The WIN THE MORNING Guys Pee Themselves, Just A Little

Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei declare DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

The town is turning on President Obama — and this is very bad news for this White House.

Republicans have waited five years for the moment to put the screws to Obama — and they have one-third of all congressional committees on the case now. Establishment Democrats, never big fans of this president to begin with, are starting to speak out. And reporters are tripping over themselves to condemn lies, bullying and shadiness in the Obama administration.

Buy-in from all three D.C. stakeholders is an essential ingredient for a good old-fashioned Washington pile-on — so get ready for bad stories and public scolding to pile up.

Because this will magically happen without help from our Web Village Betters, who have been waiting 15 years or so to make their bones by dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.

The Glimmer Twins here have hung the Clinton Rules sign over the door.  They’re damn sure Obama is nowhere near as clever as Clinton.  They’ve been waiting for him to crash and burn for five years now, and they can’t wait to put that uppity you-know-what in his place.

And yet every time our “liberal” press thinks they’ve finally got him, he turns the tables on them and keeps on winning.  They want this battle, surely.  They’ve been itching to rip into the guy.  Now they see their chance.  They’re sure they’ve got him now.  What can he do to get out of this one?  They see echoes of 15 years ago, back when I was a newly-minted dot-com box jockey.  I thought I was invincible then, too.  Then reality kicked my ass just like it kicked theirs.  Big Dog walked away from the crash, the rest of us ended up with Dubya.  Now they see the same opportunity.  The GOP burned their brand over the last decade.   It’s time to even the playing field by scorching the earth again.

Me, I’m going to bet on the guy who keeps on winning.

Rand Paul And The Dudebro Vote

The Austerity Bombermen have so far had decent success in starving out the 99%, other than what awesome victories the Democrats handed them on sequestration and whatnot.  Still, let’s be honest about the reason for the “recent GOP soul-searching” here, it’s cold political calculus on how to inflict maximum austerity and move the remaining 20% of the country’s wealth into the hands of the elite.  “Austerity Because God Said So” hasn’t worked, in fact it’s backfired into that whole “care about the poor” thing.  “Austerity Because The Math Demands It” has worked a bit better, but not as well as it could have, the Math got us the bank disaster and people actually have noticed (mainly because all-new people got to join the ranks of the poor).

That brings us to Austerity revision 3.0:  Austerity Because Don’t Tread On Me.  Enter Sen. Rand Paul, the new poster child of the VSP complete with feature article from WIN THE MORNING.

Led by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), libertarians hope to become a dominant wing of the GOP by tapping into a potent mix of war weariness, economic anxiety and frustration with federal overreach in the fifth year of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The country’s continuing fixation on fiscal issues, especially spending and debt, allows them to emphasize areas of agreement with conservative allies who are looking for ways to connect with Republicans who aren’t passionate about abortion or same-sex marriage. A Democratic administration ensures consensus on the right that states should get as much power as possible.

It’s not just socially moderate Republicans (i.e. the non-batshit crazy bigots) Paul is trying to pick up, but the disaffected younger Obama voters who have gotten around to realizing that governance is kinda hard, and that the Obama coalition is composed of folks other than young white guys.  Peeling off minorities isn’t working too well, not with the GOP reminding us daily just how much they hate us.  Same goes for women, who if anything have been pushed further into the Obama camp with gun control issues after the Newtown and Aurora massacres.

But Dudebros, well…there’s an untapped electoral gold (weed end the Fed) mine there if Rand can motivate enough of them to break away from Left.  As long as Paul can frame the current administration in zero-sum terms where the advancement of women and minorities must come at the expense of white guys, there’s a chance that the guy may be able to convert that into votes going forward.  Dudebros gotta dudebro, after all.  Rand Paul’s their guy.  If they get to keep the privilege while getting credit for “moderating” the GOP, it’s total bonus time.

Thinking Rand Paul was a sick joke meant he ended up Senator when Democrats refused to back Jack Conway enough to shut the guy down in 2010.  Now he’s going to be unleashed upon the entire country unless we start admitting the forces promoting this guy as the future of the GOP are a problem that needs to be taken seriously.

SASQ Open Thread

So let’s see…reasons I should take my idiot junior senator seriously from WIN THE MORNING.

Hey, even Mitt got 47% of the vote, right?  Just ask his dad, President Ron Paul.  Win that there morning, boys!

Open thread.

Training Day

Veteran TPM reporter Evan McMorris-Santoro is WIN THE MORNING, Jr’s new White House correspondent, which may be the journalistic equivalent of Commander Honor Harrington showing up at Basilisk Station (or at least Jimmy McNulty getting busted down to patrolling the Baltimore docks.)  At the very least, Evan is aware of the mess he’s in, putting him up on about 97% of the rest of the people in the room about 2 PM most weekday afternoons.

Although often thought of as the most prestigious beat in political journalism, the White House is increasingly seen as a newsless land of “stenographers” — a dead end for young, ambitious reporters hoping to carve out a niche, and a constant target of criticism by the partisan public. Veteran members of the White House press corps bristle at the criticisms, even as they acknowledge the beat has lost some of its allure as the obstacles have increased.

Welcome to the NFL, rookie.

Well-crafted analysis is often the best an enterprising reporter can do. The administrations of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama earned reputations for granting exceptionally little access to the press in an effort to tightly control the news cycles. That reality has been in place long enough to make its way even into fictional representations of the job.

True.  You know, like Breitbart.  Pretty fictional there.

What’s more, McClatchy’s Steve Thomma, incoming president of the White House Correspondents Association, said the nature of the beat makes it a magnet for criticism by both fans and antagonists of whoever occupies Oval Office.

“There’s no doubt that partisans feel the White House press corps should be tougher when the other party has the presidency,” he said. “In the Bush years, liberals wanted the press corps to be more aggressive. And now it’s the opposite.”

So you guys are cool with Ed Henry then.  Awesome.  At least he’s getting a bead on the neighbors, who have been living here since forever.  If even the McClatchy guy is treating the daily brief like SSDD, this should be fun.  Oh and Evan, I don’t envy you.  Lord knows if you ever get to ask a question, don’t make a Chuck Toddler Special.

On The Next Beltway High…

Meanwhile at Beltway High, the preppie yearbook clique over at WIN THE MORNING has had quite enough of that snotty Kenyan kid.

President Barack Obama’s greatest adversary in the latest budget battle isn’t the Republican leadership in Congress — it’s his confidence in his own ability to force a win.

“We haaaaaaate him.  We doodle little X’s over his eyes on all his pictures, and we’re totally not going to buy anything at his community organizer bake sale.”

He has been so certain of his campaign skills that he didn’t open a line of communication with House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell until Thursday, a week before the spending ax hits. And when they did finally hear from Obama, the calls were perfunctory, with no request to step up negotiations or invitations to the White House.

“Totally in our Burn Book, Barry.   You pull this crap before Homecoming, we retaliate.”

That’s because Obama’s all-in on an outside strategy, doing just about everything other than holding serious talks with Republicans. In the last two days alone, he’s courted local TV anchors, called in a select group of White House correspondents to talk off the record, chatted up black broadcasters and announced plans to stump next week at Virginia’s Newport News Shipyard. Throughout, he’s talked in tough terms that signal little interest in compromise — or suggestion of backing down.

He’s navigating a thin line. Obama is convinced he’s got the upper hand on Republicans. Yet he can go only so long before he risks being perceived as a main actor in Washington’s dysfunction, threatening a core element of his political brand — and the fragile economic recovery he’s struggled to maintain.

The calls placed Thursday to Boehner and McConnell were prompted, in part, by a White House desire to inoculate Obama from that exact criticism.

“So yeah, try to win NOW mister smart eleventy-dimensional chess nerd.  We own you now.  Round up the guys, we’re going to Pinkberry to celebrate.”  And high fives were given all around!

And then the President of the United States burned 50 calories from laughing at this article this morning, because it’s such a completely transparent attempt to not appear like a group of ungrateful emo high school twits that it pretty much reinforces every awful stereotype about Politico’s brand of “journalism” (in the same way that flesh-eating bacteria is a “weight-loss aid”.)  Meanwhile, these goofballs continue to believe that Republicans are serious players with a serious plan that didn’t come from Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc. or something.

The best part is that “outside strategy” that WIN THE MORNING is moaning about means they’re no longer the cool kids.  The President has decided that going around the gatekeepers of Beltway info and speaking to the people, as he did this week giving interviews to a number of local news stations, is a smart idea.

Haters gonna hate, yo.