Anastasia screamed

I felt a little bad at first mocking that Koch kid who makes the ugly shirts. It’s not his fault his family are assholes, but, you know, that’s what all the looting is about, stealing money from the workers and giving it to your dim-witted fuck-up kids.

And this is one of the most succinct summaries of Trump yet:

Another legacy kid with nuclear weapons.

Over there in France

I enjoy doing posts where I ask simplistic questions about important intellectual developments, both because I like the abuse I incur and because sometimes I learn something.

So…what was the deal with the French Revolution? Did it have the effect of scaring despots in other countries into giving the peasants a bit more out of fear of being overthrown and executed? Is a reign of terror something we should be seriously considering now? Any thoughts would be welcome.

I know what Mao said so don’t bother with that one, smart guys.


I though the protests last January around time of inauguration were great. Let’s make this an open thread about protests of the tax scam bill. In particular, let’s hear about any protests going on in your area and let me know if you hear of any centralized place where people can about protests they can go to.

Shit sandwich

The GOP tax bill is a steaming pile of shit:

Families would also no longer be able to deduct their state income taxes from their federal taxable income, another change that would have a particular impact on places like New Jersey and New York, where state taxes are higher than in other areas. Taxpayers will be able to deduct their property taxes up to $10,000.

Americans would no longer be able to deduct their medical expenses or property and casualty losses, according to a document outlining the plan.

Anyone in New York or New Jersey who votes for this should be waterboarded.

And this:

Every pictures tells a story

This is a real ad that ran on Instagram (owned by Facebook), no joke.

Evil, scandalous and evil, most definitely

Establishment media demanded that Clinton resign for lying about getting a blowjob from an intern.

Establishment media demanded that Obama denounce and renounce Bill Ayers.

Will establishment media demand that Trump condemn white nationalism?

I know the answer is “no”.

Big disgrace, somebody better put you back into your place

Gerard Baker, the head of the Wall Street Journal newsroom, is a disgrace, and I’m sorry that the story that he fellated Trump for an hour, then called it an interview, then forbade his “newspaper” to release the interview, isn’t getting more attention.

Columbia Journalism Review:

Given the criticisms that Editor in Chief Gerard Baker has faced for his paper’s coverage, and at a time when media transparency is more important than ever, the Journal’s decision to release only excerpts from the interview comes off as aloof. Why its editors made that decision is perhaps less surprising upon reading the full transcript, in which Baker talks with Ivanka Trump about parties in the Hamptons and spends part of his time in the Oval Office discussing, with Trump, Jordan Spieth’s final round at the British Open.


The paper is seen by many in the business as Trump-sympathetic during the campaign, more neutral since but clearly lagging behind competitors these days in breaking impactful stories. This won’t really help its image, at least in the media echo chamber, especially since Baker dominated the session and did so in solicitous fashion toward Trump.

He didn’t press him as he wandered or got facts wrong. He engaged in a mutually flattering back-and-forth with Ivanka Trump when she surfaced (as is her habit when dad is being interviewed) and mentioned seeing Baker at a party in the Hamptons.

Soon enough, the baby Hitler fantasies will be replaced by baby Rupert Murdoch fantasies.