O.K. I must admit that

O.K. I must admit that I have no use for any country in Europe other than Germany. I think this is because of my heritage and because I lived in Fulda, Germany, when I was a member of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. It certainly is not because I am fond of the leftist politics of the Germans as of late. I should modify my last statement: I am enjoying the support we are currently getting from SILVIO BERLUSCONI , so maybe I only like the former fascist Axis powers in continental Europe. Go figger.

Back to my point- I have never understood this desire for A Strong European Union, other than as a knee-jerk anti-American sentiment. Even the most casual of observer will tell you that the Germans are not going to relinquish their past (nor should they) to become ONE country with the obnoxious French. At any rate, even if they think they can create this artifical unified Europe, you would think that they would be able to create a good looking common currency. They have not. The Euro, despite all of its hype, in spite of all the problems I think may come from it, is just plain ugly.

Alright. This is the layout

Alright. This is the layout until can find something just as easy and better looking. As I am aesthetically challenged (non-PC translation- I have no taste and even less in the way of artistic skills), do not expect much in the way of beauty here. Plus the discussion group hosted by the delightful people at blogger is not functioning, so I can not hassle some unsuspecting veteran blogger with a boatload of stupid, tedious, and annoying questions that I could probably answer myself if I just read the damn directions on the blogspot website. However, I prefer to be a nuisance.

Ok. Title is too long,

Ok. Title is too long, so we can not use that.

And I need to figure out how to indent paragraphs. Maybe a pretty visual layout will make up for the inappropriately used words and typos. Hopefully.

My, my my… I thought

My, my my… I thought this would be much more difficult. Take that Glenn. Actually, Glenn, Mr. Sullivan, and a variety of other people who I have been following daily are the reason I am starting this little project. I am not sure what I intend to accomplish with this, but I have covered any possible failure by refusing to set any goals. “Aim High,” I always say.
I think this might be a healthy place for me to air my pet grievances and bizarre political viewpoints- at least it will be healthier than the local pub, where I am in striking distance of the people I am offending. At any rate, I read a good deal of news sites, and I get irritated with all of the stupid and irrational things that get stated in our media without ANYONE challenging them. Fortunately, there are a lot of good folks out there debunking the garbage (I will get links I like up once I figger this all out), and I intend to help them. In fact, I think this stream of consciousness description has helped me to come up with the full title for the the corner. “The Curmudgeon’s Corner- Helping People Make fools of Themselves.”

Since nothing in my life

Since nothing in my life is easy, I doubt this will work the first time I try it. If it does work, I will be moderately elated.