Open Thread: We’re All NPCs in Trump’s Tiny Mind

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In role-playing games, Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are the no-name silhouettes who sell the real characters weaponry, provide clues as to the location of the treasure, and queue up to get slaughtered at the climax. They’re what theatre people call spear carriers; interchangeable bit parts labelled by role (the Butler, a Messenger, Soldiers) who show up to announce the play’s premise or to carry news from outside the stage setting. Scientists tell us that developing a theory of mind (the ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc.—to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, intentions, and perspectives that are different from one’s own”) — the understanding that, as the saying goes, Nobody is a spear-carrier in their own mind — is a key component of normal development.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have developed much of a Theory of Mind, especially pertaining to the female half of the human race (not that he’s alone among men in that respect). So I found Josh Barro’s tweets here interesting…

Two days later:

Saturday Morning Cartoons Open Thread: Locker Rooms


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Donald Trump — terrible human being, tremendous target.

Apart from mocking Lord Smallgloves Shitgibbon, what’s on the agenda for the day?


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Early Morning Open Thread — Answer: Yes.

Trump’s like one of those porch lights that sends out a pheromonal signal to moths, only for horrible people instead of nuisance insects.

I’m honestly afraid to speculate on actions that might be too base even for Littlefinger ShitGibbon, because then there will be another tape released of those very actions within 24 hours…

Open Thread: Spearing the Old Boar Boor

Trump didn’t have to respond to Clinton baiting him about his treatment of women. A smarter man would’ve remembered it didn’t go over well when Megan Kelley did it the first time. And a more capable campaign team would’ve figured out that Hillary had something up her sleeve, especially after the ‘Mirrors’ ad. But nooooo….

And then he spent the next day trying to re-litigate the question! As though behaving like a pig and a bully after the fact was going to convince anyone that he wasn’t a pig and a bully!

You go, Ms. Machado! Enséñales, chica!

Open Thread: Night Terrors of the Misogynists

I repeat: Owen Ellickson is a godsdamned comic genius.

Sunday Holiday Afternoon Open Thread: Lulz

Anything interesting going on in your neighborhood(s)?

Open Thread: Play the Cards You’re Dealt

Fortunately, the Very Serious Media People have yet to discover this URL.

“Oh, the huge-baby-manity!”

ETA: Many thanks to valued commentor Omnes Omnibus for the link to Wonkette‘s explainer.