Soft, Squishy Comic Relief Open Thread: Richard Cohen Feels Himself OPPRESSED!

Give Cohen this much: Unlike the 30-something MRAs fulminating on Reddit, he’s actually old enough to remember when white men did own the world. Maybe they can adopt him as their Angry Shouty Granpa, once the current Oval Office Occupant has been carted off. Or maybe they’ll look at him, and realize how ridiculous their Very Heartfelt Grievances really are! (I kid, I kid… )

White guy BJ jackals, don’t be wounded — consider this a little Wednesday evening gift. You can look at this and remind yourself, Well, I may not be totally woke, but at least I’m not Richard Cohen.

Late Night Repub Stupidity/Venality Open Thread: Folding His Tents Ducky Pajamas

Corpus Christi Republican Blake Farenthold abruptly resigned from Congress Friday afternoon, less than four months after dropping re-election plans under siege for crude and verbally abusive office behavior…

He made no mention on Friday of any of the allegations that ended his congressional career, and made no apologies for using $84,000 in taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment suit.

He promised to repay those funds four months ago, but has not done so…

Texas is seeing enormous turnover in its congressional delegation this year.

Out of 36 House members, eight announced plans to retire in the last few months. Farenthold is the first to actually leave office…

More granular detail about the upcoming primaries at the link.

ETA: Title reference, from (Republican) Charlie Sykes…

Low-Impact Interlude Open Thread: “Murphy Brown” Is Being Rebooted

I love both Candice Bergen and her most prominent avatar as much as anyone, but isn’t it about time we stopped relying on 30-year-old arguments?

(On the other hand, if the news makes Mike Pence melt down in public… )

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Snippits

So much news, you’ll get tired of all the news!

Apart from preparing the Throw the Bums Out, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Scratch A Repub, Find A Creep – MO Edition

Since our Misery contigent frequently shows up for the Early Morning Open Thread, figured I’d give y’all a place to vent…

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Nowhere to Go But Up

(Scott Meyers via

Note that this cartoon was originally published in 2010… although it could’ve been 1990, or 1980. Yeah, I still find it funny, because I’m old and calloused. There are so many subgroups for whom 2017 has been the year of “time to give up on sweet reason as a method of conversion”. Petula Dvorak, in the Washington Post, on “The Unexpected (and inspiring) Year of the Woman”:

… [I]t felt as though 2017 might be the year that the massive boulder women have been pushing uphill for centuries rolled back down.

But no. It turned out to be the exact opposite, and, in a way, far more powerful than any of the milestones of 2016.

The year began with what was believed to be the largest march the country has ever seen. On Jan. 21, the day after the inauguration, women and the men who support them filled the streets, plazas and squares of Washington and cities across the country, as well as around the world. It was a breathtaking mass of humanity. On the ground in the nation’s capital, it felt as though no square foot of land was empty. From the office windows and balconies of those in power, it looked as though a tide was swallowing cities whole.

It was an amazing, powerful moment full of hope. But there was no unifying message, no concrete demand, no specific goal or 10-point action plan. Now we see: There didn’t have to be.

The women’s marches ignited an energy that roiled and swelled through the rest of the year.

By the end of 2017, a seismic change in American culture began toppling dozens of sexual predators in the #MeToo movement. A surge of female candidates ran for office and won a stunning number of elections, from city mayors to the nation’s statehouses.

“Women claimed big victories” with the Nov. 7 elections “in a night that marked many firsts and could signal the start of a sea change for women in politics,” wrote Governing magazine, a publication not known for breathless declarations on culture and feminism. “The sheer volume of success for women candidates was a surprise to many, mainly because they were running against incumbents who historically win re-election 90 percent of the time. But not this year. Incumbents in Georgia, New Jersey and Virginia all lost their seats to women.”…

In one year, our nation went from a place where 46 percent of American voters didn’t mind having a commander in chief who brags about grabbing women’s genitals to a place where a celebrity chef who allegedly gropes his female employees isn’t considered fit to be in the kitchen…

And, of course, it was women of color who largely spearheaded the Women’s March and all the activism that followed. Which has led, at least sometimes, to much-needed examination of the racism that has been the root and support of far too much political power in America, in 2017 no less than in 1817.

What’s on the agenda as we prepare for the last long weekend of this too-long year?

Open Thread: If It Weren’t for Their Mommy Issues, These Hipsters Would Have No Issues At All

So the grown-ups at Vanity Fair decided, during this (usually) slow-news week, to let their Bright Young Things make a clickbait twitter video about how much they despise that Hillary Clinton woman. If you haven’t already tripped over it, you can click on the link above. I try to remind myself I said some very dumb shit when I was that young… but I was never that irresponsible.

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