Unpopular failure

Trump is an unpopular failure.


Now, what was meant as a bold assertion of presidential prerogative and a down payment on his promise to “eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the Earth” has dealt President Trump his first political defeat, and energized his opponents after a week of demoralizing developments.


President Donald Trump’s net approval rating dropped by eight points in his first week in the Oval Office, according to daily polls tracked by Gallup.

Republicans in Congress are signing their own political death warrants with their blind obedience to Dear Leader.

It takes a nation of millions

Yesterday’s nationwide Women’s March was by far the largest protest in American history:


According to UConn Professor Jeremy Pressman’s Google document of crowd estimates the low-end estimate is 3.66 million marchers. The high-end estimate is 4.57 million. Whether it is the low or high estimate that is accurate the Women’s March On Washington shattered the previous record for the largest one-day protest in the United States.

Consider that the 1963 Civil Rights March On Washington had 250,000 attendees and that the previous record holder was believed to one of either the anti-nuclear protest in Central Park in 1982, the Million Man March in 1995, or the LGBT March for Equal Rights in 1993. Each of these protests had a high-end estimate of 1 million or so.

The Women’s March low-end estimate is more than three and a half times bigger than anything that has ever been done before in the United States of America.

Today was a good day

More people showed up to protests today than showed up to the inauguration yesterday.

Trump was spooked into an insane rambling speech before the CIA.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to a march today. Don’t let establishment media tell you you were too shrill.

One down and 1460 to go.

Vive la resistance.