not, I’ll just keep posting them over the next several days.

From Randy Khan in DC:

It was a mess. A glorious mess, caused by too many people showing up for the space allotted. So a march that was supposed to be on Independence Avenue spilled over to the Mall, then Constitution Avenue, then Pennsylvania Avenue. Most of us probably didn’t get within a couple hundred feet of the official original route, but I don’t think anybody cared. Local news is saying attendance may have topped 500,000, and Metro ridership was up 8-fold over a normal Saturday, and much more than for Inauguration Day (which, remember, was a work day for some people)


It’s going to be hard for any photos to capture just how many people were there today – but the easiest way to put it is that pretty much the entire Mall area was filled with people.


Kathleen was in Cincinnati and she sent a link to some of the photos, click here.

Lurker David was in Indianapolis:

And finally (though not last for sure!) White Mountain Apache in Tuscon:


For now, I’m posting them in the order they came. There are 50 more emails in my inbox, so more to come.

You all rock so hard! Women Grab Back.

Open thread.