World Cup: Who Wins Third?

Well today the end is really upon us at 10, the battle for third place.

England v Belgium. I’m not sure who will win but I hope for an exciting match!


Tomorrow, the final match is at 11. We can’t wait!

World Cup: A Semifinal Match To Savor?

Folks, the match yesterday wasn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped, and there was some poor refereeing to boot!  Let’s hope today’s second semifinal is better.

At 2 today, England v Croatia.  Should be a good battle, but I’ve no good feel for who will emerge victorious.  I give the English team a higher chance because of their experience, but the energy is with Croatia.

Enjoy the match, we’ll be back Saturday for the Third Place Playoff, and the finale on Sunday. Let’s hope we’re not too stunned by Trump’s sucking up to Putin to not care about the match.

World Cup: The First Semifinal Match!

Well folks, those were some games on Saturday; I’m so pleased that Croatia went on, leaving Russia in the rearview mirror.

Today at 2 Eastern, it’s France v Belgium.  It should be a great match, one where I’m rooting for both teams!  I think Belgium has what it takes to win the Cup, but first, they need to overwhelm the young French team.  Exciting!


Enjoy today’s match, see you tomorrow for the final semifinal.


World Cup: Quarterfinals, Day 2

I ended up listening to both matches yesterday as we decided to buy a new car at pre-trade war prices.  We bought a 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and it is pretty sweet. It’s electric for 48 miles, then hybrid. So for most normal life stuff, you run EV.  It’s a whole ‘nother world!

Back on topic – it was amazing to listen to Belgium overwhelm Brazil after France so handily knocked out Uruguay, but not nearly as enjoyable as watching the match on a good big screen would have been.

But enough about me – onto today’s matches:

First at 10 – England v Sweden.  I expect Harry Kane will lead the team to another victory, but I’m not counting out Sweden – they’ve been a good team.

And at 2 – Russia v Croatia. I expect and hope for a Croatia win, but cannot discount the Russian performance so far, coupled with the home-country advantage.


Enjoy the matches, everyone – we’ll be back on Tuesday for France v Belgium.

World Cup: Quarterfinals

We’re finally here! After a disastrous (for my preferred teams!) Tuesday, we’re now onto the meat of the Cup.

Today at 10, Uruguay v France.  Normally I’m all over Les Bleus, but today I’m rooting for tiny Uruguay. Unfortunately, I’ll be in the car during most the match, so I will be listening-only.


Today at 2, Brazil v Belgium. I’m somewhat ambivalent on this match, but I guess I’m leaning towards Belgium. Given history, Brazil will pull through, but Belgium has impressed this Cup.


Enjoy the matches, everybody!


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