When they kick at your front door how you gonna come?

The firing of Comey presumably means that the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia is now over. I didn’t think that Trump would do this. I’ve mostly been laughing at my friends talking about Trump being fascist, about the possibility that we’ll be living in Gilead-style police state.

I’m not laughing now.

Worst case scenario: what can we actually do to fight against a fascist police state? I haven’t given this a ton of thought before.

Let’s make lots of money

I’m no longer sure whether or not I’m kidding when I say that establishment journalists (better link for finding quote) should be first up against the wall when the revolution comes:

Trump-Ryan could be the perfect GOP partnership, so long as it lasts – a mix of legislative brawn and brains that delivers.

Paul Ryan is a wonk because he is a wonk.

Kill ’em all

When the revolution comes, the first up against the wall won’t be the right-wingers in government, it will be the centrist establishment media who enable them.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

That’s right folks, singing “Hey hey goodbye” is just as bad as effectively murdering thousands of your fellow citizens.

We will strangle them with the pearls they clutch.

We are all Gileadeans now

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that establishment media doesn’t give a fuck about this:

After failing to bring their Affordable Care Act replacement to a vote in March, GOP legislators have come armed with a new health care plan that may be even more heartless than their last.

According to Raw Story, the bill’s recently added MacArthur Meadows Amendment would ditch the ACA’s protections for preexisting conditions — sexual assault being one of them.

Under the amendment, states would have the all-clear to waive the ban preventing insurance companies from denying coverage to patients based on preexisting conditions. That means companies can also deny preventive health care services, like mammograms and gynecological exams, to these patients, which sexual assault survivors in particular rely on following an attack.

In Ireland, in Lebanon, in Palestine, and Berkeley

Here’s something that I find strange: why do the College Republicans from so many University of California schools think it’s a good idea to sponsor a talk by a neo-Nazi?

Passions started flaring around 4 p.m. between both sides on the Cal campus ahead of Yiannopoulos’ 8 p.m. speech. The event is sponsored by the Berkeley College Republicans. Extra police officers were called to monitor the event.

I understand the idea that anti-fascist demonstrations serve to help make people like Yiannopoulos famous, but….how does that help the cause of young Republicans? Unless these young Republicans are all neo-Nazis themselves of course. But that couldn’t be, right?

I think I’m with the Woodman about how to deal with Nazis:

The four people you meet in hell

A few years ago I did a post about the three different kinds of conservatives in the media. I decided they were:

  1. “Atlas Shrugged” conservatives: Megan McArdle, the Reasonoids, Larry Kudlow, etc.
  2. “Chronicles Of Narnia” conservatives: Ross Douthat, Peggy Noonan, many other Catholic conservatives.
  3. “300” conservatives: Victor David Hanson, war bloggers, any neoconservatives.

I thought it might be time to revisit this classification in the age of Trump. Enough media conservatives have come out against Trump (and, not surprisingly, many even-the-liberals are busily enabling Trump) that I don’t want to make this about conservatives per se but about Trump supporters and enablers. The front page of Reason was almost all anti-Trump today, and Jen Rubin’s column these days could double as a Daily Kos diary, so to start, I’m not putting neoconservatives or Reasonoids on the list…but Megan McArdle will remain, in a different category. And Narnians will also stay in the classification.

Here we go:

  1. Narnians: Peggy Noonan, Rod Dreher (supporters); Ross Douthat (enabler). These are folks who believe that the United States is first and foremost a magical Christian nation. Therefore, Trump is at best Aslan and at worst a boob who was brought to power by left-wing excesses.
  2. Narcissists: Megan McArdle, Charles Lane, Frank Bruni, Nick Kristof. These self-styled centrists can’t let their beautiful minds be consumed by partisanship, so they have to spend as much or more criticizing impolite protesters and the Oberlin student council as they do criticizing Trump. Show business kids making movies of themself, you know they don’t give a fuck about anybody else. It pains me to leave Ron Fournier off this list, but he’s been very tough on Trump.
  3. Nihilists: Bob Woodward, most Republican elected officials, everyone who works at Axios. The nihilists have no political convictions, they only care about access and power. If you haven’t noticed, B Dub is all the way in the tank for Trump. Republican elected officials would give Satan a rim job if it killed the Great Society. Axios has already run a great deal of Satan-sponsored content.
  4. Neo-Nazis: Marc Thiessen, everyone at Breitbart. Needs no explanation. Say what you want about their tenets…

Folks say papa would beg, borrow, steal to pay his bills

I’ll summarize two big articles (one in NYT, one in WaPo):

(1) Trump ran his casinos into the ground in the early ’90s, even while other casinos were doing well.
(2) Trump borrowed $20 million from his siblings to stay afloat.
(3) When that wasn’t enough, Trump started a publicly traded company, DJT, to fleece investors into taking on debt in his casinos. He also looted the company by giving himself a lot of money.
(4) DJT has filed for bankruptcy three times.

Item (3) sounds a lot like what Conrad Black went to the clink for. Black came out of jail believing a lot of unserious left-wing things about the American criminal justice system (though even now he’s a Trump-loving wingnut). I wonder if Trump would do the same or if he’d still be such a “law and order” guy.