:: how jedi are you?

:: how jedi are you? ::

One more reason to hate

One more reason to hate the French: (via Andrew Sullivan)

The European Union has decided to place the Aksa Martyrs Brigades and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian on its terror blacklist, but not Hizbullah, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told the cabinet yesterday.

The inclusion of the two terror organizations is “very significant,” he said, but added that, until Hizbullah is added to the list, “the job is not done.”

The EU has not made a formal announcement regarding widening its blacklist, but according to Israeli diplomatic officials, the European Commission has recommended the inclusion of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades and the PFLP.

A formal announcement on widening the list, first reported in The Jerusalem Post last week, is expected either today or tomorrow at a meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

A senior Israeli diplomatic official said that France has been opposed to including Hizbullah on the list, saying it is a political party and declaring it a terror organization could be a destabilizing factor in Lebanon.

Ain’t No Bad Dude has

Ain’t No Bad Dude has a new addy.

Chris Matthews is interviewing Sen.

Chris Matthews is interviewing Sen. John McCain about the impact of Watergate, which is interesting, as McCain was still in a POW camp when Watergate occurred.

I guess McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five and his recent attempts to stifle free speech with Campaign Finance Reform leaves him in a unique position to discuss political corruption.

Back from the wedding and

Back from the wedding and still carrying a head cold. The thing I hate most about moving is getting the damned satellite pointed in the right direction, and that is my mission for the rest of this afternoon. However, a few comments about the game last night.

WAY TO GO U.S.A.!!!!!

I am not a fanatical soccer fan (Iplayed for a decade or so), in fact I am a fanatical American football fan, but I was up to watch the game last night, and it was rather exciting. To draw a comparison to what these guys have done- imagine a Division III college JV team winning the National League Championship Series. That is what our boys did last night. Congrats.