Is Anybody Alive In Here?

I just dusted off the Police, Synchronicity, something I had not listened to in at least a dozen years, and I had forgotten how good the album is and I remembered every lyric.

Aside from the fact that the album is great, it really took me back to another time (high school, actually, as it came out 83). I find the way that scents and sounds can trigger memories to be really interesting, and if you have anything interesting on the subject matter, put it in the comments so I can check it out.

BTW- Previously mentioned box wine = goodness.

*** Update ***

The wine might be too good. I am having a deep hankering for an Arturo Fuente or a Padron. If I open the Laphroiag, all bets are off.

*** Update #2 ***

The wine is so good I am now dipping deep into the heavy shit, like the Cars, a band I have always secretly loved. The lights are on, moving in stereo.

Bwahaha. Drubnk enough to not only make up words to songs when I sing, but when I type. I RULE! Someone set us up the bomb!

Brave New World

While buying supplies for tomorrow, I picked up something new (for me, at least)- a box of wine.

Before you groan, my friend, who is a chef, claims that some of these have really become quite good. I bought Hardy’s Shiraz.

So far, it is looking like turkey, gravy, oyster stuffing, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts.

No dessert, since I never have enough room left anyway.

Bypassing Robo Voicemail

You’re not supposed to know about this, so don’t tell anyone I told you.


XBOX 360 Open Thread

For those of you who have purchased one and for those of you who will- initial impressions here, please.


Tim has a long post up on Scanlon pleading guilty, and it gives you much of the background and lots of links to follow, but what I can’t find is the answer to a simple question- why?

I simply don’t understand these folks that do stuff like this. Would I like to be rich? Sure, but I am not willing to screw over a boatload of people, and I am DEFINITELY not willing to take the chance that I would humiliate my family or spend years in jail to get rich.

And what REALLY is inexplicable to me are the folks like Adelphia’s Rigas, or the fellow from Tyco, or the others who were bilking sums in the hundreds of millions and billions range. Why? How does your lifestyle change from being worth 100 million to being worth 200 million? Is it that much that you are willing to risk everything?

I just don’t get it.